On November 18, the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra will pay tribute to the late Hazel McCallion with a rare performance of the awe-inspiring Verdi Requiem. The MSO is able to produce this concert with the generous support of the Hazel McCallion Foundation for the Arts, Culture and Heritage.

A unique and towering masterpiece, the Verdi Requiem was composed to honour Alessandro Manzoni, who was to Italy what Hazel McCallion was to Mississauga, making this enthralling work of art a perfect tribute.

Please come and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with us. For tickets, call the Living Arts centre Box Office at (905) 306-6000 or visit: https://www.mississaugasymphony.ca/concerts/verdi-requiem/

If you wish to support this concert, you may make a donation to the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra in Memory of Hazel McCallion. Any donation of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt. Donations over $100 will be immortalized on a commemorative plaque of the Verdi Requiem Concert – A Tribute to Hazel McCallion which will be displayed inside the Living Arts Centre.