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Public Art Master Plan Refresh

About the project

The City of Mississauga Public Art Program has experienced tremendous success since its inception in 2010, growing to include over 20 permanent installations on publicly owned lands. Public art is an integral part of city-building in Mississauga. It helps to develop a unique sense of place and create a beautiful, thought-provoking and energetic vibe that enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors and provides an avenue for meaningful audience interaction and community engagement.

The City’s Public Art Master Plan(External link) (PAMP), adopted by Council in 2016, is a document that provides the design and curatorial guidelines to plan, acquire, and maintain public art for residents and visitors. The PAMP is a key resource for identifying new public art opportunities, recommending investment in priority locations, and establishing artwork themes and ideas.

We are now looking to refresh the PAMP to:

The result will be a new community-informed Public Art Master Plan that will guide the curatorial practices of the Public Art Program and help to implement its vision for progressive and thought-provoking public art that plays on distinct community assets.

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Community engagement will be critical to shaping the refreshed PAMP.

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