Canadian Music Week and Mississauga Music Award winner, Dani Kristina, releases her new acoustic-pop single entitled “I Won’t Know”

Listen to the new single here.

Toronto, Ont. (September 16, 2022) – Award winning artist and viral TikTok sensation Dani Kristina, releases her moody new acoustic-pop single entitled “I Won’t Know.” Inspired by personal experiences and lost love, “I Won’t Know” reflects on the aftermath of a broken relationship, the lingering feelings, and coping with loneliness. Produced by Grammy-nominee Trevor James Anderson and written by Dani Kristina, the new single is a bittersweet track reminiscent of Adele and LÉON, capturing the sadness of its lyrics. Her TikTok videos have garnered millions of views and recently, Dani Kristina was named the Best New Solo Artist by Canadian Music Week and Mississauga Music, and won Fan Choice for her work in Mississauga. Her music video for “Drift Away,” won Best Pop Music Video at Dropout Entertainment’s Independent Canadian Music Video Awards

The single is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. 

“I Won’t Know” is an emotional acoustic-pop ballad that explores a personal heartbreak and the means of rediscovering your identity afterwards. After a collaboration with Ukrainian photographer Oleksandra Terletska in Spring 2022, whose artwork is the cover art for this track, the song came to life. Dani Kristina revealed that “witnessing the way [Terletska] captured the complexity and emotion in her photography really informed [the] creative process”. The imagery of water, rubble, and rebirth grew out of the art captured by Terletska, which aided Dani Kristina’s self-reflected lyrics. The track explores how many people can perceive a lost relationship without really understanding it, as it focuses on the mental balance of maintaining relationships and the grey areas they lie within. ”I Won’t Know” tells the story of Dani Kristina’s personal journey in rediscovering her identity and reflects on the complexities of the mind when dealing with matters of the heart. 

The release of “I Won’t Know” is just the beginning for Dani Kristina. In the coming months, she will be releasing more tracks that explore her personal experiences and musical influences.. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter to keep up with new releases! 

About Dani Kristina

Following the successful release of her debut EP “Aura”, Mississauga Music’s Best New Solo Artist of 2020, Mississauga Music’s Fan Choice of 2021 and Dropout Entertainment’s winner of the Best Pop Video of 2020, Dani Kristina has established her sound as an up and coming pop artist. From dancy pop anthems to moody, emotional ballads, Dani Kristina has a little bit of everything for every listener.

Just like Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, Halsey, and countless other inspirations, Dani knows how to write bangers. Through the process of writing over 600 songs as a teenager and training as a classical pianist and vocalist, she has found her niche. Dani is a confident, mature, creative, and open-minded artist with diverse musical roots which allow her to experiment with complex harmonies within her songwriting. Growing up around Toronto, Ontario, she’s spent her whole life taking in diverse soundscapes, curating her own unique sound, and experimenting with different styles.

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Photo Credit: Oleksandra Terletska