From Mississauga Chamber Singers:

“In recognition of the ‘National Day of Truth and Reconciliation’, the Mississauga Chamber Singers present D. Geoffrey Bell’s ‘Requiem for the Innocent’. Here are some of the notes he sent to us regarding the music: “Requiem for the Innocent” was written in the autumn of 2001. . .Human history is filled with tragedy. . . often catastrophic events are caused by humans. “Requiem for the Innocent” gives us a few moments to reflect on the fragile nature of human existence and human resilience. The Mississauga Chamber Singers hopes that this presentation will give you pause to reflect on the inevitable truth which is the legacy of the Residential Schools’ experience. If you would like to make a small difference towards the process of truth, reconciliation and justice with First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Toronto and across Canada, you may consider donating to ‘the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation’ or ‘The Orange Shirt Society’.”