June 7th, 2022. Interview by Jacqueline Mak, MAC’s Creative Director & Strategist.

Join us as we sit down with Matt Salisbury, a multimedia illustrator and animator based out of Mississauga. Jacqueline Mak, MAC’s Creative Director & Strategist chats with him about how he got started in illustration, why he likes to work in a variety of mediums, the work he does in comic books and graphic novels, and where he finds inspiration. He also chats about animating the music video for Mauve’s single “Another Life” and what that experience was like for him. This project was a result of MAC’s 2021 Fusion MicroGrant. The song and video reflect on lost love. Watch the music video at https://youtu.be/Xd2qB2_DB7k. (See below)

About Matt Salisbury

Matt Salisbury is a multimedia illustrator and animator based out of Mississauga who has worked as an arts educator for the past two years.

His passion is centered around storytelling through comics and graphic novels. Recently, he has been exploring this through animation. His style is expressive and impressionistic, incorporating heavy and scratchy line work and vibrant colours. Some of the inspiration he gets for his work comes from his life experiences, his love of music and movies and to further discourse mental health. 
Learn more about Matt Salisbury at mattsalisburyart.com.