The Frog in Hand grant writing workshop is live, online, and pre-recorded. For $60, you can take it whenever you want!


Whether you are writing a grant for the first time, or looking to brush up on your grant writing knowledge, this 2-hour session is for you. Led by Frog in Hand’s Artistic Director, Colleen Snell, this session will cover:

– Anatomy of a grant (a basic universal grant structure based on the Ontario Arts Council’s project grants)

– Crafting language for a jury

– Representing artistic ideas in writing

– Where (and how) to start the grant process

– Reframing “success” (managing failure)

– Tips for editing

We will focus on writing a project grant. Frog in Hand’s Artistic Director, Colleen Snell, leads this digital workshop. Here’s how it works:

1. When you register you’ll receive a link to a 2-hour video: our pre-recorded grant writing workshop.

  1. We’ll email you a workshop handout (PDF with notes)

3. You’ll be invited to send follow up questions to Colleen after the session. If enough folks have registered in the same month, we will be in touch to organize a twenty minute zoom discussion instead.

*Individual coaching packages are available if you require feedback on a specific grant you are writing. These are not included in this workshop, and additional fees apply.


Colleen brings over eight years of grant writing experience, having written successful grants for the Canada Council of the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, City of Mississauga, Government of Canada, Ontario Trillium, Canada Community Foundations and more. She has also been “on the other side,” assessing the submissions of her peers. Colleen has organized multi-arts festivals and large-scale site-specific projects with multiple funding sources, and has experience with both project and operating grants. Colleen is a passionate grant writer and enthusiast of the English language, approaching her process with a sense of playfulness and urgency. She believes in the power of words, and is excited to help other folks discover this power in themselves!

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