Capture your Canada Day and Mississauga’s 50th anniversary memories at the Memorial Park Paint the Town Red art installation photo booths. Pose with handmade props and artist created backdrops to commemorate this special day.  Add your own unique flare by choosing from two locally designed artist backdrops and using our assortment of unique props. Free!  BYOC (Bring Your Own Camera)!

The Painting the Town Photo Booth Backdrop, is meant as a celebration of experiences that bind us together as Canadians and residents of Port Credit. Perfectly sized for selfies, former mayor Hazel McCallion, dressed in her Canada Day best, joins the photo shoot with a welcoming wave, inviting us to a mural site.  We have caught her mid-process as she paints icons that speak to Canadian and Port Credit identities: a Canadian maple leaf surrounds the Port Credit lighthouse, framed by buffalo checks with icons depicting local sports activities enjoyed in the Port Credit area.  These visual connections celebrate what we have in common on a personal, local and national level.   Artist: Joanne Feely DeGraaf

To commemorate Mississauga’s 50th anniversary, Peel Alternative School South students have created a mosaic of maple leaves.  Each leaf design was created using mixed media techniques, then digitally edited to celebrate the past, present and future diversity of Mississauga.  By emphasizing the uniqueness of each leaf, we celebrate not only what we have in common as Canadians, but also what each individual citizen brings to Mississauga’s ongoing narrative, past, present and future.   Art Students/ School: Peel Alternative School South