By Qiam Noori. Mississauga News. Wednesday, December 7, 2022

“The dynamic exhibition encourages residents to have dialogues about impacts of climate change.

The City of Mississauga has launched an exhibition through which residents can learn about the effects of climate change and global warming.

The We Are Resilient exhibition is a mix of stories and photographs submitted by the residents that explains what climate change mean to them, the city said in recent a news release.

“It is designed to engage people by helping them learn more about climate change concepts and understand what global warming is,” the release reads.

The expo initially started at Community Common Park, but has now moved to city hall.

The city says the expo focuses on four topics: land history, climate science, equity and resiliency.

The panels in the expo explain what residents can do to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions and become more resilient against the changing climate impacts.


• Anything less than five kilometres (km) is considered a bikeable distance and anything less than one km is considered walkable.

• One MiWay bus carrying 40 to 50 passengers takes roughly 30 to 40 cars off the road.

• Household energy emissions can be reduced by five per cent just by turning down the thermostat 1.5 degrees, saving homeowners approximately $150 annually.

As part of the city’s Climate Change Action Plan, the exhibition is moving around during the next few years, and will appear in parks, schools and indoor facilities.

For questions about the expo, visit”