April 11th, 2022. Article and Interview by Sherri Murray, MAC’s Communications Producer.

Watch now as we sit down with Country singer/songwriter, Bree Taylor in our latest HUB Highlights Artist Spotlight Interview Series. Bree Taylor shares with us her journey from creating pop tunes when she was a teen to moving into the country genre, her resilience experience battling hearing loss as a musician, her process from composing a song to recording, more information on her latest single “On My Own”, and she shares with us her favourite artists that inspire her.

About Bree Taylor

Bree Taylor is a country singer/songwriter who has been churning out tracks for the past three years. She’s known for granting an all access pass to fans on her contagiously upbeat music that listen like pages of her personal diary.

Taylor began penning her own tunes when she was a teen, and found early success with her pop debut EP “Unbreakable”. Shortly after, she switched gears and fashioned herself inside the country genre – and her fans came with her. Taylor has had 3 songs chart on the Canadian Indie Country Charts. Her first single “Cry” hit #2 on the Canadian Indie Charts and her single, “Burning Bridges” soared to #1 in October 2020 (and was #17 of the Top 50 in Indie Songs of 2020). Her last smash hit “Kryptonite” gave her her second #1 hit on the charts with nominations for “Song of the Year” with the Mississauga Music Awards and “Best Country Video of the Year” with Dropout Entertainment. 

Bree kicks off 2022 with her new single “On My Own”, an anthem that reminds us all that through all of life’s hardships, we are stronger than we know and we don’t need another person to complete us. Listen to her new single here.

You can visit Bree Taylor’s website breetaylor.com, follow her on Facebook @BreeTaylorOfficial, Instagram @breetaylorofficial, Twitter @breetaylor and on YouTube @BreeTaylor.