Vivek Mehmi, founder of Humble & Hungry performs at Streetsville Square.

September 8, 2023. By Patricia Dolor, MAC’s Reporter (Arts & Culture)

On August 20, 2023 at Streetsville Square, the Humble & Hungry fest, spearheaded by Mehmi and sponsored by MAC’S MicroGrant Program took place. It was an uplifting experience that promoted inclusivity and diversity; hosting an eclectic community of artists. Among Mehmi were other bright performers such as the School of Rock Adult Band, Nissar, gee, Carla Casanova & Wharapo, The Five and Tens, and the headliner Zaki Ibrahim. With a passion and vision to promote wellness in the artspace – the Humble and Hungry team fostered an environment where the community can heal through music.

Hip-hop artist, Vivek Mehmi who has experienced hardships that were healed through music and art, created Humble and Hungry to showcase other talents and offer them an opportunity to connect with the community. His own music is centered around the healing he’s extensively and transformatively gone through.

“This music festival means everything to me; it’s really an extension of everything I’ve gone through, I went through an intense healing crisis – it took eight years to figure things out,” explains Mehmi, artist and founder of Humble and Hungry, “Through that whole process, it was music that got me through. It allowed me to express myself and get my emotions out there. This festival is really a culmination, a celebration of everything I’ve gone through and it gives me a chance to give back to people who might also be going through something similar, and need some inspiration and opportunities to feel seen, feel heard, and honour that space.”
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