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Nyle Johnston
  • Nyle Johnston
  • "Johnston’s spirit name is Wiishkoonseh Miigizi'enh means Whistling White Headed Eagle. He grew up in Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation and apprenticed with Storytellers since his youth. Sources of his artistic inspiration include woodland painters, Storytellers and the traditions of his indigenous culture. Johnston notes: “In a time of reconciliation, it is important for all people to know that we exist and have such a strong, beautiful legacy of stories and teachings from the Anishinaabe Nation that are grounded in my experience and identity.” A painter, mural artist, traditional storyteller, and traditional helper, Johnston uses his gift of storytelling to connect his peoples’ stories of love and healing with the broader world, and offer support to a range of community organizations. His work has been exhibited across many of Canada’s most important institutions, from the AGO and ROM to the Evergreen Brickworks and the Chippewas of Nawash Cultural Centre. His artistic practice is focused on illustrating stories of the Anishinaabe Nation in a variety of media in order to raise awareness of their unique histories as they in turn inform his process. He was born and raised on his beautiful reserve, Neyaashiinigmiing, on the Saugeen Peninsula (Bruce Peninsula) and took a keen interest in painting and art at a very young age. Johnston has an established portfolio of work and is well recognized in Toronto. His original works are showcased at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in the Jennings Young gallery (J.S. McLean Centre for Indigenous & Canadian Art). Johnston’s Diiyah Muh’gaanag (Our First Family) is a collection of images of spiritual beings, plants and animals based on Anishinaabe teachings. Drawn in a pictographic style, they tell stories of botany, astrology and the interconnectedness of all living things. Johnston currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, and is a contributing member to the Indigenous & Canadian collection at the AGO."
Chloe Zou
  • Chloe Zou
  • My main goal in visual art is to draw or paint the stories or feelings I wish to communicate and express.
Jean Carlo Sanchez
  • Jean Carlo Sanchez
  • 6IX Pal Mundo, also known as 6PM, is a dynamic collective of musicians, artists, poets, and creatives reshaping the landscape of Latin music. Based in Mississauga, the group boasts members hailing from Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, and Canada, resulting in a truly global sound. Their diverse backgrounds infuse Latin music with a unique blend of production, songwriting, and artistry. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant scenes of Mississauga and Toronto, and weaving in the rich tones of reggaeton, 6IX Pal Mundo crafts an entirely distinctive musical experience. With a lineup featuring five artists and two producers, each with a distinct musical approach, 6PM effortlessly spans genres from ballads to drill to club classics. Our mission? To transform Mississauga into the epicenter of urban Latin music in North America.
Ashley Beerdat
  • Ashley Beerdat
  • Ashley Beerdat is a visual artist, arts teacher and community arts facilitator of Guyanese descent who grew up in Mississauga Ontario. She graduated in 2019 from Western University, completing a BA in Visual Arts and Art History. As a painter, she explores themes of mythology, folklore and storytelling to navigate the world around her. In 2020, she completed an artist residency at Visual Arts Mississauga Riverwood. Her work is held in Mississauga’s permanent corporate art collection and has been featured at Peel Gallery and Museum Archives (PAMA), Artscape and the Small Arms Inspection Building.
Abby V
  • Abby V
  • Abby V is an award-winning singer, songwriter, music composer and producer from Toronto, Ontario. In addition to his extensive training in Indian and Western Classical Music, he has significant studio and performing experience in R&B, Pop (English and Indian), Hindi (Bollywood), and Tamil. Showcasing his versatility as a musician, Abby has given various concerts across North America, southeast Asia and India. Abby is the winner of Astro International Superstar – a televised worldwide reality singing competition with contestants from all over the world. Having collaborated extensively, on stage and in the studio, with numerous world- renowned musicians, Abby has also composed, arranged and produced numerous film scores, soundtracks, albums and singles over his career. His debut solo album titled “First of All” - consisting of 8 original songs in English, Hindi and Tamil - released in 2019 to great commercial and critical acclaim.
  • Abhithi
  • Abhithi is a multifaceted artist - singer, actor, dancer, model, writer, emcee, radio host and TV presenter. She is trained in both Western and Hindustani music because the fusion genre is her niche. Follow her artistic work at
Angelica Candido
  • Angelica Candido
  • Angelica Candido is an award-winning mixed-media artist based in Brampton who creates thought-provoking works of art. What sets Candido apart is infusing storytelling elements and poetry into her creations. Each artwork becomes a narrative, a poetic journey that invites viewers to step into a world where reality and unreality coexist harmoniously. Candido was featured in Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Ignite Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF), CBC East Coast News, and was a finalist in the 100 Kellogg Art Competition and Gallery 35 Live Painting Competition. She received grants and support for her online business from JVS Toronto, The City of Brampton, and the Brampton Entrepreneurship Center (BEC). She holds a bachelor’s degree in drawing and painting from OCAD University. Angelica continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression to embark on a journey through the realms of dreams, poetry, and surrealism.
Adina V
  • Adina V
  • Award winning indie-rock singer-songwriter blending intimate folk sounds with catchy, nostalgic guitar hooks. A recent graduate of Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program, Adina's original music has caught the attention of many. Her recent single "Admit It" was named "song of the summer" by the Mississauga Arts Council, who also awarded her the 2022 MARTY Award for Best Emerging Solo Vocalist.
Shankar Adiseshan
  • Shankar Adiseshan
  • My work is largely an abstracted experience, more dream like or interpretive, often focused on environmental or social narratives. Through use of abstraction as a focus on the norm, available and recognizable experiences, I see a way to tap in and distill the range of emotional experiences. By doing so, I urge viewers to consider a new perspective.
Adrian Wallace
  • Adrian Wallace
  • Adrian Wallace is a writer-director-actor from Toronto. He won a 2021 Canadian Screen Award for ‘Best Direction in a Docuseries’, for his latest documentary, Black Sun -- which premiered on CBC Television, and was acquired by CBC Gem as part of the docuseries "Being Black in Toronto". Adrian is a multi-graduate who studied dramatic arts, comedy writing, acting, and film and television production. While having worked with TV networks like APTN and MTV, his independently produced work has played at film festivals worldwide and was distributed via Amazon Prime. As the creator-writer-director and co-lead of the award-winning web series, "Courtside", it has been screened globally, winning an ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the 2017 Miami WebFest, and claiming ‘Best Web Series' at the 2018 Toronto Nollywood International Film Festival. Adrian was accepted into Oya’s Emerging and Producers Bootcamp Programs, Reelworld’s Emerging 20 and Level UP Programs partnered with Rogers Sports and Media and Shaftesbury, and is a TIFF Filmmaker Lab alumnus.
Adriana Rinaldi
  • Adriana Rinaldi
  • My personal challenge as an artist is to share my stories and view of the world in a beautiful way using my own photography, or my imagination through paint. My subject matter is varied and includes floral, seashell still life’s, waterscapes, boats. I use various methods depending on the subject matter but mostly the traditional masters technique styled my own way. My feeling is that artwork rendered well will always stand the test of time and be a good investment. I paint for the pleasure it brings me and for my client’s enjoyment. I have many artistic goals and am fascinated by the endless possibilities art brings my way.
Andrew Gaboury
  • Andrew Gaboury
  • Andrew Gaboury is a performer, writer and educator based in Port Credit, Mississauga. His practice spans across theatrical and therapeutic clown, collective creation, dance and puppetry. Andrew is an artistic associate with site-specific dance-theatre company Frog In Hand. He was one of four co-Artistic Directors of hub14 art + performance works from 2013-19, where he and the team supported local and international artists with residencies, affordable studio space and ongoing programming. Andrew has lead classes and workshops in movement, clown and puppetry at Randolph College, Conteur Dance Academy, the University of Guelph and for the Frog in Hand and Clay & Paper Theatre summer companies. Andrew is acting executive director and a therapeutic clown practitioner with Red Nose Remedy and a member of Kathleen LeRoux‘s team of elder clowns. Since March 2021, Andrew has worked with MABELLEarts and Derek Kwan to bring a practice of social clowning to their community.
Afifa Bari
  • Afifa Bari
  • (B.1997) Afifa Bari is a contemporary realist oil painter and textile artist based in Toronto. She earned her BFA from York University in 2020. Through representational art, she examines the contemporary world through the lens of capitalism, uncovering consumerist values in her work. She discusses issues around ideas of capitalism, such as poverty and the cycle of consumerism. Her work focuses on material possessions and the desire for materialism in the newly advancing society. She discusses fast fashion trends and the constant desire to purchase more in modern society from a socio-political and environmental outlook.
Art Gallery of Mississauga
  • Art Gallery of Mississauga
  • The Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) is a public, not-for-profit art gallery in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It is located at the Mississauga Civic Centre right on Celebration Square across from Square One Mall. The Gallery is open every day and offers free admission and guided exhibition tours in addition to regular art social events, workshops for adult learners, and youth programmes for schools, universities and community groups.
Aimua-emwonsa Ogboghodor
  • Aimua-emwonsa Ogboghodor
  • I am a Mississauga-based artist and entrepreneur who draws, paints, and creates art using a variety of media, including digital, plastic canvas, beads, incorporating wood, and metal. I am an alumnus of the DMZ Toronto Black Innovation Program 2021, and I have served as a mentor at Founder Institute since 2019. Having been previously educated in classical European figurative painting, my latest works depart from realism-centric training and move towards a more personalized narrative – one that allows me the freedom to choose from a broader pool of aesthetic systems. I explore the sculptural possibilities of painting in my “Time Doors” series, where I invite viewers to physically manipulate certain parts of the work (for example, keys in keyholes). These pieces function as portals of my own life, inspired by the internal confusion plaguing the earlier stages of my artistic journey. The doors reveal an internal landscape, the many opportunities we confront at every moment and the interconnectedness of our choices. I pursue the representation of the interconnected multiplicity of human consciousness with my “Dcentralizm” art style. I create spontaneous drawings with ballpoint pens, to heal and transform my mind. I draw stylized human heads in a meditative posture. I bring out the forms using countless layers of ballpoint pen hatchings. Each line drawn connects me deeper with the moment. In addition, I am constantly researching ways to transform my drawings into sculptures. Underpinning all of my work is a desire to expose sensitivities connected with community and identity.
aleksia pavlovic
  • aleksia pavlovic
  • I work in the tv/film industry as a costumer and stylist, in my spare time I teach my own a weaving workshop.
Alex Anagnostou
  • Alex Anagnostou
  • Alex Anagnostou, a Toronto-based artist, has been sculpting blown and cast glass since 2000. Much of her work is inspired by how glass has expanded our ability to see on a microscopic and macroscopic level. Her sculptures explore issues of time, space, nature, energy and interconnectedness. Her work includes small and medium sized freestanding sculptures for galleries, residential spaces, corporate awards, and gifts as well as hanging installations with blown glass forms and monumental public art projects. Alex is an exhibiting professional artist based at her studio in the west end of Toronto near Lake Ontario. She holds two fine art-related degrees from the University of Toronto 1988 (B.A. Fine Arts Management) and the University of Western Ontario 1994 (B.Ed. Visual Arts) and graduated with a silver medal in 2004 from the School of Crafts and Design Glass Program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada. She is currently completing her qualifications in museum conservation for historical and contemporary objects specializing in metal and glass. Alex has received fourteen awards for her glass sculpture from distinguished organizations including the Glass Art Society, the Glass Art Association of Canada, the Ontario Arts Council Grants, the Toronto Artist Project and three glass awards at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. An internationally acclaimed artist, Alex was selected by the British Crafts Council to exhibit at Collect 2008 held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and at SOFA Chicago, an international art exposition of fine sculptural objects. Alex's work is represented in galleries in across Canada, the U.S. and in the U.K. and has been featured in three movies. Four of her glass sculptures have been acquired by the Canadian Federal Government art collection and placed in Canadian Embassies in Athens, Morocco and Hong Kong. She has exhibited work at the Cheongjiu International Craft Biennale in Korea, the Vancouver Museum during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and has work in Public collections such as the Museum of Fine Art in Quebec. Her work was also during the Toronto Pan American Games in 2015. Alex has completed two major public art projects; one at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario and the other in Mississauga.
Alex Johnston
  • Alex Johnston
  • Alex Johnston is a Mississauga-based visual artist. After graduating OCAD with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practices in 2022 she turned her attention to building a collection of original paintings. Her floral works evoke stillness and optimism with muted, earthy tones and a vibrancy is found in the subtle colour shifts. Notable group shows have been at Northern Contemporary Gallery, Artscape Youngplace and Black Cat Gallery.
Alex Pollard
  • Alex Pollard
  • Alex Pollard is a professional Toronto-based dancer and choreographer with years of experience in the commercial dance industry. He is a graduate of York University holding a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Alex is trained in various styles, such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz-Funk, and Modern. Alex has trained at many studios in Toronto and New York, including, Broadway Dance Centre, Alvin Ailey, Peridance Capezio Center and many more, which have provided him with an exceptional background of dance training. Alex has choreographed for many shows and events in Toronto, such as InSitu Festival II, MAC Fundraiser Gala, Toronto’s Original Choreographer’s Ball, Fever After Dark, The Bazaar, Youth Day, and Habitat for Humanity. Alex is also the current choreographer for Toronto-based recording artist Porsha, who has released her new EP Don’t Worry and has choreographed her entire 2017/18 set list. Most notably, Alex is the Artistic Director and Owner of City Centre Dance, Mississauga’s Premiere Drop-In Dance Centre. Alex has performed in various showcases in Toronto and has worked for companies such as, Jim Steinman’s Bat out of Hell, The Juno Awards, YTV’s “The Next Star,” OMNI Television, Army of Sass, A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Company, Sanskriti Arts and much more. Alex has worked with and back-up danced for many various and diverse artists, including Juno Award Nominee, Marlowe and the Mix. He has also back-up danced for Shweta Subram; an Indo-Urban Canadian artist for the IIFA Awards Buzz Event and is featured in Brooklyn Roebuck’s (YTV’s “The Next Star” Winner) music video “Lemon and Lime.” Given his excellence in the commercial dance industry, Alex has been nominated for various awards such as the 2019 MARTYS Established Dance Artist, Ron Lenyk Inspiring Youth Arts Award, The Glenn Gould Prize, and was a top-three finalist for the 2017 MARTYS LifeTime Achievement Award through the Mississauga Arts Council. Alex is also a passionate teacher and enjoys sharing his love for dance with students of all levels and abilities. He is an ongoing guest teacher for the Peel District School Board, Toronto District School Board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Centennial College, as well as many more schools and institutions. Alex is quick to learn and can adapt under any circumstances given to him, seizing any opportunity to perform, choreograph and teach. He continues to grow and learn through his passion for dance and living life through gratitude. By treating each day as a new opportunity to grow as both a person and artist, he continues to shape a journey unique to him.
Ali Sheikh
  • Ali Sheikh
  • Ali Sheikh (b. 2001) is a multidisciplinary artist from Mississauga, Ontario studying at OCAD University in Toronto. Through illustration, painting, digital design and textiles, his current body of work explores self-perception and seeks to blur the line between comic and solemn.
Alton Mill Arts Centre
  • Alton Mill Arts Centre
  • The Alton Mill is home to some 25 studio artists, galleries, a heritage museum, café and unique shops, while the industrial-chic ambiance makes it the perfect venue to host your event . Built on the banks of Shaw's Creek, this national-award-winning heritage building is now "a jewel in the crown of the GTA's arts scene".
Amanda Foulds
  • Amanda Foulds
  • Amanda Foulds is a recent Drawing and Painting graduate from OCAD University. She is currently interested in lens-based processes as mechanisms for re-contextualizing and reviving the educational family album or art history textbook. In confronting these unfamiliar stories, her intention is not to change the source materials she is using; rather, to offer a nostalgic comfort in alternative narratives.
Anna Kurylo
  • Anna Kurylo
  • In 2023 Anna embarked on an adventure of healing which inspired this introductory art series, the creation of loving creatures that are not of this world. Anna Kurylo resides in Port Credit with her family.
Amelia Moonstar
  • Amelia Moonstar
  • I'm Celine but I go by my pen name Amelia Moonstar. I am a devoted mom with a lifelong love for storytelling. I've found my passion in children's literature, and my journey began with my son's insatiable curiosity. Crafting charming, easy-to-read stories and poems with vibrant imagery is my forte, as I believe children thrive when words are paired with engaging visuals. Join me on my journey to bring joy to young readers, and stay tuned for updates on my latest projects.
Amrita Virdi
  • Amrita Virdi
  • Amrita Virdi (she/her) is a Mississauga based artist. She works in a Surrealist, Abstract Expressionist style, working in a wide range of mediums, often deployed through collage. Her work evokes illogical, dreamlike scenes which are narrative based and tell stories revolving themes of societal and cultural discourses. Amrita has received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. After completing her undergraduate degree, she has been focused on sharing her experience and knowledge with the Mississauga Community. She currently works at a Montessori as an Art Teacher to create comfortable spaces for all to create with confidence and love. Her goal is that her students make art that is fun and important to them. In her own practise, Amrita enjoys experimenting with colour and creating abstract backgrounds that have a whimsical dreamlike feeling. After Amrita creates an abstract background, she collages found images together to createsurreal stories. When the images are added to the painting they are stripped of their original content and painted over. This overpainting locks the images into their new home, and detaches them from their cultural or advertising narratives. The repurposed images work beside each other and with the background to complicate our ideas and perceptions of our work-a-day realities. Amrita disrupts everyday images that stimulate our attention, with strange new colours and forms that make the viewer question what you are looking it. The combination of cursive paint and found images are windows into a conditional perceptions of the social worlds she moves through. Her paintings are layers of how she perceives a limitless universe, she adds her own struggles, pain, love, and laughter, which through your eyes will change to become something different.
Anastasia Tarkhanova
  • Anastasia Tarkhanova
  • Anastasia is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her artistic pursuits embrace different disciplines, including mural art, graphic design, and illustration. Anastasia is passionate about exploring different mediums and working on versatile projects to keep her work innovative and fresh. She draws inspiration from various sources, including music, spiritual practices, the environment around her, and the people she collaborates with. When working on personal projects, she particularly enjoys delving into themes related to energy, nature, healing, and connection. Through her art, Anastasia strives to convey a sense of harmony and meaning to captivate and inspire others.
Andrea Arthur
  • Andrea Arthur
  • Andrea Arthur's music resides somewhere at the crossroads of connection and intimacy, while imbuing a modern pop sheen capable of touching both hearts and minds. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, her introduction into music was marked by openness and variety. From a young age, she learnt to appreciate a wide array of genres, a philosophy that is now evident within her own brand of music. Above all, what sets Andrea apart is her ability to switch effortlessly between joy and melancholy, while evoking introspective yet energizing vibes throughout her compositions. For Andrea, music serves as a tool for her to process, grow and learn as an individual whilst simultaneously connecting with her listeners on a similar path. Her forthcoming release, ‘Stay Back’ is a collaboration with Babylon Club and Rado Kay, and encapsulates Andrea's impeccable voice and passion, and is set for release on the 25th September, 2020.
Andrea Rodriguez
  • Andrea Rodriguez
  • Andrea is creative, bold, and colourful. Her art consists of mixing plants, animals, and letters to honour nature. It is reminiscent of her childhood years in Colombia, incorporating them into her Canadian life. As an artist, Andrea feels that her purpose is to create awareness about the loss of flora and fauna through engaging and eye-catching messages that motivate people. She aspires to brighten the day of anyone who walks by her art. She tries to inspire them to question themselves about the murals she paints.
Andre Anthony Reid
  • Andre Anthony Reid
  • Andre Anthony is a Canadian performer, and writer. Andre Anthony has been praised for his charming vocals and infectious energy. He commands the stage with his confidence and lures the audience with his voice. He began his journey singing in the church choir and performing in community theatre. He has served in church ministry since he was a child. He continues to serve as a Musical Theatre Director, Choreographer, soloist and Worship Leader for missions trips. Andre Anthony resides in the greater Toronto area. He studied Film Production at Ryerson University. Andre received his Music degree from the Thompson Rivers University and his Acting for Film and Television Diploma from Humber College. Andre was the first director and creator of the Humber Gospel Choir and is the lead singer of the Toronto based band Sophisticated Funk and has released a solo big band jazz album titled Andre Anthony: The Gentleman, available on iTunes and Spotify. This Dora nominated performer has worked with many prestigious artists such as Josh Groban, Ryland James, HONORS, Laila Biali, Divine Brown, Sharon Riley, Kurt Elling, Robin Givens, the Toronto Mass Choir, and many more. Select theatre credits include Rock of Ages (Stage West), Only In Vegas (Mayfield Theatre), Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (CPA Centre), Kinky Boots (Mirvish), Handel’s Messiah Rocks: A Joyful Noise (Living Arts Centre), Joy In The Morning (Queen Elizabeth Theatre). Andre has also directed Disney’s Highschool Musical (Meadowvale Theatre) he has written, directed and choreographed The Passion of Jesus Christ (PCWC Players) and Black Nativity: Home for Christmas (PCWC Player). Andre recently received a development deal with the CBC for his original sitcom The Gospel According to Garrett. With all of that, he acknowledges his highest honour is to be a follower of Christ. He is currently the host of The 60 Second Check-In, an interview game show designed to give viewers a fun quick look into the best of gospel art, entertainment, and culture. He is now preparing to release new original Contemporary Christian Music this year. John 3:16
Anjula Evans
  • Anjula Evans
  • “It is possible to face our challenges and overcome them.” -Anjula Evans (Brain Injury Survivor) If you’re looking for children’s books that address emotional wellness, Anjula has a background as a Children’s Therapist, and brings that experience to her writing. Writing Journey Anjula created “The Super-Hero Survival Guide” for reluctant young readers several years ago, while recovering from a brain injury. During her rehabilitation, she developed children’s educational resources on emotional wellness. She picked up novel-writing a few years ago, and decided to pursue writing as a career. She will finish her Masters in Creative & Critical Writing degree in May 2024. Written Works Anjula has a dozen children’s books on Amazon and in some bookstores (Indigo, Audible). She has written five novels for YA and Adults. Three are available in print. The underlying message in her writing is: “It’s possible to face our challenges and overcome them.” Anjula’s website is
Anna Wojcik
  • Anna Wojcik
  • “[Anna Wojcik] produced an accurate, mature sounding and nicely characterised version of Zerlina’s second aria “Vedrai carino”. I haven’t heard singing this good from someone so young since Emily d’Angelo burst onto the scene. One to watch.” (John Gilks, Opera Ramblings 2019) This young Polish-Canadian soprano, has already performed for audiences across Canada, the US, Poland and Germany. At the end of September, Anna played Susanna in a self-produced backyard production of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro for a private audience. This collaboration was approached in a COVID-safe way. In the upcoming season (COVID permitting), Anna will be a soloist with the Oakville Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Charles Demuynck. She will also appear as a soloist with the Camerata Ensemble and Quo Vadis Choir under direction of Mariusz Michalak, on occasion of their 20th Anniversary Celebrations. Anna has won countless competitions including the 69th ACPC Marcella Kochańska-Sembrich Vocal Competition, the Doreen Chaddock Memorial Vocal Scholarship Competition, as well as the Oakville Chamber Orchestra Youth Concerto Competition. She has appeared with orchestras like the Royal Conservatory Orchestra, Toronto Sinfonietta, Camerata Ensemble, and the Celebrity Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, Anna sang in Carnegie Hall for the American Protégé Competition Winners Recital. The following year, she received the 2016 Emerging Music Artist MARTY Award from the Mississauga Arts Council for her accomplishments. In 2018, she participated in the Saarburg International Summer Music Festival in Germany. Within the past two years, Anna has performed multiple opera roles including: 2nd Spirit in Mozart’s Magic Flute (GGS), Annina in Verdi’s La Traviata (SOLT), Nora in Vaughan Williams’ Riders to the Sea (SOLT), and Sister Osmina in Puccini’s Suor Angelica (GGS). Anna is in the third year of her Bachelor of Music degree at the Glenn Gould School of The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, where she is studying with Jean Macphail and Peter Tiefenbach. For a year prior to her post-secondary studies, Anna was a scholarship student at the Phil & Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists. She is an active volunteer and Regional Director of the Toronto Region for the Back to BACH Project, a world-wide initiative to inspire and encourage young school children to learn musical instruments. Outside of music, one of her hobbies is Polish folk dancing. For the majority of her life she was part of the ‘Lechowia Polish-Canadian Folk Dance Company’ which would perform dances of the various Polish regions and travel to folk festivals around the world. As a first generation Canadian, Anna is happy to maintain her Polish culture through regularly singing within the Polish community and discovering the little-known repertoire of Polish composers.
Anna Yin
  • Anna Yin
  • Anna Yin was born in China and immigrated to Canada in 1999. She was Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2015-2017) and Ontario representative to the League of Canadian Poets (2013-2016). Anna has authored five poetry collections and “Mirrors and Windows” (Guernica Editions 2021). Anna won awards including the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, two MARTYs, two scholarships from West Chester University Poetry Conference, 2013 Professional Achievement Award from CPAC and grants from Ontario Arts Council and Canadian Arts Council. Her poems in English & Chinese and ten translations by her were in a Canadian Studies textbook used by Humber College. With poems published by ARC Poetry, New York Times, CBC, World Journal, Room, Cha, China daily etc, Anna has been interviewed by CBC Radio, Rogers TV, CCTV and TalentVisionTV, The Toronto Star, China Daily etc. She was a finalist for Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award in 2011 and in 2012. Her poem “Still Life” was displayed on 700 buses in 13 cities across Canada for the Poetry In Transit project in 2013/2014. Anna read her poem at World Poetry event in Vancouver in 2012 and at the 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration at parliament hill Ottawa. She was featured at 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival and has performed at many important civic events in Mississauga and beyond. Anna has been twice a “Living book” for the Living Library at the Mississauga Campus of University of Toronto. Anna has also organized many dynamic events including National Poetry Month celebrations and Special Tributes to P.K. Page, Dorothy Livesay, Milton Acorn, Raymond Souster, Chinese poet Qu Yuan etc to promote poetry across Ontario. Anna holds a B.Sc. degree from Nanjing University and a Creative Writing Certificate from the University of Toronto. She teaches Poetry Alive at schools, colleges and libraries. website: Books in Print: Awards Link: Interviews: SERVICES AVAILABLE:
Christi Anne Abraham (AnneChristi)
  • Christi Anne Abraham (AnneChristi)
  • Christi Anne Abraham is a self-taught artist from Trinidad and Tobago living in Mississauga, Ontario. Christi uses watercolour, acrylic and digital media to create beautiful nature illustrations, and fine art for clients.
Anthony Williams
  • Anthony Williams
  • Born and raised in bilingual Montreal, Toronto-based Pop/R&B entertainer, IAMREBELWILL is influenced by the showmanship of Janet Jackson, the eclectic artistry of Prince and the sounds of Montreal-based producer, Kaytranada.
  • Arlene
  • Arlene Paculan creates soulful pop with passion. The Filipino-Canadian’s recent successful album, “Home With You” has been embraced by many including CBC Radio 1, The Coast 89.7 (Glace Bay, NS), 105.9 The Region (Markham, ON) and 99.1 FM (Wallaceburg/Dresden, ON). Arlene was recently named the Best Pop Artist for the Mississauga Music Awards. She also received runner-up for NOW Toronto Magazine’s Best Songwriter for 2015 and she was in the Top 10 Regional Finals for CBC’s Searchlight Contest in the same year. With her song, I’m Worth It, her message is to remind individuals to trust and believe that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. She campaigns the idea globally and represents an empowering positive voice for women. As Executive Producer for her company, Let’s Make Good Productions (LMG), she produces many events including WonderFest which showcases local talent and offers free workshops to all ages. The goal of LMG is to spread empowerment through art. For this, she was awarded 2014’s Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year MARTY Award in acknowledgment of her work encouraging others to be creative in their daily lives. Arlene is also a TV personality who the hosted Night Time with Arlene Paculan and is currently hosting a tv show called Striving Artist which showcases artists making a living off of their creativity. Arlene has graced many stages across Toronto, including Nathan Phillips Square, Yonge & Dundas Square and Mississauga Celebration Square. In addition to her performances around the GTA, she has also performed in LA, NYC, Anaheim, across Canada, and adventured through her first European tour in the fall of 2015 playing in front of audiences in England, Scotland, Holland and France. In 2012, Arlene played at TD Toronto Jazz Festival and performed again in the 2015 season for the full length of the festival at Habits Gastropub. She has opened for Canadian songstress Jill Barber, as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration and performed at the Beaches International Jazz Street Fest. Arlene is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto and also studied piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her debut EP album “I’m Worth It” was released under the production team, Kuya Productions. Rob Rapiti from BLR Entertainment has described her voice as “haunting, yet passionate”. Who knew such a “beautiful, natural singing voice” could come from such a shy little girl who used to whisper in conversation growing up? Before songwriting, Arlene has graced the stage as an actress, garnering the roles in such plays and musicals as Juliet (Romeo & Juliet), Nancy (Oliver), Rizzo (Grease), Laurey (Oklahoma), Kate (Shotgun Wedding), Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Tiger Lily (Peter Pan), and Josie Pye (Anne of Green Gables).
Tetyana Bibik
  • Tetyana Bibik
  • Tetyana Bibik, originally from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, is a fine art painter with over 10 years professional experience working out of her studio in Mississauga, Canada, where she currently resides. She specializes in large scale abstract artwork, pop art paintings, murals, portraits, and creating custom commissioned artwork.
Artisan Place
  • Artisan Place
  • Artisan Place offers a bricks and mortar store for local artisan to showcase their work. It offers the customer an exceptional shopping experience with a diverse range of products to choose from all while supporting local business.
Clarence Cheng
  • Clarence Cheng
  • HI, I am a local Toronto artist, specialized in murals and digital pieces/ illustrations. I would love to contribute my art in the Toronto community to display the history, symbol and work of this Canada. I hope you’ll consider me to be part of this community. I also do music in Violin and guitar. For 20+ years. Thank you!
Artists in Momentum
  • Artists in Momentum
  • AIM uses art as the foundation to promote mental well-being in the workplace and in the community, through visual self-expression and creativity.
arts on the credit
  • arts on the credit
  • Arts on the Credit is a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for artists to show and sell their work, adding colour and inspiration to our community.
艺术 价值
  • 艺术 价值
  • Art is a kind of enjoyment, a charming enjoyment!
Assembly Press de Groot
  • Assembly Press de Groot
  • Assembly Press is a boutique publisher of first-class fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. located in Picton and Mississauga.
Daya White
  • Daya White
  • I’m a queer illustrator and sequential artist currently attending the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College set to graduate in 2024. I love to create bodies of work that range from whimsical and silly to more contemporary and experimental. I am also passionate about creating stories about complex or difficult subjects like mental health and LGBTQ2S+ experiences in an approachable way. I would love to continue broadening my scope of illustrative work and am currently open to new projects! Please feel free to contact me!
Quentin VerCetty
  • Quentin VerCetty
  • AstroSankofa supports AfroDiasporic creatives and Indigenous communities to acquire opportunities in the realm of public art creation and production, exhibitions and web3 ventures. We utilize the principles of sankofa and the lens of Afrofuturism 2.0's five dimensions: metaphysics, aesthetics, theoretical and applied science, social science and programmatic space, to amplify community representation with our projects and programs.
Alejandro Tello
  • Alejandro Tello
  • Alejandro Tello is a picture and animation editor living in Mississauga, Ontario. He has been involved in TV projects such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and the YA series Beyond Black Beauty. Alejandro is interested in writing and directing.
nexus d9 Ganguly
  • nexus d9 Ganguly
  • Bansuri bambooflute musician. Writer, speaker, teacher. Indian Classical music genre.Collaborations with all.musical genres. Known for Customised BIRS FLUTES creations. WORLD OF FLUTES , POPULAR programs. SOHND THERAPY, meditative , spiritual healing music.
Barbara Clarke
  • Barbara Clarke
  • Barbara A. Clarke Barbara paints in a realist style using watercolour and acrylic. The main focus of Barbara’s art is to capture the fleeting light in a landscape and notice interesting characteristics of buildings. By working in a series of paintings, Barbara can explore facets of a theme. As an example, there are ten artworks in each of the themes: Maple Grove; St. John’s, Newfoundland; and Venice. Barbara studied visual arts at Sheridan College. She regularly takes workshops and courses to improve and energize her work. She is a member of Visual arts Mississauga, Neilson Park Creative Centre, The Humber Valley Art Club, the Clarkson Society of artists and International Watercolour Society (Canada). She has shown her art locally and regionally for 20 years. Awards have been won and commissions completed. Her paintings can be found throughout Canada. Some art hangs in homes in Europe.
Beaux Arts Brampton
  • Beaux Arts Brampton
  • Beaux Arts Brampton is a NFP Artist-Run Visual Art Gallery, located in Downtown Brampton. Gallery Exhibitions are sale showcases of original art that tell contemporary visual stories for public engagement.
Beena Mistry
  • Beena Mistry
  • I’m a non-binary illustrator based in Toronto. I’m also the Web Art Director for Shameless Magazine. Sometimes I do zines and comics, and I really like the colour yellow. I’m most interested in working on projects that involve community building and promoting the well-being of under-served communities. Also, my #1 goal in life is to illustrate a Pokémon TCG Card.
Belynda Wilson Thomas
  • Belynda Wilson Thomas
  • Belynda Wilson Thomas was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Mississauga in 1976. She is married and the mother of two adult children and resides with her husband in Mississauga. She is a member of Meadowvale Toastmasters, Mississauga Writers Group, and a local book club. She published a novel Secrets and Silence in 2020 that is available on Amazon. She is currently working on her second novel and writing and illustrating a children's book. She also started a blog in 2018
Beth Lexah
  • Beth Lexah
  • Beth Lexah is a gifted poet and captivating spoken word artist. Through her words, she forges connections that transcend cultural boundaries, shedding light on the beauty and struggles of being a woman of colour, and inspiring hope and understanding in her audience. Her studio recorded album, "9:19," showcases her ability to intertwine rhythm, cadence, and poignant narratives. Beth's magnetic stage presence and soul-stirring performances captivate audiences, earning her recognition at prestigious national poetry festivals such as the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW). With a passion for storytelling and an unyielding desire to evoke introspection, Beth is an accomplished author, known for her poetry book collection, "Spilt Milk." Her prose gracefully explores themes of vulnerability, resilience, and personal growth. She is featured in an anthology of poems published by the Canadian institute of poetry and World poetry movement. Beth’s pursuit of knowledge led her to graduate from university with a degree in business, equipping her with a keen understanding of the world and its complexities. Building upon this foundation, she further honed her analytical prowess by attaining a master's degree in analytics from Queens University. This unique blend of artistry and analytical thinking allows Beth to bring a fresh perspective to her creative process, resulting in a dynamic fusion of intellect and imagination.
Kajal Bhatia
Bill Hagan
  • Bill Hagan
  • Artist - Industrial Designer - Photographer - Arts Educator Since I was a child in elementary school, I have had a desire to express my feelings and emotions in a visual manner. The joy and sense of accomplishment in creating a visual record of a place or event is indescribable for me. I have been recording images through both sketches and photographs for more than 40 years. These images are what inspire me to create my paintings. My works can be categorized as Abstract or Abstract Landscape. Since the mid 70’s I have created 100’s of large format paintings as well as thousands of preliminary images. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art in Industrial Design, I began a very productive career working as a designer / director within Canadian Retail and Manufacturing sectors. Even though I held a job that allowed me to be creative, I continued with my painting which developed my approach to expressing my ideas to others. In 2009 I began the transition from Designer - Director to Artist - Arts Educator. Creating, communicating and sharing my experiences have become my obsession and my focus for continuing this next phase of my artistic journey.
Blackburn Brothers
  • Blackburn Brothers
  • The Blackburn Brothers' latest album SoulFunkn'BLUES (Sep 2023) has received international acclaim, with a 2024 JUNO Awards nomination, nine nominations in the 2024 Maple Blues Awards, and three American 2024 Blues Music Awards nominations. The band are fourth-generation Canadians, descended from freedom seekers who settled in Southern Ontario via the Underground Railroad.
Blaze Carnival
  • Blaze Carnival
  • Here to bring the heat BLAZE Carnival is one of 6 sections in Freedom Mas Band for Toronto Carnival lead by Cayla Carrol, better known as HeartbreakCay. BLAZE Carnival designs and hand crafts all garments and specialty pieces in house - such as wire bras, head pieces, feather backpacks and more in Ontario, Canada. Soon, BLAZE is hoping to be a part of international carnivals around such as Jamaica Carnival and Miami Carnival, while building a fan base around the world.
Blue Heel Dance Studio
  • Blue Heel Dance Studio
  • Welcome to Blueheel Dance Studio. We teach latin, ballroom and club dances, dances like Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Swing, Rumba, Waltz and so much more in a fun, inclusive environment. Our dance persuasion is driven by the honest desire to share with you this passion and freedom that dance inspires. We believe that life is a dance – whether a dance of love or passion, anger or joy, greatness or great discovery. We hope you find the brilliant dance within yourself and the radiant self within your dance. When you are at Blueheel, you are the centre of our universe and we want to make sure that you're out there dancing with ease and confidence, looking good and feeling good. So whether you’re doing it for yourself, preparing for a special occasion, a competition, to keep fit or simply for the fun of it, Blueheel Dance Studios will help you put your best foot forward! . For adults, kids, wedding dance choreography. Book your free dance trial today at https://www.blueheeldance.comclasses. For adults, kids, wedding dance choreography. Book your free dance trial today at
Brampton Music Theatre
  • Brampton Music Theatre
  • BRAMPTON MUSIC THEATRE is a not-for-profit organization which has been producing award winning quality musicals for over fifty years in Brampton. As such, BMT strives to create positive public awareness through the performing arts by providing an equal opportunity for all members in a non-discriminatory manner so they may exist as a contributing member of that community while being valued for one's abilities and uniqueness. Additionally, we encourage young adults to expand their abilities, to be creative and in turn to become responsible contributing members of society.
Bree Taylor
  • Bree Taylor
  • Bree Taylor is a force to be reckoned with. She’s known for granting an all access pass to fans on her contagiously upbeat music that listen like pages of her personal diary. Bree has also had to overcome incredible challenges throughout her music career, mainly her hearing disability. She has battled hearing loss since childhood and despite this, she has not let it hold her back from going after her dreams and has made a career for herself as a country singer who is the epitome of resilience. Bree has had 3 songs chart on the Canadian Indie Country Charts. Her single, “Burning Bridges” soared to #1 in October 2020 and her last smash hit "Kryptonite" gave her her second #1 hit on the charts with nominations for “Song of the Year” with the Mississauga Music Awards 2021, a nomination for “Emerging Solo Vocalist” with the MARTY’s in 2021 and “Best Country Video of the Year” with Dropout Entertainment 2021.  Bree has a gift beyond singing and songwriting – she’s born with the talent that draws you in and holds you captive till every last grit and grime, every last husky note, every last perfectly pitched crescendo has been placed on your lap. You’ll find yourself at the end of a track, rapidly trying to start it all over again. With a career and brand built on authenticity, honesty and resilience, Bree’s creative ambitions have no limitations. No matter what life throws at her, Bree is and always will be a fighter and she will keep writing songs, keep singing and will remain truly unapologetically Bree!
Brittany Beheshti
  • Brittany Beheshti
  • Brittany Beheshti (she/her) is digital artist who spends most of her time blending the worlds of STEM and art. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University’s Integrated Digital Studies with a minor in biology. The stark contrast between her areas of study profoundly emphasized the divide between the two communities. Deconstructing and removing the “absolute truth” involved in scientific practice is a concept that captivates her as an artist. Her practice includes all types of communication media including traditional video, motion graphics, multi-channel work, creative coding, interactive films, and digital installations. This has developed into experimenting with AI practices and algorithmic art. Beheshti’s work has been shown with CBC Gem, SCINEMA International Science Film Festival, and the Orange County Museum of Art. She has also presented an Early Artist Career talk at the University of North Carolina.
  • As an artist, I try to create dreamy art that has the ability to enchant, and inspire the onlookers. As a woman, I forge my path in the hope of my dreams coming to life with each stroke of a brush. I have embarked on a journey that started as a Fashion Designer in 2003. It had been my childhood dream that I worked so hard for it to become my reality! Fifteen successful and glamorous years in Haute Couture. Being an artist at soul meant that I am prepared to undergo life’s ups and downs because my end goal is to learn, grow and thrive. I have always been drawn to color and light, and how to create the chemistry between them to wow they eye. My years of experience in fashion design have set the base for me to create amazing pieces of visual art. I use and interlace different methods of application using resin, acrylic, alcohol ink, and mixed media. My goal when creating is art with no limitation! It's my new trend that I couldn't wait to share with you!
Bywater Call
Cheryl Tenn
  • Cheryl Tenn
  • I have been an artist for my whole life. Self employed as a freelance graphic designer and multi media illustrator.
Calliope Sound Productions Junor
  • Calliope Sound Productions Junor
  • Calliope Sound Productions (CSP) was established in May of 2000 by Tony Junor. CSP has been faithfully presenting some of the best summer theatre in Mississauga for over 19 seasons. During this time they have been the resident theatre company at Erindale Studio Theatre (University of Toronto in Mississauga).
Canadian Dance Company
  • Canadian Dance Company
  • Canadian Dance Company is one of the premier dance studios in the GTA. Now with locations in Oakville and Burlington we offer classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Musical Theatre and more, for ages 2 right up to adult. Visit our website for more information.
Candace Cosentino
  • Candace Cosentino
  • Candace Cosentino is a visual artist, creative director and commercial photographer. She specializes in colourful, creative portraits and dynamic product photography. Her unique aesthetic blends elements of surrealism and feminist pop-culture, making her work not only aesthetically pleasing, but current and informed. With a focus on artistic development and exploration, Cosentino's creative and commercial practices deeply inform and inspire one another; making her the perfect fit to help uplift her diverse client-base and community with unique and informed imagery. Her work centres around uplifting female-led businesses and entrepreneurs, including the LGBTQ+ or other underrepresented communities. ​ In addition to her commercial and artistic practices, she is community driven and currently developing Cos Studios; a safe and encouraging space for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC peoples to connect, create and grow.
Candace Kumar
  • Candace Kumar
  • Candace Kumar is a Filipino/Indo-Fijian dance artist based in Mississauga, Ontario. She has trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz-funk, hip hop, and folk dance. She specializes in contemporizing cultural dance forms to reimagine traditional culture from the diaspora. Candace collaborates with musicians such as A La Una and Han Han as a performer and choreographer, creating Filipino-contemporary works. Some of her notable performances include the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, Nuit Blanche, SummerWorks Festival, and international festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Alaska, and the Czech Republic. Candace has worked with Little Pear Garden Dance Company, Anandam Dance Theatre, Creativiva Entertainment, Hips Don't Lie Dance Company and more. She shares her experience as a mixed-Asian Canadian artist in hopes of inspiring other POC artists to explore their relationship to their culture through dance.
Edgar Ghahramanyan
  • Edgar Ghahramanyan
  • I take a tree, and listen to its life story. Following that, I ask it what it wants to be. Then, I release the spirit entombed within the wood. My skills are still aren't quite to par and I do not do justice to the true essence of the wood. However I always include my kids when woodworking and we listen to the stories of the tree together. My eldest has become quite adept at reading the tales hidden beneath the bark of the tree. So I woodwork and place my hope in my kids that they will master the art of communing with the trees and gain the skills necessary to release the essence of the sprits hidden within. If you are interested, you can watch me and my children transform each piece of wood into its new incarnation on my YouTube channel, Carefree Living:
Carolyne Topdjian
  • Carolyne Topdjian
  • Carolyne Topdjian is author of the acclaimed gothic suspense novels, The Black Moth (2023) and The Hitman’s Daughter (2022, Agora Books). She has published short fiction in PRISM International, Dreamers Magazine and Firewords Quarterly and is a professor in the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts at Humber College in Toronto. You can connect with her on social media @TopdjianC, or at
Cat Bernardi
  • Cat Bernardi
  • Cat Bernardi is a jazz vocalist, composer, arranger and educator from Mississauga. Her ‘crystalline’ voice and ‘timeless’ style have led her to stages all around Ontario, Quebec and into Europe. She has performed in jazz festivals around the GTA, and was the 2019 TD Toronto Jazz Hotspot Feature in the Downtown Markham Music Festival. Cat's first EP, Minor Ballad/Major Romance was released in 2014 to great acclaim, and was feature on Jazz FM 91.1. Cat released her EP ‘Let’s Get Cozy’ in December 2020, supported by MAC’s MicroGrant Award. The EP’s title track was one of the Top 4 picks in Canadian Beats’ “Weekly Beatdown” in the last week of December, and was featured on PopCan Radio’s Top 24 picks for #NewMusicTuesday. Cat studied Jazz Vocals and Theatre at Humber College and YorkU. Cat is currently working on two singles to be released in 2023, as well as a concert for Italian Heritage Month (June 2023), supported by Mississauga's Culture Sector Grant.
Caterina Sauro
  • Caterina Sauro
  • Caterina Sauro is a multi-faceted artist and self-published author based in Mississauga, ON. She enjoys blending her love of poetry and visual art into her work and has continued to showcase that work since her first local exhibition in 2015. When the COVID pandemic hit Toronto in 2020, Caterina spent her evenings hosting free virtual writing workshops and paint parties, eager to maintain a sense of community during the most isolating years of her generation. Once the world around her opened in 2022, her poetry returned to open mics and featured events across the GTA, working hard backstage to have her first book, Hi, My Name is Monella, published later that year. Caterina continues to dedicate her mission to creating homes for human connection through visual art and creative writing, both in person and virtually.
Catherine Gava
  • Catherine Gava
  • Catherine approaches each script, song, and day as an opportunity to illuminate her mind and heart. She graduated from the Specialist Theatre and Drama Studies program at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. In addition to theatre and on-camera acting, her training includes voice and singing which have been fantastic assets to developing her creative, animated voices to her trustworthy, approachable commercial sound for voice-over. Catherine is a licensed busker and enjoys singing and playing guitar for the Mississauga community. She is grateful to have sung at events such as CreativeHub 1352's "Lakeview Farmers’ Market" and "Mississauga Festival of Trees", the Applewood Acres Homeowners Swim and BBQ, Clarkson Live!, Amphitheatre Unplugged, and Visual Art Mississauga's Art Night Out. Most recently, her audio work “Margaret and Daphne” premiered in’s radio show. This project showcased her passion for music, sound design, and storytelling as a performer and creator. Other previous theatre credits include Horned Spirit/Skeleton Two in the site-specific premiere of “Ghost Light” (Directed by Za Hughes), Electra in an immersive production of “The Oresteia” (Directed by Tyler J Seguin) as well as being a Co-Creator/Ensemble member of the devised piece, “The Places We Are” (Directed by Rob Kempson).
Cathleen MacDonald
  • Cathleen MacDonald
  • Cathleen MacDonald is the creator and writer-producer-director of the 26-part series, 'Working Animals' (Discovery Canada, Animal Planet, Canal D and distributed worldwide) and the writer-producer-director of 'The Animal IQ Test' (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet). Of her nine episodes of CBC’s 'Moving On', the episode, 'The Courage of Sharon' won a Columbus Film Festival Award and was included in CBC’s entry for a Gemini nomination. Recently she was the producer-director of the web series and digital art experience 'The Lost Museum' (Creative Hub 1352). Prior to that she was the digital producer for the feature documentary 'The Divided Brain' (Matter of Fact Media, CBC Documentary Channel), produced the documentary, 'Deescalate' with support from the Ontario Arts Council. Prior to founding Motion Picture Enterprises, Cathleen was the National Sales Manager for VEC Criterion Pictures, where she led a sales team and represented major producers Disney/Buena Vista, Columbia, Tri-Star, Universal, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Encyclopaedia Britannica, PBS, and Films Inc. In addition to her creative work, Cathleen teaches filmmaking and distribution at workshops and as a guest lecturer, serves as a panelist for industry events, and is a juror for festivals and funders. She is the founder of Filmhive, a community-based collective that helps filmmakers develop their skills and independent projects. Cathleen has an Honors BFA in Film Production from York University, Toronto.
Celina Melo
  • Celina Melo
  • I am compelled to capture and celebrate my natural environment, specifically the life-giving entity of water. My Abstract Mixed-Media Landscape paintings invite the viewer to a meditative space that evokes my visceral experience of standing at the water’s edge, which is where I find peace. My process explores the reflective, dynamic and colour-changing qualities of water and sky. The sheen of pouring medium contrasts the exposed matte acrylic paint, just as light reflects off surfaces.
Chahat Soneja
  • Chahat Soneja
  • I am Chahat Soneja, a self-motivated creative. I recently graduated with a post grad in Advertising-Art Direction from Humber College. As a creative, I've trained in visual arts before from India. I have explored drawing, painting, photography, performance, sculpture, and printmaking before. I am venturing into digital art and finding another form of creative expression. I use various softwares including but not limited to Photoshop to create most of my digital artworks. I have an extensive portfolio containing photography in various subject matters. My current body of work includes digital manipulations around portraits. I draw inspiration from the very mundane and try it represent it in my own creative way The primary reason why I chose to be creative is because I always find myself expressing myself creatively through various outlets and I love these outlets of expression. I work across various subjects and have a panache of original ideas, theories across a variety of mediums. I believe these experiences will help me take my practice further and relate to what I intend to explore as an aspiring creative.
Joanne MacNair
  • Joanne MacNair
  • Creating, crafts, drawing and painting my entire life. My work has a graphic design sensibility. I like to work "en plein air" outside, weather permitting. My focus is on landscape, still life, architecture, water. I've participated in many exhibitions over the past 30 years. Took courses at Open Studio Toronto while working full-time in the financial services sector. Produced lithographs, etchings, wood cut and silk screen prints. Taught art for four years to seniors at a local retirement home. I was selected for Landscape Artist of the Year Canada, as a Wild-Card artist in Episode One, Somerled Farm, available on:
Charles Di Raimondo
  • Charles Di Raimondo
  • An accomplished and versatile singer, Charles Di Raimondo enjoys a successful career in Canada and USA. He is in demand as a tenor soloist at concerts, recitals, festivals, and major corporate functions. A graduate of both York and Brock Universities, Charles studied with the late Opera voice teacher, Maestro Goffredo Ricci from Viterbo, Italy, and has performed in the Operas "Carmen", "La Traviata", “Rigoletto” and ”Cavalleria Rusticana”. His concert repertoire includes solo tenor performances of Handel’s “Messiah”, Bach’s “Mass in B minor”, Saint Saen’s “Christmas Oratorio”, and Verdi’s “Requiem”. Charles has graced many stages including, Hamilton Place, The Living Arts Centre, The Rose Theatre, The Toronto Centre for the Arts, The Kingswood Theatre, The Sanderson Centre, and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and has worked with the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra, The Rose Orchestra, The Cambridge Symphony, and the Greater Toronto Philharmonic. He has also done concerts with the Mississauga Opera Company, Brampton Lyric Opera, Opera York, and Saskatoon Opera. Recent concerts have taken him to Akron, Ohio and Buffalo, New York, USA. As a member of the popular singing group "Canada's Three Tenors", Charles performed at many concerts and functions all across Canada to the delight of many distinguished guests, including the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. In addition to being a classically trained Tenor, Charles is also an accomplished pianist, guitarist, composer and studio producer. He has successfully released five critically acclaimed full length CD’s: “The Arias”, “Summer Rain”, “Arias and Serenades,” "Passione", and "The Christmas Collection”. Charles is also an actor and his television appearances include FX Canada, Much Music, Telelatino, Channel 11 and City TV. Recent movie credits include, a role in the Netflix movie about New York organized crime entitled “Fear City”, “Man Seeking Woman” with Jay Baruchel, “Amelia” with Hillary Swank and Richard Gere, and a principal role in the movie, “The Last Call” with Jeremy Irons, Sissy Spacek, and Neve Campbell, and Sony’s “Martin and Lewis” with Sean Hayes and Jeremy Northam. Charles also recently starred in a North American commercial for “BetRivers” online casino. “Charles Di Raimondo displays a highly trained vocal instrument of terrific scope” WHOLE NOTE MAGAZINE “A superb classically trained tenor” TANDEM MAGAZINE (Toronto/Montreal) “Charles possesses a strong and rich yet tender and charming voice” PONOKA NEWS (Ponoka, AB) “Charles fits right in with the international stars." STAGE DOOR (Winnipeg, MB)
Chen Wang
Cheryle Dueck
  • Cheryle Dueck
  • I am a gospel singer and budding songwriter. I am also the Founder of Gospel Music Industry Hub, a faith-based music industry development organization that provides education, information, networking and showcase opportunities for music artists to help develop and support the gospel music scene locally, nationally and internationally. My website is
Christine Long
  • Christine Long
  • I'm used art to rewire my brain after a life changing illness. It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences to me. I began as a printmaker with the help of a wonderful teacher/cousin printmaker who taught me the joy of letting loose and the flow and feeling of the world of colour. I now know that not everyone will ever be able to draw to same way and that does not matter. The heart, feelings and the the joy that are expressed in the art what matters. I use a variety of media from acrylic, pastels, non-toxic fabric dyes for printmaking, inks.... whatever looks like fun. I am the Co-chair of ArtTrendz: an Artists Collective. We are a group of 9 artists from different countries who have come together to share our love of art, coffee, food, and life. We have shows and can be seen a fb ArtTrendz: an Artists Collective. My website is @christinelong6620
Chris Mitchell
  • Chris Mitchell
  • I am a professional coach whose practice is focused on life, career and professional development coaching for artists and creatives. I provide support at pivotal points when creatives need help to clarify or focus on their true priorities, strategize and build confidence to move forward and take their career to the next level or a new direction. I have a passion for working with creative individuals, understand the creative mindset and appreciate that there are many ways to build a career and life as a creative professional. My approach is to work collaboratively with you as an individual to build your practice or career from the inside out. Every coaching relationship and session is uniquely created based on your needs and your desired outcome. Our coaching conversations are focused, thought-provoking and structured to support you to determine plans and take the actions that you decide are right for you. Whatever your challenge, barrier or aspiration I’ll work with you to gain clarity, overcome hurdles and achieve your goals. My Services Include: Individual Coaching Group Coaching Professional Development Workshops
Christina Somers
  • Christina Somers
  • I finally fulfilled my dreams of becoming an author. Inspired by my daughter and her funny fascination with pajamas, I wrote a story, Ally Loves Pajamas and my husband lovingly illustrated it. Each page is a trip down memory lane for us, but now we hope our interactive story will spark conversations with little ones and help them to make the connections to their own lives. For what we've learned with our own kids, is that children don't just get attached to things because they like them. If you take the time to sit and talk to them about it, you will realize those "things" provoke feelings and thoughts.
City Centre Musical Productions
  • City Centre Musical Productions
  • About us City Centre Musical Productions Inc. (CCMP) is an inclusive, community-based musical theatre group that has been performing top quality musicals in Mississauga for over 35 years. All members share a love of music, song and performance with the commitment to providing the best entertainment for the community. CCMP is a registered, not-for-profit charitable organization. CCMP is a member of the Mississauga Charitable Gaming Association and is generously supported with funds raised through volunteering at RAMA Gaming Centre, Mississauga. Our next show is The Rocky Horror Show live at Meadowvale Theatre March 8 - 17, 2024. We are part of the Encore Series, as one of five groups that showcases a musical production annually at Meadowvale Theatre. CCMP, The Encore Series and its member groups will be bringing the best quality entertainment to Meadowvale Theatre. Join us for the 2023-2024 Season. Awards 2023 Marty Awards - Special Award Winner  for Theatre Resilience Encore Series Subscribers Choice Award for Favourite Show: Sister Act, The Musical 2018/2019 Mississauga Arts Council Award - Best Performance Group: 2017 Encore Series Subscribers Choice Award for Favourite Show: Jekyll & Hyde - 2015/2016 Encore Series Subscribers Choice Award for Favourite Show: Titanic 2009/2010
Clark Schlesinger
  • Clark Schlesinger
  • Clark Schlesinger - Singer Songwriter Musician- Acoustic Pop /Classic Rock/ Jazz/Indy Clark Schlesinger has been a staple of the Mississauga music scene for the last 10 years. At 22, Clark has been creating music waves, warming the hearts of audiences as a singer, songwriter and performer. Credits include Festivals, Markets, Open Mic (Host/Performer), Stages, Malls, Restaurants, Bars and many Mississauga Arts and Port Credit BIA events. Clark has performed extensively throughout Ontario as well as special opportunities in Bahamas and New Zealand. He is well known in the Niagara Region and recently performed as a featured solo act for the 2021 Niagara Falls Music Festival Live. Clark has performed in famous venues such as the Living Arts Centre (Mississauga) The Rose Theatre (Brampton), Air Canada Centre (back chorus member for Eric Church)(Toronto), The Famous Hard Rock Cafe (Niagara Falls), Ontario Place (Toronto), The Live Jazz Club (Bahamas), Trinity Square (Toronto) and the CNE (Toronto). A full time university student, Clark supports his education by bringing his gift to the music scene, year round, while attending school full time. During the pandemic Clark continued to perform with online gigs including featured musical performances for 2 World Busker online events attended worldwide, as well as live events when permitted. Clark, a strong advocate for youth has volunteered as an Ambassador, Host, Mentor, and Featured Performer for the Youth Day Global Stage and FESTCAST in Toronto ON. Upcoming, Clark is in the studio and in the process of recording his first all original LP and digital record, which will be. out on Spotify later this year.
Clarkson Society of Artists
  • Clarkson Society of Artists
  • We are one of Mississauga's oldest art groups with a membership of approximately 40 local artists. Our artists show their creativity in a number of mediums. Oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and multi-media. We have workshops every 2-3 weeks with paint days in between. We meet weekly on Wednesdays
C-Note Productions Inc.
  • C-Note Productions Inc.
  • As President/Founder of C-Note Productions Inc., Steven (Steve) Michael Falusi is the exclusive agent to Classical Pianist Elizabeth Spano iand is marketing and branding executive agent overseeing C-Note Productions Inc. and its four underlying Divisions; Top Hits DJ Company, Spano Music™ Management & Talent Agency, Piano Rebel™ Records, and Hitgrafix©. With the company motto "Where Music Is LIfe", Steven's music industry business currently covers the gamut of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Modern Classical Music & Film Score, Bridal Industry and Tradeshow sound and lighting, Management Agency & Talent Branding, Artist Publicist Expertise, Marketing, and Multi-Media Advertising.
Syed Sumair Alam
  • Syed Sumair Alam
  • We are Event organizing company, we organised events in GTAs like pop up markets. We want to promote christmas event which is held on 10th december.
Colin Tyler
  • Colin Tyler
  • Business and the Community Director, Century Audio Visual Ltd.; Design and Integration of AV & IT Solutions to create technology enabled meeting spaces.
  • Claris M. Manglicmot and CCA Claris is the Founder and the Creative Director of Couture Culture and Arts (CCA). She is a New York I-Fashion Magazine Creative Director. She is also the Fashion and Design Editor of SMJ Lifestyle Magazine in Canada. Claris finished Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, cum laude, in Mindanao State University. She was also the College Leadership Awardee. She further pursued a finishing course in Business Administration at London School of Public Relations where she graduated with distinction. Her love of fashion and her events organizing skills lead her to establish a group which did events and fashion initiatives here in Canada since 2014. Her love of culture led her to establish a brand that honors diversity in arts, fashion, and culture. That was the start of CCA in 2016. Couture Culture and Arts (CCA) is a runway show producer, model search competition producer, and agent of fashion designers. Along the same lines, it also accepts contracts for editorial photoshoot campaigns. CCA started as a producer of runway fashion shows featuring international designers. Its aim then was to inspire emerging Canadian designers to get inspiration from experienced and successful designers. Evolving therefrom, CCA started to produce runway shows for local emerging Canadian designer to showcase their talents. In 2018 CCA started a Model Search. As an incentive for development, the winner of the search is rewarded an experience to join shoots overseas at world’s fashion capitals. CCA is also committed in helping the local fashion community by offering various services and/or packaged to suit their needs with a wide latitude of flexibility. Thus, CCA accepts contractual runway production from fashion organizers even for non-profit events/functions. We also accept commission jobs such as editorial campaign shoots, high fashion brands catalogues for small businesses, and creative portfolios for emerging artists and models. We have also made available our network to designers to expand their creative activities. Likewise, we have extended mentoring for those desirous of some form of tutelage. CCA’s advocacy is to extend help and assistance, in any way possible, to promote couture, culture, and the arts.
Crane Creations
  • Crane Creations
  • Crane Creations Theatre Company is a professional theatre company, based in Mississauga. Our mission is to advance the creation, evolution, promotion and support for professional theatre in Mississauga. We are Mississauga-based, globally curious. To learn more about our company, please visit our website:
Takeisha Ball
  • Takeisha Ball
  • I am an artist based out of Ontario, Canada. My works consist of a wide range of fine art, including portraits, landscapes, still-life and abstract design. My passion for art has been prominent for as long as I can remember. So much, in fact, that it lead me to the start of my full-time career as a visual artist.
Creative Hub 1352
  • Creative Hub 1352
  • CreativeHub 1352 is a not-for-profit organization working in partnership with the Mississauga community to develop unique creative programs, events, and projects at the Small Arms Inspection Building, Arsenal lands, and surrounding community. The Small Arms Inspection Building is owned and operated by the City of Mississauga.
Creators at Play
  • Creators at Play
  • Your friendly neighbourhood videographers specializing in event documentation, video editing, and original content. Generating Millions of views, raising thousands of dollars, and helping build dozens of brands internationally, Creators at Play is a full-service video production company with a decade of industry experience in digital marketing and storytelling. From non-profit to corporate, government to artist, our projects are featured on broadcast television, YouTube, Facebook, and in front of thousands of people live. See the difference that a passionate team can bring to your project. Contact us today for your videography and photography needs.
Breann Ritchie
  • Breann Ritchie
  • We are an established private gallery in Mississauga that is looking to share events and opportunities with local artists and art enthusiasts.
Cullen McFater
  • Cullen McFater
  • Cullen McFater is a Canadian director, cinematographer and actor, and the founder of Postromo Pictures. In 2021, at 22 years old, he wrote and directed his debut feature film: Daylight Again. His second feature film, Human Nature, was shot through the summer of 2022 in 13 countries around the world. Additionally, he works on set as a cinematographer and camera operator, and teaches cinema at an arts academy in Toronto, Ontario. He can be found on Youtube, Vimeo and Twitter under Postromo Pictures.
Curtis Freeman
  • Curtis Freeman
  • Mississauga musician Curtis Freeman is a sought after 'in demand' bass player, studio musician and educator. Curtis has travelled and performed in over forty countries worldwide, working with several talented Pop, Rock, Country, World Music, Gospel, and Jazz groups. Curtis was nominated for the 2021 Mississauga Music Award for 'Musician of the Year' and 'Best New Band' alongside his identical twin Brother Carson Freeman with the Freeman Brothers Band. Curtis has performed with several award winning musicians including Canadian rockers Kim Mitchell, Rik Emmett (Triumph), Colin James, Treble Charger, Aboriginal Artist Susan Aglukark, 80's rap icon (and Grammy nominee) Tone Löc, singer- songwriters Amy Sky and Marc Jordan as well as Grammy winners Paul Brown (Luther Vandross), Liberty Silver, and Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Hill. In 2017, Curtis was hired as bassist for nine-time Grammy nominee, Hollywood 'walk of fame' recipient saxophone sensation Dave Koz. Curtis is currently featured on PBS television across North America in "Pavlo Live in Santorini" backing Canadian Guitar master Pavlo with a broadcast reach of twenty eight million viewers. Curtis has recently recorded his first solo album 'Postcards' due to be released in April 2022. He has also recorded a successful Christmas album alongside identical twin brother Carson Freeman in 2020. Curtis has recorded on several popular albums by Pavlo, Billboard charting albums with Smooth Jazz guitarist Rob Tardik and recently recorded two tracks for Jazz guitarist Mike Freedman's 2020 'best jazz album' nominated 'Into the Daybreak' (One World Music Awards). Curtis has been a music educator at Mississauga's heralded Metal Works Institute for more than a decade and also works with Centennial College in the heart of Toronto's busy music scene. Curtis has millions of views on several YouTube videos and is active on social media. Curtis volunteers and performs as bassist/singer and is often musical director at the Meeting House church in Mississauga/Oakville Ontario.
Jamone Munda
  • Jamone Munda
  • My name is Jamone Munda. I design and paint custom sneakers. My official page with all my designs @customkicks_to
Cynthia Crofoot
  • Cynthia Crofoot
  • Cynthia Crofoot is a multi-award winning, produced screenplay writer and multi-award winning actor. As a writer, her screenplays and produced films have won awards in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. As an actor, she has been working steadily in film, television and theatre for more than 25 years, with lead and principle roles in over 60 productions. Her captivating and realistic performances have garnered her eight Best Actress and four Acting Excellence Awards. "Made in the USA, but born in Toronto” she has dual Canadian and American Citizenship with Scottish, Irish, English and Slovak ancestry. Cynthia is a member of ACTRA and is SAG-Eligible. Website:
Neelu Malik
  • Neelu Malik
  • danceShala is a dance school that offers Bollywood Dance Lessons along with many other Indian dance styles including Classical and Folk dances. We provide corporate workshops, schools and universities workshops in an easy-going format. Our studios are located in Mississauga and Brampton. Please visit us at
David Leask
  • David Leask
  • Originally from Scotland, David Leask has spent the last 29 years of his artistic career as an award winning songwriter (Songwriters Magazine called him, “the most consistent Canadian songwriting competition winner."), an award winning musical artist (winner of the the Mississauga Performing Artist of the Year Award), a relentless live performer and a sought after songwriting mentor and teacher. Leask has released 7 critically acclaimed albums. His September 2020 release, “Voyageur in Song”, is a unique concept record inspired by different pieces and their amazing stories from the Six String Nation Guitar (nick-named Voyageur and made of 64 pieces of Canadian culture and history). The Toronto Star called it, “Possibly the most Canadian album on Canada’s most historic instrument” and the UK’s RNR Magazine called it, “Something truly special…that rare thing, a genuinely inspiring album.”
Darren Brown
  • Darren Brown
  • De'Rn (Darren) is a Mississauga-based artist who has dabbled in various streams of artistry as a way to explore his pathway to artistic expression. Inspired by various artists within the music industry to the expressive visual artists in the visual arts industry. Darren now creates expressive art for exploring everyday pop cultural norms that can also be utilized as catalysts for expressing everyday community relations and youthful identities.
Dechen Yee
  • Dechen Yee
  • Hi! I'm a writer/illustrator, occasional poet, and avid gardener!
Deepa Mahanti
  • Deepa Mahanti
  • Deepa is a published author and her works include " PourQoui Myiesha - 2017 " North Mississauga SNAPD quoted "She is an award-winning entreprenuer, author, speaker and mentor. Her " PourQoui Myiesha - A prayer is being called a source of Inspiration. She manages two companies - Myiesha Inc (non for profit ) and Nikisar Inc ( Media co ). As an advocate Community Activist all her work spirals around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Her documentary " Kadupul " is a Mozart experience based on the biopic of a Burn Survivor - a true picture of zeal, passion and compassion. Her other works include documentary like Fire Divas, shorts like IsaaC , Our People and their stories and recent project " Mya " funded by MAC. She feels that community engagement, building relationships is important for any Artist. She is currently working on two music videos " Justajoo"- ( Desire), ( Urdu), and " Prabhu" ( Odiya) on Mental Health and wellness under the flagship of her project " Sol ". The strength of Peel Region is its diverse culture and flavour and she feels that through her creative lens , she can project different cultures and have positive affirmations and conversations around them . Each of her creative project has a social message . She says "Being artists and film makers , we have taken the responsibility of change makers, the explorer , social driver and the activitist for positive changes . It requires a load of empathy, thoughtfulness, creativity , mindset and interaction whilst working with people and community..."
Denise Leslie
  • Denise Leslie
  • Energy, creative freedom and joy are words that describe the artistry of Jazz vocalist Denise Leslie. A gifted entertainer and storyteller, Denise transports audiences with her sumptuous vocals, and spirited live performances. Denise has a mission of bringing the ‘fun back to Jazz’ with her fresh arrangements and unique musical interpretations. With the release of her debut recording, One Fine Morning, Denise has become one of Canada’s emerging vocalists to watch. Denise sings at the intersection of Jazz, R&B and Rock. Her debut recording, One Fine Morning pays tribute to music she cherished during her formative years, primarily, the 1970s. Produced by award-winning producer/guitarist Bob McAlpine, the album features celebrated bassist Pat Collins, drummer Paul DeLong, pianist Don Baird, and horn players from Brass Transit and Lighthouse. The successful release of ONE FINE MORNING is a major step in Denise’s musical career - almost 3 years in the making. Denise enjoyed playing piano and singing in several choirs throughout her youth while her father - a devoted jazz fan, fostered a love of jazz music. She put her music aside for a number of years, but while enjoying success later in life as a sought-after Interior Designer, the mother of three felt a deep inner calling to rekindle her passion for singing - primarily, singing jazz music. This led to lessons, vocal workshops and more and more live performance opportunities. Citing Jazz legends including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Linda Ronstadt, Al Jarreau, Billie Holiday and George Benson as her greatest influences, Denise has a playful approach to Jazz believing the genre can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. “My focus is on melody, strong hooks and the fun that can be had with swinging and improvising the tune.” Denise is now an in-demand featured vocalist in the Greater Toronto Area. She has graced stages across Ontario for the past 17 years while enjoying a six year residency as the lead vocalist with the Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble. Her unique vocal sound has drawn comparisons to iconic vocalists including Diana Krall, Annie Lennox, Linda Ronstadt and Julie London. Denise’s creative spirit inspires audiences with its message of creative expression, freedom, confidence and fun! PERFORMING HIGHLIGHTS: *2012 – Released You Don't Know What Love Is – musical recording with pianist/arranger Mark Kieswetter at Mississauga’s TRAX AHEAD STUDIOs. *2014-2019 – Featured vocalist with Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble *Past performances at venues including The Beatniq (Calgary, AB), The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar (Toronto, ON), Jazz Bistro, the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga Celebration Square, The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, The Carlu, On the Verandah Concert Series (Mississauga), Club 744, Lowville Bistro, Hard Rock Cafe, Gate 403, Joe Mama's, The Trane, Burlington Ribfest, The Annex Live, Jazz at Oscar's – Hart House (University of Toronto), Home Smith Bar, Oakville Jazz Festival, Port Credit Sunset Concert Series, 120 Diner, Mississauga Golf Club and Islington Golf Club, & HAZEL A Celebration: 100 Years In The Making (virtual broadcast). .
Desire Betty
  • Desire Betty
  • Désiré Betty is a Toronto, Ontario-based artist that has long explored the spiritual serenity that manifests itself through her artistic expression she calls ‘Perpetual Freedom Art’. Her passion for the arts, led her to pursue a career in Architecture; broadening her quest for constant creativity from the canvas to the built environment. Although she was content in her profession and pursued her art alongside her corporate job, her artistic prowess was calling for her full attention. In 2021, she took the leap of faith to commit fully to pursuing her professional artistic career and building the Désiré Betty Designs Trademark brand. Her compositions are focused mainly on figurative and portraiture art with complimentary abstract pieces. She explores the use of various mediums, such as acrylic ink, watercolor and mixed media. Her work transcends borders, as there is an elegant juxtaposition between rigidity and fluidity. With her Architectural background, she has a knack for extremely fine detail, varying line weights and precision, all while maintaining a dreamlike state of fluidity in the brush strokes; melding shapes and colours.
Devika Mathur
  • Devika Mathur
  • I am Devika Mathur, a visual artist with 25+ years of experience. My mediums are soft pastels, charcoal and glass paints. I have taught for more than 10 years in design schools like Architecture, Interiors and Fashion design. I teach various mediums of art in Toronto GTA. For business enquiries and to shop my paintings please contact on the following: Email: Mb: 4377796811 Lets connect to know each other on Instagram- Devika_art
Devon Ross
  • Devon Ross
  • I am a visual artist who specializes in painting, photography and drawing, and am a 2015 graduate of the Visual & Digital Arts program at Humber College. I have participated in many art exhibitions throughout college and now outside of college, and also have some experience with painting competitions. I prefer to work with a range of analog mediums, from graphite on paper to acrylic on canvas, varying in subject matter.
Dhyan Bhatt
  • Dhyan Bhatt
  • I would like to introduce myself as a multifaceted artist, seamlessly blending the realms of visual art and music, crafting a unique and immersive creative experience. With a profound passion for both mediums, I paint not only with colors on canvas but also with melodies and rhythms in the auditory landscape. My artistry extends beyond the canvas as I compose and perform my own music apart from band covers, creating a harmonious synergy between the visual and auditory senses. My work reflects a deep introspection, inviting viewers and listeners into a contemplative journey where emotions and expressions intertwine. In this realm of my creativity, each stroke of the brush and musical note converge to weave a tapestry of artistic brilliance. 1. Trained classically in Indian Classical music (Bachelors in Music) 2. Was a part of the Guinness Book of World Records for world’s Longest painting in 2009. 3. Have done 500+ live gigs and concerts. Including 10+ concerts in Canada. One in Mississauga Celebration Square. 4. Have Done 20+ Art exhibitions and 200+client Pieces. 5. Oil, acrylic, pencil colours, charcoal and watercolours are some of the medias that I work with. 6. Recently working on paintings for the art exhibition to be held in kuala lumpur Malaysia and an international artbook which will be releasing in the first quarter of 2024. 7. Have been teaching music composing, song writing, Music production since 2012.
Diana B Carrol
  • Diana B Carrol
  • Some of the greatest gifts come as a genuine surprise. It knocks us off your feet and takes our breath away. We often times want to share these gifts with the people that we love, people that we see and care about. In 2019 covid hit our country very hard our cities were shook and our neighborhoods were tested. People of this great land, had to find a different way of doing things. We needed to find something to get us through. Something to encourage other people. Something to tell our spirit don't quit because we're stronger together. During a simple conference call I doodled a dog. I thought we're on lockdown anyway so I ordered a set colored pencils to fill the time. This discovery turned into a beautiful gift at the start of the second lockdown. I discovered just weeks later I had to have major back surgery. I so desperately wanted to do something just in case I didn't make it. I wanted to have a gift, something to leave my family and my husband. I had an image of roseses this was the most beautiful thing I could find. I drew a picture of the roses that my husband gave me for our anniversary before my surgery and a portrait of my mother's birthday. I was truly scared and frightened. Perhaps I wouldn't make it or perhaps never walk. Our country was in the middle of covid and I wanted something precious to give as a gift. 3 months after my surgery with 27 staples in my back I painfully started my second set of roses. I was so thankful for the gift of life that I had. This is how it started, my art is my gift of thankfulness and I'm so happy to share it with you. Diana Carrol Coloured pencial artist...
Ian Mohammed
  • Ian Mohammed
  • My name is Ian, born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago. Started drawing at the age of 10. Believe it or not I was taught by my younger cousin. Art has been in my life for over 30yrs and has always been a unique type of therapy for me personally. I love how art is changing the world. I moved to Edmonton Canada at the age of 15 and now here in Ontario. My dream is to share to both the younger and elder generations.
Do Good Fundraising
  • Do Good Fundraising
  • DoGood Fundraising offers grant writing services, funder research, and professional development workshops for non-profits, charities, and artists in Ontario.
Donna Child
  • Donna Child
  • Donna Child Fine Art Gallery represents a diverse group of Canadian and International painters, sculptors and photographers. Our creative team has expertise in art acquisition, collection management, curation, project management, art installation, art placement, insurance valuation, restoration, conservation and custom framing design. The Gallery’s mandate is to make art accessible and inclusive for diverse cultures and demographics through exhibitions, art classes, workshops and other art events. Gallery Director and Owner Donna Child is an advocate for the expansion and innovation of the Canadian and International discourse of art and artists. DCFA regularly curates and facilitates museum-quality exhibitions both in-gallery and offsite, with extensive experience in logistics, both domestic and international. Our team has curated exhibitions for the Temiskaming Art Gallery and the Museum of Northern History and co-curated the Toller Cranston Memorial Retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontario. DCFA is the primary sponsor of The Toronto West Arts Collaborative, an organization that supports emerging artists with marketing and networking. DCFA also collaborates with the Toller Cranston Foundation, headed by Toller’s sister, Phillippa Cranston-Baran, to continue his legacy through exhibitions and other projects including an upcoming art book.
Dora Paszuk
  • Dora Paszuk
  • Photographer, graduate of the film department Still Photography Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University. Dancer, graduated from Randolf Academy if Dance, founder of a Latin dance group, artistic director and choreographer. She is especially fond of flamenco dance, in which she specializes to this day. Varsovian for several generations. Presently lives by the lake in Mississauga enjoying her long walks in the parks full of inspiration enriched by the sounds of nature. A versatile artistic soul with a passion for poetry.
Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters
  • Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters
  • We are Indigenous & non-Indigenous people sharing, celebrating, & creating space for Indigenous art & culture along the north shores of Lake Ontario. Founded & managed by local Indigenous people from varying Nations, we are based in South Mississauga.
Terry Mills
  • Terry Mills
  • Terry Mills has been in the local Toronto/Mississauga Indie Arts, Film and Music scene for over 25 years. Also considered to be a LGBT Writer/Novelist by colleagues, he dismisses the title and states "I am a writer of People, nothing more. My characters are their own; they speak for themselves and I explore the world through them." Terry was involved in a few Indie Films back in the 1990's and his desire to make films has never left. It was in 2011, that Terry bought a Canon FS200 and being involved in the Indie Music crowd, began creating music videos, filming live performances; learning film editing and becoming comfortable using a camera. In 2018, after being on the set of the Indie Romantic Comedy "Therapy Dawg" as a Videographer and Assistant Director; Terry was inspired to finally create his own film. The film was "Tightrope Walker" that Terry had Co-Wrote with Jesse Arora in 2016 and two months later; Terry resumed production of his first film "Tightrope Walker" and was completed in April 2019. Terry has since produced more Short Films and has been involved with production of other Indie Films produced by other Artists. Terry is an International award-winning Indie Filmmaker. Terry currently is in Pre with his latest Indie Film, Writing Novel #2 and learning animation.
Elisa Rose
  • Elisa Rose
  • Elisa Rose is a singer and songwriter from Toronto. Her repertoire of opera, classical, and pop music has given her the opportunity to grace many stages while performing to many sold out audiences. Elisa has released 3 albums and 10 singles with multiple songs being played across radio globally. She continues to write and record new original music and perform for audiences everywhere.
Erica Gibbs
  • Erica Gibbs
  • Erica Gibbs is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Mississauga. She is currently attending OCAD University in Toronto, working toward her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Drawing & Painting. She is currently interested in the concept of hybridity, with her practice largely consisting of experimentation with combinations of both physical and digital methods of creation.
Chris Erskine
  • Chris Erskine
  • My name is Chris Erskine, and I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I specialize in what can be called playful realism, which stresses bold colours and strong lines. My approach to painting is well suited for murals and custom house portraits/custom figure portraits. My art practice also includes soundscapes, light sculptures with non-traditional materials sculptures, and experimental films.
Emily Ryder
  • Emily Ryder
  • Emily Ryder is an award winning writer and director who is passionate about telling stories that explore queer becoming, womanhood, and the complexity of intergenerational relationships. To date, their short films have screened internationally at a number of renowned festivals, including the St John's International Women's Film Festival, Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival, and the Irish Film Institute’s GAZE International Film Festival. In addition to writing and directing, Emily is also a passionate advocate for queer representation both on and off-screen, and in Fall 2021, they were invited to speak at the Ontario Screen Creators Conference on a panel dedicated to diverse perspectives behind the camera in Canada's film industry.
Esther Leelavathy
  • Esther Leelavathy
  • My name is Esther Leelavathy. I have done my Master's in fine arts and i hold a Master of Philosophy degree in interdisciplinary method ( christian studies). Art for me, is an expression of my perspective, my mind. Ever since I was a student. I was fascinated with human forms especially female forms. My style has evolved from classical Indian and Western influences. The solitary female figure is recurrent in my works since my works portray my personal experiences. I like to incorporate metaphors and symbols in my art to evoke a meaning or a feeling in order to add depth to my art.
Robert Espinoza
Alison Syer Eyespot Designs
  • Alison Syer Eyespot Designs
  • Alison Syer attended Sheridan College, and successfully completed the Art Fundamentals (Illustration) Ontario College Certificate program in 2007, then graduated, with Honours, from the three-year Crafts and Design program in 2010, having earned an Advanced Diploma of Applied Arts, with a studio concentration in textiles. In 2013, she received an honourable mention (Textiles) at the Mississauga Arts Council's MARTY Awards. Her special projects include the strawberry farming themed design for one of Mississauga Arts Council’s “Banners and Boxes” vinyl-wrapped utility boxes and accompanying banners. Her book, Drawn In: An Illustrated Garden Tour was published in 2022.
Fashion Circuit Series
  • Fashion Circuit Series
  • Fashion Circuit Series Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to provide a platform for new entrepreneurs, students and those with experience to collectively come together in their community to support one another and grow, educate and provide tools, resources and workshops for outreach and knowledge through showcase and conferences
Francine Freeman
  • Francine Freeman
  • Creating paintings of the natural landscape, my work constantly allows me to explore new places while documenting them in paint. All photographed by myself and then painted with a hyperrealist approach, using a light application of oil paints and vivid colors, as a way to relive moments and share my memories. Over many years I have traveled extensively exploring the beauty of 15 countries and painting from photos taken along my travels. My recent paintings are based on photographs I took while traveling and living in parts of the world, including scenes from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Norway, Hong Kong, Italy and Ireland. Being in the hyperrealism genre, I try to capture the true essence of a place, the emotion it gives, its importance to the community and my experience within it. My interest is to continue exploring new places within my own country of Canada, showing the beauty of the landscapes experienced. In the last few years my attention has also been drawn to community murals. Volunteering and working in the community has always been a passion of mine, now taking my skill in fine arts to bring myself and my students (as a high school teacher) into the community with art related initiatives. Executing these murals has given myself and the community a sense of acceptance, love and unity. When you define a community, it’s not only those who live in the same region or may have similar interests, but it's the support and love for each other’s similarities and differences. In creating, the community shows support with honking horns of excitement, members stopping by to take photos and daily visits to watch and support the progress. I am inspired that something as simple as painting a mural, would have such an effect positively on a group of people. The meaning behind the murals are truly shown in the people who express so much joy and support during the creation. I believe there are many different lenses to view the world through. The aim in my work is creating a lens that captures the inner beauty of a location and moment in time.
Film Paraiso
  • Film Paraiso
  • Paraiso is a collective of two artists; Sabrina Narzoles Aly & Isabelle Ciobanu. The duo works together to create something divine for the eye.
JA Fligel
  • JA Fligel
  • J. A. Fligel is a sculptor based in Mississauga and specializing in bronze. His style is versatile, from abstract, stylized and figurative sculpture, including animals. His goal is to encourage people to see the power of the human spirit, the beauty in diversity and the delicate interconnectedness of life on this planet. J. A. Fligel represented Canada at the Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts and was awarded bronze in 2015, by The Louvre, Paris, France. His sculpture is in private and public collections such as The Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, Toronto and The University of Western Ontario, London with the sculpture “Professionalism”. Sculpture commissions are welcomed, there is no limit on size. People, animals, fantasy, realistic, stylized and abstract work are all possible. if you have questions or a design in mind, please contact.
Leslie Fountain
  • Leslie Fountain
  • Art teacher at Father Michael Goetz SS in Mississauga. Arts & Culture SHSM at Goetz.
Folklorni Ansambl Hrvatsko Kolo
  • Folklorni Ansambl Hrvatsko Kolo
  • Established on November 13th, 2018, Folklorni Ansambl Hrvatsko Kolo is an adult folklore group based out of Mississauga, Ontario.
Julia YH
  • Julia YH
  • FPMONKEY is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto who has lived and worked in Asia. She specializes in indoor and outdoor mural paintings as well as traditional and digital illustrations. Her style is bold and colorful, with surrealist, psychedelic and street art influences.
Frog in Hand
  • Frog in Hand
  • Frog in Hand began with a cast of frogs performing circus tricks under the artistic direction of sisters, Noelle Hamlyn and Colleen Snell, who were one and five years old at the time. From this whimsical debut springs our firm belief that art begins in humble places – including the mud and grass of our own backyards. Although we are now a diverse collective of dancers, choreographers, musicians, actors, spoken word poets, designers and visual artists, we are still inspired by where we find ourselves. We are storytellers, adventurers of landscapes both imagined and real - we are proudly Port Credit based.
Ghazi Toutounji
  • Ghazi Toutounji
  • Mechanical engineer by profession with a hobby for drawing and painting in various media including oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil, ink. Subjects include portrait, landscape, city scenery and various sceneries, heritage, old buildings. Also work in sculpture, 3D sculpture and modeling. Participated in multiple collective shows in Canada.
Cheryle Music
  • Cheryle Music
  • Gospel Music Industry Hub (GMIHub) is a faith-based ministry that provides information, networking and showcase opportunities to help develop and support the Christian music scene locally, nationally and internationally through projects and events. Cheryle Dueck is the Founder of Gospel Music Industry Hub (GMIHub). Her passion is to help music artists in the gospel music scene realize their dreams of becoming professionally known indie artists on a national and international level. Musically, Cheryle is known for singing. Her 30+ years in the gospel music scene includes being a soloist, worship leader, choir and ensemble member, and children and youth choir director. Cheryle holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and masters degree in Organizational Management. Outside of the office, Cheryle enjoys spending quality family time with her husband and two sons
Jianying Gong
  • Jianying Gong
  • JIANYING GONG,Living in Canada, graduated from Academy of Arts and Design, TsinghuaUniversity. Years of painting practice and wide communication with artists and collectors from home and abroad shape the author’s artistic cognition. Since 2009, her works gradually broke away from the fetters of traditional painting and began to express emotions straight from the heart. The pictures tended to be of more simplicity and quietness. Her works focus more on exhibiting life’s vibration through details of nature, and thus have a special touch of tenderness and sensibility.
Rob Tardik
  • Rob Tardik
  • Canadian-born, Toronto-native Rob Tardik is multi-award winning guitarist and contemporary pop/jazz/world/fusion instrumental music artist, who has performed at venues all across North America. Rob's last 8 CD recordings have spawned 6 U.S Billboard charting singles, two of which went to the Top 10 on U.S contemporary jazz radio. His recent awards include being a finalist and honorary mention in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition, winning the 2018 and 2007 Established Solo Music Instrumental Mississauga (MARTY) Arts Awards, and also placing 1st overall in the prestigious 2017 IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards), and being named the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year. His latest multi-album release DIVERSITY is a 4-volume compilation in his various musical styles featuring all new material and re-mastered songs from all his past six recordings. He is an active music/guitar professor at the Metal Works Institute, Centennial College, Long-McQuade, and the Merriam School of Music and a Godin Guitars and D ‘Addario endorsed artist for over 20 years.
Gwen Tooth
  • Gwen Tooth
  • I am an experimental expressionist painter. I have completed several series of acrylic paintings revealing the moods and energies of water – whirlpools, waterfalls, and tsunamis and recently, White Water Rapids, achieved by applying paint layers, thick and thin, suggesting the destructive force of the rapids. I am a member of Propeller, Gallery 1313, Artists’ Network and I am an Associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists. I hold a B.A. from Western University, a BFA (Honours) 2005 from Ontario College of Art and Design University and a Fine Arts Certificate (Honours) from Humber College. For a detailed curriculum vitae, visit:
Honoré Prentice
  • Honoré Prentice
  • Growing up in a small, creative community amongst artists and art galleries in the town of Flesherton, Ontario, Honoré has always had a feel for artistic expression, and has never run dry of inspiration. Fine art has been his passion for as long as he can remember, which led him to obtaining a Fine Arts Studio diploma from Centennial College in Toronto. Honoré draws inspiration from his loved ones, the rhythym of city life, as well as his childhood experiences. He currently teaches online acrylic paint workshops online via Zoom through his business Connect & Créate (Instagram: @crtwhonore, Facebook: C&C), while also feeding his passion through personal art projects. In his work, Honoré loves bringing people together for the united goal of creative expression, and encourages his students to seek inspiration from one another, through comradery and technique.
Haley Toll
  • Haley Toll
  • Creating art has always been a part of my life and I chose to concentrate on painting during my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in Montréal. Painting enables me to bring my materials wherever I live. I have lived in six Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador) and internationally in Botswana and Mongolia. Therefore, my artwork is deeply inspired by the range of incredible landscapes across the world- from the central Asian Steppe to the Indian ocean to the Canadian Rockies. My painting subjects range from portraits, animals, landscapes, to boats, neural images and still life. These subjects are dictated by the desire to constantly see the world anew and challenge my skills. My multimedia style ranges from colourful abstract expressionism to high realism, and I use oils, acrylics, gold leaf, spices, ink, and water colour. My process involves allowing the painting subjects to dictate my painting style, which continuously pushes the boundaries of my technical skills. I also integrate both classical and modern painting styles. The artwork, which include commissions, are embedded with a painting process that includes empathetic resonance. I believe in the power of artmaking to increase wellbeing and offer insight. I hold an MA in Creative Arts Therapies (Concordia University in Montréal), a BFA in Studio Arts (Concordia University), and am a Ph.D. Candidate in Education (Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador). I am also the Editor of the Canadian Journal of Art Therapy, the Past President of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.
Carla Campbell
  • Carla Campbell
  • Since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for making and creating things and sharing it with family and friends. Now that my kids are are grown up, I want to share my passion with the world.
Hans Poppe
  • Hans Poppe
  • Hans Poppe is an award-winning artist and graphic designer whose practice includes painting, illustration and printmaking.
Hispanic Asociation HCACA
HCAP Music Group
  • HCAP Music Group
  • HCAP Music Group is a record label that focuses on investing in the music and talented artists that create it. We believe in creating a collaborative / innovative environment where artists can thrive to reach their maximum potential in a fun BUT stress free atmosphere. We work together as one collective unit, creating all different styles of great passionate music! The HCAP movement evolved from Founder / CEO & Hip Hop artist, MEZZIAH being fed up with greedy records labels and management companies into creating an organization that encourages creativity, community, and a place where artists can work on their music freely without distraction or concern. The vision began way back in June 2006 in Mississauga, Ontario CANADA. Piece by piece putting together a team who understands the industry and roles as a successful Independent Record Label that has a vested interest in helping upcoming / aspiring artists.
Heather Christine
  • Heather Christine
  • Heather Christine is a soulful and captivating entertainer who performs across Canada to audiences as large as 25,000. As an Award-Winning vocalist, Heather Christine connects with audiences with her vivacious stage presence, expressive voice and engaging personality. Also a seasoned theatrical performer, Heather Christine has toured extensively through Canada’s soft-seater theatre circuit performing as leading ladies Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn in Bill Culp's Mainstage Musical Productions. She is also the dynamic host of the “MAC Arts Café” presented by the Mississauga Arts Council. As a Recording Artist, Heather Christine’s 2019 debut recording, Love in Colour garnered international recognition for its soulful blend of R&B, Jazz, and Pop. Within the first month of its release, Love in Colour rose to #1 on the Spanish Radio show Smooth Jazz Sitges (Radio 99.2FM Barcelona) also granting her a nomination for Album of the Year at the 2019 Mississauga Music Awards. Featuring her original compositions, songs from Love in Colour received radio rotation in Canada on Toronto’s JazzFM91, CIUT 89.5FM and on Wave 94.7. Heather Christine takes inspiration from her Great-Grandfather, Saxophonist and composer Jimmy Kerr, who performed with Jazz legends including Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie. Heather was trained through the Royal Conservatory of Music under the expert tutelage of Soprano Eleanor Calbes. Heather Christine has appeared in many professional theatrical productions including Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (Livent), Footloose (Stage West Calgary) & Tropicale (Canada’s Wonderland). She is the proud recipient of the 2018 Mississauga Music Award (Best New Artist). Heather Christine also performs regularly with her partner in life and music, Matt Zaddy as their duo, River North. For upcoming show information visit Highlights: • 2021 MARTY Award nominee for “Establish Vocalist” • 2019 Mississauga Music award nominee for Best Album “Love in Colour” • 2019 National radio play of the single We Could Be Lovers on JazzFM 91, CIUT 89.5FM & internationally on 99.2FM in Barcelona, Spain • 2019 featured performer at Canada Day Celebrations at Mississauga Celebration Square (audience of 25,000) • 2019 featured performer at Bobcaygeon Summer Concert Series, Mississauga Port Credit Summer Concert Series, Bloor Yorkville BIA Summer Concert Series and Mississauga Small Arm Society’s 75th Anniversary Celebration. • 2018 Winner of the Mississauga Music Award for Best New Artist • 2016-2018 Provincial Touring as leading lady Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn in Bill Culp’s Mainstage Musical Theatre Productions Only Yesterday & Patsy Cline & the Queens of Country. Over 30 mainstage performances at venues including Midland Cultural Centre, London’s Aeolian Hall, Huntsville Algonquin Theatre, Newmarket Theatre, John Elliott Theatre Halton Hills etc. • Co-writer of the song We Are The North, Mississauga’s 2017 official summer song for its #Canada150 Celebrations • National Touring in 2017 with Canadian Recording Artist Matt Zaddy (Eastern Canada) • 2017 Canada Day Celebrations at Mississauga Celebration Square with K’Naan • 2016 Featured Performer at Collingwood Elvis Festival (audience of 8,000)
Helen Anne Lemke
  • Helen Anne Lemke
  • I'm a digital artist and photographer from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Using photoshop I create pieces responding to quotes and other inspirations to create the world of my imagination which you are invited to come and explore along with me.
Clarice Gomes
  • Clarice Gomes
  • YouTube Creator and designer from Toronto, Canada. Putting out weekly watercolour tutorials on YouTube and Sunday Live painting sessions (also on YouTube). Also offering watercolour experience events via "Watercolour in the Vineyard".
Heritage Mississauga
  • Heritage Mississauga
  • Founded in 1960 and based out of the historic Robinson-Adamson House, also known as The Grange, Heritage Mississauga offers a Heritage Resource Centre, Public Exhibit Gallery, Outreach Presentations, publications,and many Heritage-themed Events.
Nicole Faye
  • Nicole Faye
  • Nicole Faye is a talent with an impressive range of abilities, including singing, acting, dancing, and production. Dividing her time between studio and stage Nicole is an in-demand performer and vocalist appearing with various live ensembles in the Greater Toronto Area and has recorded background and featured vocals for several Toronto and International artists. In addition to live shows Nicole has been fortunate enough in her young career to acquire an extensive body of work that includes appearances on television shows, commercials, music videos and singing the national anthems for the Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors. A passionate performer, Nicole thrives on the energy she receives from performing in front of live audiences and on live television; most notably appearing with Alessia Cara as one of her background singers at iHeart Radio's MMVA's in 2016. With her charming spirit and full bodied vocal tone; Nicole Faye is arguably one of the best singers in Toronto!
Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association
  • Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association
  • The Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association is a non-profit association geared towards supporting the development of local artists, including musicians, visual artists, performers and others interested in Hispanic music and culture. The HCACA is based in the Greater Toronto Area but is open to participation and connections to groups and individuals outside the Greater Toronto area with similar interests. The HCACA provides an opportunity for musicians and other artists to perform and bring Hispanic music and culture to a mass audience in Canada, with a focus on local talent but not precluding participation from artists outside the Greater Toronto area. The HCACA strives to promote understanding and participation among the different ethnic and cultural groups that make up the Hispanic community, and to collaborate with the diversity of peoples in Canada through the production and presentation of cultural and artistic events. The Hispanic Cultural Association (OHCA) was founded in the fall of 2010 in order to promote Hispanic culture in Canada, and is specifically dedicated to: Provide platforms for the presentation of musicians, visual artists, performers, actors, dancers and others through large and small scale events. Support, stimulate and provide working opportunities for artists to perform and bring Hispanic culture (music, visual arts, dance, theatre) to a mass audience in the Greater Toronto area (focusing on local talent but not precluding participation by artists from outside the Toronto area); Increase visibility of Hispanic culture in the Greater Toronto area through year-round programming; including festivals, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, etc. Promote and manage an annual Latin Arts and cultural festival in the Greater Toronto Area; Develop arts educational programs for children and youth in our communities. Promote and maintain an ongoing dialogue and collaboration with local and International cultural organizations and artists. Collaborate with other similar organizations, communities, and clubs throughout Canada.
Luanga Nuwame
  • Luanga Nuwame
  • I'm a proud "geeky and nerdy" inventor who draws inspiration from great creative minds like Thomas Edison, Granville Woods, George S. Parker, Todd McFarlane, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee (to name a few). In 2008, I created the Homemade Game Guru YouTube channel to share my love of cardboard DIY crafting with viewers worldwide. Over 7.1 million people have watched my craft videos ranging from cardboard swimming pools to cardboard furniture and comic book crafts. Somehow I was able to publish multiple books including the DIY manual The Cardboard Bible. I enjoying making 3D glow-in-the-dark cardboard posters and I introduced the world's first cardboard-based action figurine line in 2020. I started a comic book publishing business in 2012 - Zelpha Comics - to share my passion for story-telling and pop art. Working with some amazing and legendary artists across North America, I've successfully launched the oddball Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars 4-issue limited series, The Adventures of Little Petalianne kid's series, and the Enter the World of Mephistopheles horror series.
Hong Wan
  • Hong Wan
  • I immigrated to Montreal in 2019 and moved to Toronto in 2022. Before that, I worked in the media industry in China for nearly 20 years: radio disc jockey, TV news program reporter, fashion magazine editor, fashion website editor, and e-commerce brand director. It's my job to observe the people of this era. The intense work experience made me pay great attention to the images I shot, because the interview opportunity is usually only once. After immigrating to Canada, I had my own free time besides accompanying my sons to school. I found that the expression that gave me more freedom than writing was actually drawing. Painting is a universal language. During the three years of the pidemic, my sons and I have developed painting skills at home. My sons are in digital art, and I'm in oil and watercolor. China's busy streets are decorated with educational slogans in Chinese characters, and the material is constantly upgraded, from banners to screens to projections. In Canada, the busy streets are decorated with wall paintings, from the entire facade of high-rise buildings to the outer wall of worn flat floors. That was the first culture difference that shocked my sons when they moved to Canada happened to them at age 10: instead of serious political propaganda, they saw lovely murals. So, I crave painting a piece of mural that can be seen by the public in Canada. To shock my son again.
Stephen Uhraney
  • Stephen Uhraney
  • Stephen Uhraney began his career as an editorial photographer. In 2010, Stephen placed seventh in the world at the Sony World Photography Awards, achieving a third-place standing in his category, the only Canadian to make the cut. Stephen shoots documentary photography and works on stories for up to two years. One of his documentary projects, which detailed the lives of migrant farm workers in the Holland Marsh, was displayed in Toronto's prestigious Scotiabank Contact Festival. His most recent show, The Establishment, features environmental portraits of longstanding business owners in Port Credit, on display at the historic St. Lawrence Starch building in Port Credit. Stephen is currently working on two documentary projects: (1) The Brightwater development focusing on construction workers doing their jobs, and (2) A documentary completed documentary project detailing the Mississauga Fire Emergency Service at Station 104. In his down time Stephen shoots environmental street photography. "It comes down to this, I carry a camera with me at all times. I see something I like, I shoot it." It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it! Stephen may be contacted for work at:
Huaiyi Du
  • Huaiyi Du
  • Photograph artist. Visual artist.
Huan Chen
  • Huan Chen
  • I am a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Mississauga. I am a painter and an art educator. I specialize in oil painting of figure and landscape.
Hunyah Irfan
  • Hunyah Irfan
  • My name is Hunyah Irfan .I am from Brampton, Ontario .I am blogger and Youtuber of Hunyah Travels as well an artist . My artistic practice is in media arts .As well I am all rounder in arts I edit ,direct and film my own videos as well host of my own show called The Hunyah Show .I do review videos and willing to collaborate with other brands and artists all the time .I am also an author of Hunyah Travels books and I also have my own podcast called Hunyah Travels Podcast . Feel free to collaborate with me at anytime .
Nisreen Askar
  • Nisreen Askar
  • I'm visual artist a multidisciplinary artist, I work in many different styles. Abstract, Landscape, floral, I graduated with honors in Fine Arts from Sheridan College, Oakville with a diploma in Visual Arts from the International Employment School. I work at my studio in Port Credit
Inaya Sher
  • Inaya Sher
  • I am recent Graduate of Sheridan College’s Bachelors of Animation Program. I currently work as a Character Designer and Storyboard Artist within the Animation Industry. I enjoy creating comics and illustrations as well as experimenting with new mediums. I’ve created short webcomics as well as independent and collaborative short animated films from my years in school. I hope to expand my creative knowledge and continue to create for many years to come.
The Celebration Dance Company
  • The Celebration Dance Company
  • Want to learn Bollywood dance in Mississauga? The Celebration Dance Company provides top-rated Indian wedding dance choreography in Mississauga. Suitable for both beginners as well as advanced dancers. Learn simple Indian Bollywood dance moves with our fitness workout program offered by well trained instructors. We also choreograph Sangeet Dance in Mississauga for the Bride and Her Friends and Family. We also specialize in modern Pakistani wedding choreography songs.
Matt Zaddy
  • Matt Zaddy
  • Singer Songwriter - Folk Rock | Rhythm & Blues | Canadiana. Music Educator. Content Creator. Session Musician. Matt Zaddy (Zadkovich) is a staple of the Mississauga music community. A singer songwriter, performer, open mic host, content creator, and educator, Matt works tirelessly within his community to bring musicians together. He has performed across Canada as a singer songwriter, opening for such acts as: The Jim Cuddy Trio, Francesco Yates, Tom Cochrane, The Cowboy Junkies & The Trews. He has also performed at such prestigious venues in Ontario as: The Living Arts Centre (Mississauga), The River Run Centre (Guelph), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), the Rose Theatre (Brampton), Casa Loma (Toronto) & the Opera House (Toronto). Matt has also been the creator and host of a popular open mic series in Mississauga since 2011, working with local musicians and venues to help build a strong music community. He has hosted over 700 events of this nature. He is also frequently asked to guests speak at music educational events about creative entrepreneurship, songwriting, and tour booking. During the Pandemic, Matt has focused on music education, online performances with his partner Heather Christine, hosting the #TogetherAtHome #OpenMic, and teaching others how to improve their online performance set up. Awards 1. 2021 - Mississauga Arts Award (MARTY) – Established Solo Vocalist 2. 2020 - Mississauga Music Award - Album of the Year 3. 2019 - Mississauga Music Award - Promoter of the Year 4. 2017 - Mississauga Music Award - Best Acoustic Artist 5. 2016 - Mosaic Music Fesival Award (CCAI) - Excellence in Art for my community music series/outreach Tour Highlights: TD Songs of Summer Festival w/ 5440 & Whitehorse (2018), The Trews (2017) Soundbites Music Festival w/ Tom Cochrane Canada Day Celebrations w/ K'Naan - Celebration Square Indie Week & Canadian Music Week - Toronto (2017-2019) Casa Loma w/ Jim Cuddy trio National touring across Canada w/ CBC coverage & interviews
Ink Movement
  • Ink Movement
  • Ink Movement is a youth led non profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts within the community. We focus on bridging the gap between youth and accessible arts programming.
Inky Egwuenu
  • Inky Egwuenu
  • Inky Egwuenu is a screenwriter, author and aspiring film-maker. Her work usually has elements of cultures that have influenced her life. Inky specializes in feature and TV Limited/Mini series dramas with female and BIPOC leads. Inky is also a businesswoman, “techie & trekkie”. Her stories seek to encourage and empower women. She has been involved with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for over a decade and currently lives in Mississauga, Canada.
  • Irma has been an intuitive abstract artist since childhood. Her inspiration comes from life’s colourful peaks and valleys which she enjoys interpreting on the canvas. Irma is deeply inspired by nature, especially her adventures while hiking the alps and time spent immersed in her gardens. She expresses her work with colours, depth, and mystery through her skillful use of acrylic paint. Playfully formed geometric shapes are a favourite of Irma’s that she often incorporates into her pieces. Irma enhances her pieces with mark making to achieve intriguing textures using a variety of tools including scrapers, collage, and taping. Irma will continue to express her visual voice by exploring mediums beyond acrylic, including wax crayons, graphite pencils, and charcoal.
Isabel Hughes
  • Isabel Hughes
  • I am a multidisciplinary digital designer & illustrator with a focus on branding, editorial design, and interactive design.
Isabelle Ciobani
  • Isabelle Ciobani
  • My name is Isabelle Ciobanu, I was born and raised in Mississauga. I started my filmmaking journey at Springfield Public school when I was 8 years old. I made my first film in one random recess with my friends and I couldn’t stop. I grew up being obsessed with classic Hollywood and tried to emulate it in my tween years. Every weekend I would go visit my cousins in Streetsville and we would shoot so many films that by the time I was 14 I had already made over 100 short films. Back then I took it as seriously as I do today, I put so much effort in pre - pre-production, buying the cheapest clothes to make costumes, and writing scripts in proper script writing format. Forcing my family to play these characters. I was adamant, these films were my pride and joy. My biggest accomplishment of my early teens was shooting a 30 mins world war ii film with authentic antiques that my little brother collected. It took two long summer weeks to film and about four months to edit. When I got to Clarkson secondary school I used any opportunity that was given to me to film, film projects, film school events, I tried everything, but my true love was not videography or photography but filmmaking. Graduating highschool, I was accepted to ryerson & sheridan college for their film programs , but decided to take time before pursuing these programs for a more hands on approach. I have spent the past years working doing music videos for artists in the city, youtube videos, commercial videos all while writing and shooting shorts. My love for filmmaking still persists till this day.
Ishleen Singh
  • Ishleen Singh
  • I'm a freelance graphic designer who explores art through digital and oil mediums. Check out my work at
Ivetta Melkumyan
  • Ivetta Melkumyan
  • I am classically trained pianist, Master Degree in Piano Performance obtained from Armenian State Conservatory. My interests include instrumental and vocal music, contemporary and folk, pop and jazz. While piano is my expertise, singing and arranging are my passion. As a cocktail singer/pianist I develop an extensive repertoire of American Jazz , Brazilian Bossa and European pop songs, arranging them in the easy listening yet expressive and intricate style.
Jacelyn Holmes
  • Jacelyn Holmes
  • JACELYN is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur based in Mississauga, Canada.“A captivating and seamless blend of sensual vulnerability and raw edginess, JACELYN’s mesmerizing, smoky voice, and sweet charm, draws in her audience and touches their hearts.” Released first project, As Is, EP, 2010 WON Original Song of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards, 2010 Growin’ Up, and Speechless both received synch placement in Sophie & Sheba a feature film, 2010/2011 WON Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards, 2011 Holiday Single, Waiting for Christmas, played across Canadian radio, 2013/2014/2015 Speechless becomes World Pride Toronto song, 2014 Received grant to help finance the Canada’s Music Incubator program, 2016 Single, Fool, nominated for Emerging Vocalist of the Year at the MARTY’s, 2018 Received touring grant from SOCAN, Blue Rodeo and Colin James Foreign Affairs Nominated and WON for Emerging Vocalist of the Year at the MARTY’s, 2019 Speechless synch placement in feature film What If It Was Me, 2019 Ontario Arts Council awarded Holiday Heatwave with the Recording Grant, 2020 Mississauga Arts Council awarded Dovetailing visual multidisciplinary virtual presentation- a Matchmaking Micro grant, 2020 Dovetailing, debut album, played across North American radio, 2020 SOCAN Artist Spotlight magazine cover artist, 2021
Jacqueline Mak
  • Jacqueline Mak
  • Her work at BBDO Asia and Ogilvy One Hong Kong saw her working with brands such as Visa, Metlife, P&G, Mercedes, Purina, and Bayer. Returning to Canada to pursue a career as a visual artist, she has created works for Art Gallery of Ontario, Artscape- City Daniels, Art Gallery of Mississauga 42th Juried Show, City of Mississauga, Living Arts Centre and has been featured on CBC Arts, VICE, and The O.G. and many more. Jacqueline Mak holds a BDes in Advertising has four years of Art Direction experience. She holds a postgraduate degree in Sculpture and Installation from OCAD. As a visual artist, her work challenges society’s views on critical issues that affect our daily lives in which we seldom pay attention to.
Jacqueline Neves
  • Jacqueline Neves
  • To see my jewellery is to catch a glimpse of my soul. My wearable, three-dimensional art transforms as it moves and becomes one with the body. Movement helps the light reveal textures, colors, luster and sometimes reflects to create magical sparkles like stars twinkling in the nights sky or sunshine on the water. Transformation is a major theme in my work, not only the journey from raw materials to finished piece, but also transforming old into new, negative into positive, pain into beauty. I love to use something broken and discarded to create something beautiful and desirable. I am inspired by nature, water, art, people, my faith and all things beautiful. I am always conscious of the world around me as I create, so I try to use eco and animal friendlier materials and methods of construction, to upcycle vintage gemstones, silver and other jewellery materials when possible, combined with new. This brings harmony to my work and contributes to my eclectic designs. A lifelong passion for collecting and restoring antique & vintage jewellery has given me a unique perspective for creating enduring wearable art that will continue to express my joy many years into a bright future. Website:
Jacquie Blondin
  • Jacquie Blondin
  • Jacquie Blondin is a Canadian artist and educator specializing in the art and craft of ceramics. She specializes in using linoblock printing on clay to infuse clay with with harmonious, nature inspired textures. She helps beginner and intermediate potters get to the next step in her online course. With over 30 years of experience in education, she transitioned from teaching Visual Arts in a Mississauga secondary school to teaching adults and youth in the local and online community. You can find her at the Mississauga Potters' Guild.
Jaimie Poon
  • Jaimie Poon
  • I am a Chinese female singer-songwriter and a recipient of MAC's 2022 Matchmaker MicroGrant. I am most known for the childlike purity of my vocals backed by soulful instrumentals and lyrics written with sincerity of heart. My songwriting is inspired by the rich spiritual experiences I have as a Christian and the deep thoughts I process as a highly sensitive person with heightened emotions. Despite being classically trained throughout childhood, I have always been drawn to soul music and choose to communicate my stories through a versatile blend of neo-soul, jazz, and bossa nova. Some of my artistic influences include female soul musicians Alice Auer, Lianne La Havas, and Amber Navran.
James Retter Duncan
  • James Retter Duncan
  • James has worked in Toronto and internationally from the West End/London to Broadway as a puppeteer and performer in an assortment of commercial theatre, various R&D devising projects with large scale puppetry, and as a puppetry consultant both in Canada and the United Kingdom. James calls Mississauga Ontario home, but his work takes him across Canada, USA, UK and Asia. Currently he works as Puppetry Specialist for Disney Cruise Line. Working alongside (and as part of) the Creative Team as the resident Puppet Specialist, James is dedicated to the performance of puppetry in theatrical productions across all current Disney Cruise Line shows. Through 2019 he was the swing Voodoo (animatronics) Operator and Voice of Kong in the Broadway production of KING KONG (Broadway Theatre, NYC). Simultaneously, he also served as puppetry consultant for Stratford Festival of Canada's (co-produced by the NAC) production of The NeverEnding Story. Other credits include Warhorse (Toronto/ Princess of Wales Theatre, North American/Japan tour & West End, New London Theatre productions); Circus 1903 (Las Vegas & Singapore); The Space Between (The Young Vic, London). He has been trained in motion/performance capture, in England (Sarah Perry:Shapes in Motion), Vancouver (Terry Notary:Animatrik Studio), and in Toronto (Ivan Sherry:MOCAPU), and has worked in the British commercial/advert industry as a puppeteer. He is a recipient of an Outer Critics Circle Award for Exceptional Artistry and has been part of Tony awarded, Olivier, and Dora winning productions. He is now working exclusively with Disney Cruise Line as their resident Puppet Specialist. Online:,, @jamesretterduncan
Jane Nwakoby
  • Jane Nwakoby
  • Jane Nwakoby lives and works in Mississauga, Ontario. She received her BA (1994) and MFA (1999) in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She holds a B.Ed. (2005) in Education from York University, Canada. Nwakoby is a member of the Ontario college of teachers and an elected member of the Colour and Form Society. She is an educator with the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School board and brings to the school community her immense cultural diversity. Nwakoby’s works can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections in Canada and abroad.
Jason Ojenma
  • Jason Ojenma
  • I enjoy making art as it is a peaceful and enjoyable past time. I use it to free my mind and put my thoughts to paper and canvas (digital as well). I like making comics and portraits as well as graphic designs too.
Jason Misurka
  • Jason Misurka
  • Bio/ Artist Statement "My name is Jason Misurka , an emerging Canadian abstract artist born in 1967 Toronto Ontario. I now live in Mississauga ,where I paint in my home studio, overlooking and inspiring backyard view. Having spent over two decades in skilled trades and being a graduate of The Fundamentals of Art and Animation programs at Sheridan College,i paint full-time as a contemporary abstract artist since 2020. Active members of Headwaters Arts Gallery and juried into "We are here "annual fall show and sale.Active member of the Society of Canadian Artist and Mississauga Arts Council. ARTIST STATEMENT My paintings intuitively engage the subconscious mind with dreamlike state captures and moments frozen in time and space.This is achieved through layering translucent , bold colour palettes , transferred images , and masking film , adding layers of bold colour forms that evoke the senses of energy , flows of movement and joyfulness . My paintings are an expression and interpretation of my own life experiences gathered from observations . These observations are then collected through hand sketches , conjured thoughts , and manipulated to shape and form compositions . The focuses may include inspiring long walks through the urban streetscapes of downtown Toronto , European and Caribbean vacations , and casual nature hikes , such as the winding trails through Gravenhurst Ontario. My techniques include air brushes with richly pigmented acrylic tones ,where I paint wide swaths with sweeping motions and smaller areas of fine details . I engage in hand painting with long and short gestural brush movements , incorporating free - flow inks to push paint around in spontaneous flows that naturally unfold in its raw organic forms . Final touches may include acrylic markers for fine details and a flick brush for splatter effects.
Jaya Datta
  • Jaya Datta
  • Jaya Datta is a fine arts graduate and elected member of prestigious ‘Ontario Society Of Artists’, ‘Colour And Form Society’, ‘Mississauga Arts Council’ and ‘Visual Arts Mississauga’. She has held numerous Exhibitions and won many awards. Her paintings are in private collections in USA, Turkey, Canada, and the government of Ontario Art collection. Her canvases tell everyday stories in a unique way. Colours are alive, bright, and bold. Her paintings uncover the mystery of visual perception to communicate a message.
Brent Gelhar
  • Brent Gelhar
  • The Jazz Rangers, serving the GTHA with fun casual jazz and pop! Whether playing our styling of soul, pop, blues, contemporary hits or the Great American (and Canadian) Songbook, you will enjoy the music. The Jazz Rangers are a group of fun loving jazz musicians offering a wide range of jazz standards, bebop and contemporary musical interpretations. We love to play with a variety of backing vocalists or just for the fun of playing to an audience.
Jazz Plazma
  • Jazz Plazma
  • Jazz Plazma is an acoustic-style jazz ensemble based in the Mississauga-Oakville-Burlington area. We like to play a lighter style of jazz. Our book is mainly popular jazz standards and other tunes you love, and we like to add tunes from other genres, mainly pop. In addition to our core group of piano, bass, and drums, we like to invite other musicians when feasible, and are always keen to have players sit in, when the venue is suitable.
Jay Boehmer
  • Jay Boehmer
  • Drummer, composer and bandleader Jay Boehmer has been performing in the GTA since 1990 with his jazz trio as well as many other projects. Jay graduated from Toronto’s Humber College Jazz Program as a performance major where he developed an interest in composition. Boehmer was part of Toronto's "Queen Street" indie scene, recording and performing with numerous bands. Jay has also played drums and percussion in over 40 theatre productions across southern Ontario. In 1995, Jay founded his quartet Jay Boehmer Jazz as an outlet for his original compositions. He released his debut CD Don’t Look Back in 1999; Autumn Afternoon was released in 2007. From 2005 to 2010, the Jay Boehmer Band, with singer Michelle Berting, performed regularly at Toronto’s Old Mill Inn covering classic songs, dance hits and popular standards. Jay currently performs with country sweethearts Dirty Dishes, the Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble and the New Vibes Jazz Quintet, from Kitchener, Ontario. The Jay Boehmer Trio continues to perform in clubs and for corporate and private parties. Jay Boehmer Jazz albums are available on iTunes and have been featured on CBC radio and television, Jazz FM91 and City TV.
Jennifer Cortez (The Prof)
  • Jennifer Cortez (The Prof)
  • Jennifer Cortez, also known as, “The Prof” is a Canadian/Ecuadorian singer and songwriter. Jennifer’s love for music and performance stems from her childhood upbringing. In Ecuador, South America, Jennifer’s parents were musicians and her late grandmother was a recording artist. Jennifer’s style of music is heavily influenced by the eclectic sounds of Latin and Caribbean rhythms and released her first physical, 12-track album “Through the Rain” in 2010, gaining traction and radio play from local radio stations including Flow 93.5. Jennifer released a tropical, feel-good album, “Out of Office" in 2018, and later that year was chosen as a top ten live performer for the “Best of Open Mic Live” series at the Living Arts Centre. Her reggaeton single, “About That” was a selected semi-finalist in the Latin Music category for the International Songwriting Competition in 2020. Jennifer is also an art director, graphic designer, content creator, professor at Humber College and a Sound Healing Practitioner. Services offered include: Singing Performances Sound Healing (using crystal sound bowls) Video Editing & Content Creation Art Direction & Graphic Design Writing, Copywriting
Jeannette Chau
  • Jeannette Chau
  • Not all superheroes wear capes. Superheroes help people and solve problems. That’s what engineers do, too. So do moms! Hi, my name is Jeannette Chau and I am a children’s author and electrical engineer. I was inspired to write some books on engineering for children ages 3 to 5, and in particular, I wanted to interest young girls in engineering, because when I was growing up, I didn’t know what an engineer did and that there were many different types of engineering. Girls need to see that it is a profession that they can be in, and that ordinary people they know, like their mothers, can be engineers, so they can be one, too. That’s why my “My Mom is an Engineer” books, are based on real mothers with their real daughters talking about what they do. As an author, I want the books I write to be educational and inspirational, in a fun and colourful way. Who knows what child I may inspire?! Jeannette Chau is an Electrical engineer and mother of two children - Emily and Casey. She lives with her husband, children, cat, lizard, and fish in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Jennifer Rabanillo
  • Jennifer Rabanillo
  • With a keen eye for visual storytelling. I have a talent for crafting compelling and memorable experiences across various industries including: entertainment, fashion, interior design & marketing. As an Art & Creative Director, I am looking to connect with like-minded artists.
Julijana Hajdinjak
  • Julijana Hajdinjak
Jialin Cui
Jikai Wang
Jing Liu
Jackie Gallagher
  • Jackie Gallagher
  • Jackie is inspired by the beauty of nature and her love of the outdoors. She chooses her subjects to paint by what speaks to her … their simplicity, contours, flow as well as their imagery and architectural shapes. Jackie's drawings and paintings can be quite detailed involving many layers. Although watercolour was her medium of choice initially, she now works more in coloured pencil and has explored other media such as pen & ink and silverpoint and will mix media to obtain a desired effect. Most of her works tend to be floral or botanical but she will also draw landscapes that reflect her architectural interests. Painting for Jackie is a creative journey which may take her outside her comfort zone at times yet always provides an enriching experience that leads inevitably to its intended destination. Jackie is a member of the Mississauga Arts Council, Visual Arts Mississauga, Lakeshore Art Trail (Mississauga), Colored Pencil Society of America and The Thursday Artists. Jackie has exhibited within the GTA and south-central Ontario both as an individual artist and a member of The Thursday Artists. Her works can be found in private collections within Canada and the United States. Jackie is past president of the former Botanical Artists of Canada (2015-2018).
Joan Zammiy
  • Joan Zammiy
  • I make handmade tote bags, as well as candles,bath salts,milk bath and soap
Joann Rossitter
  • Joann Rossitter
  • Wanda Joann Rossitter Wanda is a Toronto born artist. After completing her B. A. In language arts at the university of Toronto, she spent many years as an English, French and Special Education teacher. Wanda has attained a Master’s degree in Theology from the University of Toronto. Wanda has written two novellas and several poems. Her poems are published in the Crazy Cove Anthology (Courtney Park Writers Group). An active performer, she regularly performs at local open mic evenings, most recently at Amphitheatre Unplugged, an open mic at Celebration Square. She is an active singer in many choral groups including Opera Kitchener, Opera York, and the Mississauga Festival Choir. She also dances at the university of Toronto festival of dance every year. She is available to give dance lessons in the art of oriental dance. Wanda is a fully alive, creative artist. She loves to sing, dance and create visual arts, and has received several awards. In 2016, she won the Marty award for best performing artist of the dance and in 2019, she was nominated for the Marty award for visual artist. Wanda has travelled extensively throughout the world. She has a family in Peel and enjoys being an active volunteer in Mississauga.
Joanne Feely DeGraaf
  • Joanne Feely DeGraaf
  • Joanne Feely DeGraaf currently teaches visual art to high school students and continues to explore media, ideas and context in her own artistic practice. She primarily uses acrylic and latex paint to create her own mural art. Her efforts have been recognized by various institutions. This is reflected in awards she has received such as the Peel District School Board’s Award of Excellence (2014) and Distinction (2012, 2016, 2019). Her artwork has been exhibited by various cultural institutions including the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Etobicoke Civic Centre and Halton Regional Centre.
Joseph Bonsu
  • Joseph Bonsu
  • Joseph Osei Bonsu is an illustrator from Mississauga with a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from children's books and comics to art installations and editorial art. A Sheridan and Seneca College graduate, Joseph co-founded the comic book mega-brand, Heroes Of The World with best friend and Mississauga illustrator Mark Williams!
Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre
  • Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre
  • The life long goal of Sybil Rampen has been to create a cultural legacy on her family farm to educate and inspire future generations. Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, with its early Canadian buildings is an oasis to those seeking tranquility and a sense of well-being. The art gallery was originally an 1827 barn. It was restored as a tribute to the pioneers who settled on this land in 1810. So much heritage is disappearing. Sybil’s focus is to preserve and pay tribute to the settlers and farmers who came here with a few tools and their bare hands. They cleared the land, built houses, raised families and have many stories to tell. The 20,000-year-old glacier creek drains all the surrounding land into Lake Ontario. This is an important factor and the Conservation Authority of Canada has many laws to protect creek land from development. Over the years Sybil built additions on the back of the house; an art studio, a loft, a workshop, and in 2006 the Winter Garden connecting it all together. Much of the furniture is pine and of the period. Sybil’s intent is to leave future generations the gift of a Living Museum. In 2007 the barn, with its hand-hewn beams, was moved on to new foundations and rebuilt to become an art gallery. The foyer was added as well as a large catering kitchen. A giant porch was constructed using beams from the barn next door. Upstairs is the research library and office. Various functions and activities bring life to Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. The large Labyrinth, modeled after Chartres Cathedral, is a mown path in a world class meadow. The gardens and lawns are extensive and the recently built gazebo is a place for weddings. Trees are continually planted on the property, often in memory of loved ones, to preserve the natural beauty of the property and provide habitat for wildlife. With the ongoing urbanization of the town, traffic, and loss of countryside, the vision for Joshua Creek Heritage Art is to be an oasis, a reminder of the history of this wonderful country.
Jo Magpantay
  • Jo Magpantay
  • I am a working freelance Illustrator that focuses on narrative, graphic novels, and editorial pieces. My work is built from the fascination I encounter in daily life and building excitement in a mundane moment. I enjoy working with mix media and finalizing images digitally. For any inquiries please Email me.
Joshua (Jomar) Quilatan
  • Joshua (Jomar) Quilatan
  • Joshua Martin (Jomar) Quilatan --- I am a radio and music enthusiast, which I really enjoy exploring as a radio host for 93.3 CFMU, where I host/record a weekly 90-minute show featuring new music, hidden old gems, and interviews with various sorts of guests. I enjoy public speaking, and look to being able to extend my radio work outside the studio through hosting opportunities. You might know me better as Jomar, though in the workplace I go by my given name, Joshua - the former is a combination of my given first (JO-shua) and middle (MAR-tin) names.
John Taylor
  • John Taylor
  • Being into photography as and videography far back as 1983 shooting in high school arts classes, it’s been ongoing practice. I continued my passion through media arts in not one but TWO colleges (Humber and Seneca). I’ve seen every change in technology and techniques from old school analog to modern digital. Every chance I have I keep up with the latest equipment and styles of shooting both mediums. I worked in multimedia trade shows with Tel-AV, was the head photographer and trainer for Bay Portrait Studios and Glamour Shots Canada, but ever got tired of this artistic field. Mostly I create professional events and wedding memories (since 1990) on video being a one-man show to fully create productions for people and organizations to cherish. Why are you passionate about photography? The creative process, the people you meet, the teamwork with MUAH’s and other artists make every project engrossing. How do you use your photography ? I use my photography to keep my creativity going now that I have just turned 55 and have 2000+ shoots under my belt, it keeps my mind going What inspires you? Professionals who are just as creative and passionate about any project. It’s like working with celebrities feeling startruck at times with the right people.
Alicia Janssen-Thayer
  • Alicia Janssen-Thayer
  • I'm a mother and an artist, both visual and musical. I'm a graduate from the Haliburton School of Arts and Design (Fleming College) with a Visual and Creative Arts Diploma specializing in Moving Image Design. I have a passion for the arts, I'm currently offering Therapeutic Art Life coaching sessions as well as I play guitar and sing when the opportunity arises as well as offer portraits, acrylic paintings and mixed media work.
Juan Pena
  • Juan Pena
  • My name is Juan Pena. I do video production that focuses on the automotive sector. I am currently a student at Sheridan College
Julia Juhas
  • Julia Juhas
  • Julia is a professional Film/TV + Theatre Actor, Singer, Dancer and an Embodied Mindful Movement Coach + Certified Yoga Teacher. For over 25 years Julia has been performing alongside some of North America’s finest, both onstage and on the big screen which include Hilary Swank, John Travolta, Louise Pitre, Sean Cullen, Michael Therriault to name a few. She has also performed the song Memory in front of Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber himself on the Palladium Stage in London, England as a Maria finalist in the TV show How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria. Julia is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Performance Program and upon graduating went on to perform in Mirvish Productions, The Stratford Festival and in many theatres across Canada and the U.S. She has appeared in several of Ross Petty’s pantomimes at the Elgin/Winter Garden Theatre and in films and TV shows such as Frankie Drake, Beauty and the Beast, Remedy, Cracked, In Contempt, Hairspray, Amelia and many more. Before the world shut down in March 2020, Julia had the privilege of playing the role of Halina in the Segal Centre’s Production of Indecent for which she won a Broadway World Award for Best Performance by a Female in Featured Role. Although directing wasn't Julia's chosen path in the film industry, she recently fell in love with film directing and in spring of 2021 was approached to direct her first short film. Unfortunately due to the productions low budget the film was unable to visit post-production however, she is extremely grateful for the experience, proud of the work she did do on the production and looks forward to collaborating and directing her next film. Julia’s first passion has always been dancing. According to her there is nothing more expressive than moving the body through space, listening and exploring the unique language of our individual body. This is why Julia not only touches lives through her storytelling as a performing artist but through her approach to yoga and movement as well. As a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga and dance, Julia helps people unravel and manage their chronic pain through embodied mindful movement modalities. She is a choreographer as well and has choreographed and taught dance, art and yoga in many schools as well as shelters across the GTA. She offers in-person and online private + group mindful movement sessions and complimentary yoga practices via her YouTube Channel – Live With Ease which is a wonderful creative outlet for her. It’s her way of giving back and being of service to others especially during these unprecedented times.
Juliana Lachance
  • Juliana Lachance
  • Juliana Lachance is a versatile multimedia artist who explores the realms of acrylic, watercolor, lino printing, and collage. Inspired by the wonders of the natural world, her work radiates beauty and captures the essence of seeing the world through the eyes of wonder. With over 20 public murals and a portfolio of personalized home murals, she channels her creativity into transforming spaces, infusing them with vibrant energy and a touch of magic. As an entrepreneur, Juliana owns two successful Etsy shops: Lachance Visual Arts and Wonderlust Botanicals. The former showcases her diverse portfolio, while the latter captures her passion for aromatherapy and herbalism. Juliana is also a musician who plays the bandura, a Ukrainian folk harp with a rich tradition. She has released 7 full length folk albums and over 50 music videos on her youtube channel.
Julia Prajza
  • Julia Prajza
  • Julia Prajza is a Muralist, Lettering Artist, and Designer in Toronto who aims to bring joy and positivity into our everyday lives. As an OCAD University graduate with experience in Art Direction and Graphic Design, she has returned to her first love: drawing and painting. Julia often focuses on floral or text-based imagery, creating intrigue with ornate details, vibrant colours, and a whimsical feel. Recently, she co-founded Neighbourhood Love, an artist collective collaborating with neighbourhoods to bring colour to our streets. Julia is a firm believer in the power of art and its ability to cultivate human connection and improve mental health.
Junior Santos
  • Junior Santos
  • Meet master percussionist Junior Santos! By the time Junior was only 15 years old, he was already performing professionally with different bands throughout the Dominican Republic. Junior has been playing as a freelance musician with many Canadian artist, including Laura Fernandez, Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo, Zeynep Ozbilen, Roberto Linares Brown, Kalabash and a number of other Latin influenced bands throughout Canada and abroad. In 2017 & 2019, he was awarded two OAC grants to produce his first full length original CD, which will feature the many genres that have influenced his music, blending Dominican rhythm with contemporary jazz/fusion.
Just Journey
  • Just Journey
  • Just Journey represents five dedicated musicians coming together to replicate the iconic music and sonic brilliance of the ultimate musical mega group, Journey.
Kadeem Dunn
  • Kadeem Dunn
  • Kadeem Dunn is a Mississauga-based innovator and game designer whose work is focussed primarily on the intersection of digital and physical spaces and how our lives can be altered through a combination of play and technology. Identifying as both Black Canadian and Jamaican, Kadeem's work also focusses on the role that racialization plays in both the production and consumption of technology, media, and society at large. With over ten years in game development education (with companies including iD Tech, Real Programming 4 Kids, and Hand Eye Society) Kadeem has contributed to a brave new generation of game developers through tutoring, curriculum development, publications, lectures, and interactive projects.
Kainat Ahmad
  • Kainat Ahmad
  • Kainat Ahmad is a Digital Illustrator & Motion Designer based in Canada. She has worked as a Graphic Designer, 3D Modeler and now works as an Independent Motion Illustrator. She is inspired by 70s Retro design and incorporates its eclecticism, bright colours, and funky shapes into her work.
Karim Machado-Aman
  • Karim Machado-Aman
  • As an Artist and Painter, Karim’s work is about displaying the stories of his subjects that he paints in a way that the audience may at the end understand but also come up with their own story about that specific person that was painted. Using Family and Friends from his life, he uses them to show the audience what their qualities and traits are.
Karlene Bland
  • Karlene Bland
  • I am a visual artist who loves to help people encapsulate their loved ones, memories of special moments, dreams and emotions in vivid colors. I also do commission paintings, illustration work , public art and mural arts. I am currently teaching in various segments of the community from seniors retirement homes, differently abled individuals to art societies and private students. Feel free to contact me to see if I can help you with your artistic need.
Katherine Roesler
  • Katherine Roesler
  • Katherine Roesler is a fine artist who currently specializes in painting and soft sculpture. She is inspired by her experiences with mental illness, colour and nature.
Katrina Abrahams
  • Katrina Abrahams
  • My work is often an eclectic collection of portraits, landscapes, flora, and abstracts; this is symbolic of my desire to discover and create new things and my inability to limit myself to one particular genre. I primarily set out to inspire a simple contemplation, peace and joy in the viewer. In our world, there are many struggles and hardships and life is full of ups and downs. I believe that if we focus on that which is good, wholesome and uplifting it will evoke a mindset of thanksgiving and make a tremendous difference in our outlook and mental well-being. “Art is the means by which I release that which is inside me” - Katrina Abrahams.
Karen Colangelo
  • Karen Colangelo
  • BIO*** Karen Colangelo was born and raised in Mississauga Ontario, Canada. Her Father was an Accountant and her Mother, a Water Colour Artist. She picked up her first brush and started painting at the age of nine. Karen knew then, that she wanted to be a Fine Artist later in life. Throughout her artistic career, Karen has created vibrant, colourful and powerful works of art. She prefers to paint in acrylics on a larger scale as she is always going for the impact and grandeur of the composition. She has a unique way of combining colour, texture, movement and lines in her abstract painting style. Although self-taught since she was young, Karen received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Soon after, Karen was employed in the field for seventeen years that was focused primarily on the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry. While employed she was able to create numerous works of art for a very prominent client base. Karen’s drive and passion for creating work were still very prominent in her life so she decided to leave the interior design field and focus on her painting full-time. For fourteen years, Karen also volunteered as a visiting Artist at elementary schools within her community. Her vision then still holds true today; “I want to inspire young minds in the visual arts which are so important to the development of our youth today.” Karen created several classes that she taught at local schools. Students had the opportunity to express themselves on a small canvas or given materials with paint and receive encouragement and support to express their artistic creativity in their classroom setting. She currently teaches the same classes in her studio in Port Credit, Mississauga Ontario. Karen’s main objective now as a full-time Contemporary Fine Artist; is to create works that inspire and leave a lasting impression on her clients. As a studio owner, she wants to inspire those who sign up for classes or workshops and ignite their inner artist. ARTIST STATEMENT*** Painting for Canadian-born Artist Karen Colangelo started very young. During her childhood, Karen gained insight and inspiration while travelling throughout each Canadian province. The colours of the Canadian landscape began to influence her paintings and she realized the importance of taking journeys through such diverse and contradictory environments. Since those developmental years, Karen has sustained an unbroken desire to create a style of art that is distinctive and clear while embodying the concept of “contradiction” as it relates to herself, her viewers and to society as a whole. Colangelo’s paintings are titled in opposites such as, “The Even Odd”, “The Hidden Show”, and “The Intentional Accident” alerting us to the contradictions the paintings hold. She pushes at the boundaries of colour, creating tension, and drawing her viewers in. Her use of complementary and tertiary colour schemes immediately captures your attention. Every measure of Karen’s work is both conflict and harmony from beginning to end. Her painting technique begins with brushwork applying acrylic colours, which she refers to as the ‘dance of colour’, then by using a sheet of plexiglass to drag the paint across the canvas her process ends with the ‘fight of colour’. Her contradictory forms and techniques create a harmonious display of colour and movement. Her style is a journey of one paint colour travelling through opposite application techniques combined with secondary colours to create tertiary colours. Each colour travels through the dance and the fight of its environment, leaving its mark and creating a new image. The paint looks for peace in a confusing world. It looks for change. It looks for growth and realizes that the journey is about the experience. It wants to be original. It wants to be impactful, and in the same vein, it asks how it can impact the world. Her work explores the “opposite” possibilities. She takes her viewers on a journey through her contradiction. She often relies on the paint and its perspective to give her the direction she needs as she forces one primary colour through a tertiary field. Karen understands the meaning of someone taking a journey and the purpose of that journey is to rarely find an answer but instead to continually ask questions. Her viewers can relate to her intent in society as we are all on the same journey; and it is a journey that involves many contradictions such as: being emotional or apathetic, starting and arriving, laughing or crying, gaining or losing, beginning and ending, leaving the old behind and starting new, failing and succeeding, losing yourself and finding yourself. Karen’s work is a reflection on one's journey, keeping in mind that it’s a journey of experiencing many contradictions, not necessarily looking to arrive at an end; the journey is the destination.
  • Karen Colangelo is a Contemporary Fine Artist. Throughout her artistic career, Karen has created vibrant, colourful, and powerful works of art. She prefers to paint in acrylics on a larger scale as she is always going for the impact and grandeur of the composition. She has a unique way of combining colour, texture, movement, and lines in her abstract painting style. Karen can produce highly realistic works of art to non-objective compositions. She has produced a variety of works from large-scale murals, to large-scale fine art, jewellery, merchandise products, and hand-painted clothing and furniture. See more at
Keith Race
  • Keith Race
  • Out going adventurer who captures the world in art.
Kevy Oh
  • Kevy Oh
  • Hello there! My name is Kevy and an emerging writer and actor based in Mississauga. I currently work in CBC in the marketing department and my dream is to write and direct my own video projects within my lovable city.
Keith Garebian
  • Keith Garebian
  • Keith Garebian, born in Bombay to an Armenian father and Anglo-Indian mother, is a theatre and literary scholar, poet, and editor who lives in Mississauga. He has won international acclaim for his books on theatre (especially his Broadway production histories and his latest biography William Hutt: Soldier Actor), and he has been widely praised for his poetry collections Frida: Paint Me as a Volcano (Buschek), Blue: The Derek Jarman Poems (Signature), Children of Ararat (Frontenac), Poetry is Blood (Guernica), Against Forgetting (Frontenac); In the Bowl of My Eye (Mawenzi House), and Finger to Finger (Frontenac). Some of his poetry has been translated into French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Armenian. One of his poems from Blue was adapted to music for choir and instruments by celebrated American composer Gregory Spears for a piece entitled “The Tower and the Garden” that has since been released on Cd by Navona Records. His many awards include a Canada Council Senior Grant for Writing; over three dozen Ontario Arts Council grants; four Mississauga Arts Council Grants for Established Writing; the Naji Naaman Literary Honour Prize (Lebanon); the Surrey International Writers Conference, Poetry Award; and the William Saroyan Medal he received in Yerevan in 2013 for his writing about Armenian culture and the genocide. He has also been shortlisted for several national literary awards. Next year, Guernica Editions is to publish a special anthology of essays on his literary work, edited by David Bateman.
Khaula Mazhar
  • Khaula Mazhar
  • Self-taught, award-winning artist Khaula Mazhar’s intrigue with emotions evoked by situations and surroundings seeps its way into her multifaceted subject matter. Inspired by Rumi's quotes, her fascination with the world and our connections within it is the main theme of her smaller artwork while her passion for social justice issues and nature conservation can be seen in her outdoor murals throughout the GTA. A true believer that art is good for you she is actively involved in art activities that engage the community.
Kim Braganza
  • Kim Braganza
  • Hi! I'm Kim A trained artist who is passionate about 3D Layout, Design, Painting and SFX Animation. From a very young age I loved art. I always loved expressing my self creatively in various forms such as drawing, painting, crafts, music, drama etc. In high school, I took many art and technology courses that eventually led me to apply to Sheridan College's Bachelor of Animation program. In college, I learned many different skills. Matte painting was my strong suit but I was really drawn to 3D Layout design and had an interest in Special FX animation. I worked on a 3D group film in my third year at Sheridan College and was responsible for designing the layout, building and texturing 3D models as well as lighting, and to make things interesting I also incorporated SFX animation. Awarded MVP for the third year film, I used my experience to write and produce my own thesis film. I was able to completed it successfully and also received my Bachelors degree with High Honours. I have experience working at a gaming studio as a 2D/3D artist; where I designed and modelled a hang glider for the preliminary stages of a VR game. I also, designed and painted 2D assets for a mobile game at the studio. In recent years, I have worked in 3D Production as a Project Manager for companies such as Unilever and Kraft for the creation of 3D model's for marketing and e-commerce. I am currently a Production Coordinator at DNEG, renowned for it's world class VFX in Film Production. My goal is to get back into the studio to continue to work as an artist where I can utilize my skills and live out my passions for layout/design. I love collaborating with other artists and enjoy working in a studio environment. Through my experiences I have learned to be more organized and have built a repertoire amongst my peers for solving problems and coming up with solutions. I am meticulous about my work and always get the job done on time. I am easy to get along with and am always ready to participate in team building activities and socials. In my spare time, I enjoy shooting out on the basketball court, going on long hikes, working out or playing my guitar.
Kim Cayer
  • Kim Cayer
  • Kim Cayer is a novelist and professional entertainer, portraying everything from clowns to Marilyn Monroe. She is part of an anthology called The Courtneypark Connection . In addition to having an e-book on Amazon called Dirty Numbers, she has also published two books called Lights! Camera! Dissatisfaction and No Fire Escape in Hell. Be sure to check out her book, Kitty Casino released in 2021!
Kristen Prince
  • Kristen Prince
  • Kristen Prince is a Port Credit based saxophone player and singer. She has performed with many artists including the Arkells, Canadian legend Andy Kim (Sugar Sugar), Lowest of the Low, Suzie McNeil, My Son the Hurricane, and 4-time Juno nominee Tom Barlow. She stays active in the music scene doing live performances, writing and producing original music/videos, and doing session recordings. Kristen is also working on some new collaborative projects: Lion Blue - a duo with Canadian trumpeter Steve McDade (@wearelionblue), and an upcoming project with Hamilton rapper Kevin "Ktriggs" Williamson. Keep up with the latest news on Instagram at @kponsax.
Kumara Kumarasinghe
  • Kumara Kumarasinghe
  • I am a professional musician residing in Mississauga since 2001. I am a vocalist and an instrumentalist. I play a unique eastern musical instrument called the Esraj. The instrument looks like a mini version of the Sitar. But it is a string instrument played with a bow. The sound of the Esraj is considered as the sound closest to human singing. My musical journey started when I was 12 years old, while schooling in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I had a liking to the Esraj since childhood and played melodies on my own with no guidance. I focussed in oriental classical music initially and further nurtured my skills in classical vocal and instrumental music from the Bhatkande University of Music, Lucknow, India and developed my proficiency by the age of 22. MUSICAL CAREER Having performed as a supporting artist to many classical musicians from Sri Lanka and India for many years, I wanted to become a solo instrumentalist. As desire of music listeners evolved from classical music to light music, I began replicating popular light musical renditions through the Esraj. As I was one of the few that embraced this trend, my music became popular in Sri Lanka and I was invited to perform musical segments in national television and radio. My first solo Esraj instrumental was telecasted by the ITN television network, Sri Lanka in 2000 which inspired music listeners due to my soothing style of play and the uniqueness of the tone of this hitherto classical instrument. I released my first Esraj instrumental CD “Immortal Melodies - Sonduru Sathsara 1” in November 2000 in Colombo, few months before migrating to Canada. In June 2004, I held my first Solo Esraj Instrumental Concert, “Sonduru Sathsara” in Toronto. Thereafter, the concert was held several times in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Greater Toronto Area and in Detroit, MN U.S.A. I released 3 sequels thereafter. See Attachment 2: Performances & Achievements My Esraj concerts contain renditions of popular South Asian, Sri Lankan and Western light music.
Karen Weiler Posh Pets® Photography
  • Karen Weiler Posh Pets® Photography
  • Karen Weiler of Posh Pets® Photography is an award-winning animal and pet photographer to the dogs and cats of Toronto. She also runs dog@work, an engaging, team-building event for pet-friendly employers.
Kyle Sean Thompson
  • Kyle Sean Thompson
  • Honor All You Are. Even Cherish What You Fear. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Kyle Sean Thompson embraces fear on stage, so others, in time, can slowly do the same. After graduating from York University with a Specialized Honours in English, Kyle honors who he chooses to be with confidence, grace and humility. Kyle is a teacher, poet, performer and more who divides his art into multiple personas, while reminding his audience that they too, have an inner world to explore. Appearing as a guest judge for Mississauga’s 2nd Annual Poetry Slam is one of many ways Kyle encourages those who create, leading them back to the reasons why they dream while offering critique. Within the last year, Kyle has built a virtual community he calls family on Twitch, where he performs music, asks meaningful questions and makes people feel at home even though they’re miles apart. In January 2020, he joined The Young Leaders Public Speaking Club as a teacher alongside club founder Freedom Malhotra. Gaining and creating confidence both in himself and his students, The Young Leaders has become yet another gateway where Kyle can create positive change and inspire arguably the most important group: our youth. Whether he's sending shivers down your spine with emotional melodies as k y l i e, or inspiring you to pursue your passions as a teacher or KIT-Man on Twitch, the point is this: there is a world inside your heart. So honor all you are.
Bi Kunhao
  • Bi Kunhao
  • I am a sophomore student studying at Chongqing Technology and Business University. I studied Visual Communication Design at the Modern International Art & Design Academy.
Kelly Zimba Lukić
  • Kelly Zimba Lukić
  • Kelly Zimba Lukić joined the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as Principal Flute in 2017. Previously a flute fellow at the New World Symphony, she has performed with the Chicago, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Detroit Symphony Orchestras and was featured on the cover of Flute Talk Magazine in October 2017. As a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician, Ms. Lukić has performed around the world in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Beijing's National Centre for the Performing Arts, Royal Albert Hall, and the Teatro del Lago in Frutillar, Chile. At home, you might spot her playing in the streets (or subways!) of Toronto with TSO violinist Clare Semes as Sonority Sisters, a flute and violin duo committed to sharing live music outside of the concert hall. In addition to performing, Kelly teaches flute at the University of Toronto. Her summer engagements include past and present faculty positions with NYO-USA, NYO Canada, Atlantic Music Festival, Sinfónica Azteca, Orford Winds Workshop, Credo Flute, Sitka Fine Arts Camp, and Belvoir Terrace. Alongside American flutists Rachel Blumenthal and Amanda Galick, she co-founded Trillium Flute Collective, a series of online flute workshops for students of all ages. She is a regular guest artist at universities and conservatories across the Americas. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kelly completed her graduate studies at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music and received bachelor's degrees in music education and flute performance from the University of Michigan. She is greatly indebted to all of her teachers, especially Leone Buyse and Amy Porter.
Lan Luo
  • Lan Luo
  • Lan Luo is a Wuhan-Mississauga-based painter, animator, experimental artist. She came to Canada in 2015 and became to the member of the Mississauga Canadian Artists Association.Luo graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree in Animation. Specially invited painter of Chinese Poetry and Film Association (Hubei Mass Art Museum) ; Director of Confucius Cultural Development Promotion Association; Special Researcher of Hubei Intangible Cultural Heritage research center. Luo’s works have been exhibited in Mississauga Visual Arts Center, 403 International Art Center,Hubei Provincial Art Museum, and other art institutions. As a painter, Lan Luo is committed to the research of oil painting creation and the exploration of the nationalization of oil painting. Luo tries to combine the intuitive and vividness of oil painting,  the richness and exquisiteness of colors with Chinese traditional cultural elements, artistic spirit, and aesthetic ideals. As an animator and experimental artist, Luo’s works include illustrations, new media artworks, interactive design works, installation art. Mostly involving the relationship between humans and nature, feminism, family and parent-child relationships.  Lan Luo’s works often express children psychology and female adolescence. Lan Luo is also a mother of two children. Her creative inspiration and enthusiasm often come from the feelings of a mother. Luo’s creations often revolve around children and families. Lan Luo hopes to use her visual media to record life and children's growth.
Laura Beaton
  • Laura Beaton
  • Born in Toronto, Laura is an award winning Visual Fine Art Artist. She began as a faux finishing (special effects) wall painter, but a health issue at the time led her to a life-long study of Chinese Brush Painting and mixed media. Her works have transcended cultures and are in private and permanent collections in Africa (King Edward, Busoga Region, Uganda), China (the government of China Peoples Republic), the United States, and Canada. In 2018, by invitation, Laura exhibited in China. With her University of Toronto OTC (Ontario Teacher’s Certificate) Laura taught business at the college and high school levels. She co-founded a Mississauga-based consulting business in 1996 where she honed her business skills. Laura has regularly volunteered her time to coach artists relative to the business of art.
Laura Kay Keeling
  • Laura Kay Keeling
  • Laura Kay Keeling (she/her/they) is a self-taught visual artist whose work encompasses analog photography/video, collage and installation-based projects. Her artwork explores how we form connections with each other and nature. She continues to think about and explore concepts relating to reciprocal care and how one might engage and interact with other humans, plants/animals, and nature as well as what the relationship of caring for each looks like. She considers how the artist selects and cares for materials throughout the creation of artistic works and in thinking more about these concepts, has begun to shift her practice to include not only analog photography but also elements from plants and flowers that she has grown or has foraged from other folks' garden clippings. She scans, photographs, presses and repeats.
Yeram Kwak
  • Yeram Kwak
  • Yeram Kwak (they/she) is an illustrator from the GTA, who is constantly inspired by the bold mark-making of lines and shapes made by playing with brushes. Using play and scribbles as the starting point, they focus on using digital media to express immediate emotions and using a variety of shapes to celebrate and accentuate the vast experiences of diverse communities. Recognized by American Illustration, Applied Arts, and World Illustration Awards, Leah strives to create an immersive experience to share with the audience by creating work that one can enjoy exploring.
Lisa Jayne Irvine
  • Lisa Jayne Irvine
  • Lisa Jayne Irvine is a multimedia artist whose inspiration is rooted in her exploratory creative process. Recently Lisa’s focus has been on painting large scale flowers. As an avid gardener she finds inspiration in the flowers that she grows in her garden at home. In 2021, Lisa started a podcast called Art Conversations with Lisa Jayne Irvine talking to artists and other creatives in the arts industry about their work, process and passion for the Visual Arts. Lisa has an Honours Specialist in the Art & Art History program from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Education from Queenʼs University. Lisa has exhibited her work extensively, as well as participated in mentorships and residencies throughout Ontario. Lisa’s work can be found in both public and private collections, nationally and internationally. Lisa continues to work from her studio in Mississauga, Canada.
Lisa Shen
  • Lisa Shen
  • Lisa Shen is a Chinese-Canadian writer and spoken word artist based in Mississauga. Her work centers on gender-based violence and disability rights. Lisa is the first place winner of the 2021 Mississauga Poetry Slam, and a Speaker at the TEDx McMasterU 2022 conference. She is also the winner of the May Open Drawer Poetry Contest by Britta Badour. She has performed at several arts festivals, including the JAYU Human Rights Film Festival and Humainologie Short Story Festival. As a passionate teacher, Lisa has created and instructed debate classes for youth. She is passionate about bringing the joys of spoken word into classrooms through workshops and showcases.
Gladys Lou
  • Gladys Lou
  • Gladys Lou is a Hong Kong-Canadian artist and writer with a BA in Art & Art History in the joint University of Toronto and Sheridan College program, with a double major in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing and Communication. She works with experimental media and new technologies including video and digital art to challenge the boundaries between visual art and performance. Passionate about storytelling, she combines art and writing to visualize emotions and explore the unconscious. Her work explores themes of identity-seeking, mental health, and existentialism. Gladys has worked as a Programming and Communications intern at Pleasure Dome. She has participated in residencies including the LOVE Lab at the Art Gallery of Mississauga and the 2SLGBTQ+ Digital Residency at ACCIDA Brampton. Her art has been exhibited at the Peel Art Gallery and Presence Mississauga, and her short fiction and journalism have been featured in publications including the Varsity, the Medium and WA International. Gladys was awarded the Catherine Quesnel Prize in Art and Art History by the University of Toronto, the C Magazine Award for Excellence in Art Writing by Sheridan College. She received the Killam Fellowship by Fulbright Canada (2021) with a placement at the University of Washington, where she has studied Studio Art and Art History from March to June 2022. Gladys was awarded a Career Catalyst grant by the Ontario Arts Council in 2022, and she was selected as a finalist in the Multimedia Arts (Emerging) category for the 27th Annual Mississauga Arts Awards. She has been awarded a placement in the Summer Hybrid Internship Program at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, from June to August 2022, where she will be on Digital Media Arts project.
Lourdes Lapetra
  • Lourdes Lapetra
  • Lourdes Lapetra is a self-taught artist. Lourdes was born in Uruguay and moved to Canada in 2010. She started creating art in 2020. She mainly draws, but she also paints. Lourdes has participated in different exhibitions as well as Live Art events.
Laurie Usypchuk
  • Laurie Usypchuk
  • Professional Home Services Company: Staging-Colour Consultations-Decorating- Renovation Project Mgmt- Universal Design-Downsizing - Senior Move Mgmt
  • m3lizard
  • Your friendly neighbourhood lizard lady. I play the keys and the ukulele, but not at the same time. My debut single, Stupid Love is out now!!
Carmen Jabier
  • Carmen Jabier
  • Carmen is a Filipina-Canadian digital illustratorwho uses her playful and colourful illustrations to share insights, invoke emotions, and spark nostalgia. She is the brain behind Mad Love Creative Co., which is an online retail shop, as well as a freelance design studio. You can find more of her work on Instagram @madlovecreativeco.
Manahil Bandukwala
  • Manahil Bandukwala
  • I am a poet and visual artist from Pakistan and now based in Mississauga. I have published two books, MONUMENT (Brick Books, 2022), and Women Wide Awake (Mawenzi House, 2023, co-created with my sister, Nimra). In 2023, I was named a Writer's Trust Rising Star by Shani Mootoo, MONUMENT was shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and I received a MARTY Award for Literary Artist. My practice combines disciplines and explores themes of love, longing, identity, family, and womanhood, among others.
Marcus Adams - Dixon
Margaret Stawicki
  • Margaret Stawicki
  • Margaret is a Polish-Canadian artist based in Mississauga. She admires simplicity and is attracted to the minimal use of colour. Besides paintings, she is creating clay sculptures and 3D installations very closely related to the subjects of her paintings. Her work can be described as modern, symbolic, narrative, emotional, energetic, and imbalanced.
Maria Lagarde
  • Maria Lagarde
  • I am a beginner art maker currently exploring the world of water-based and digital media along with poetry.
Marie Hurley
  • Marie Hurley
  • My name is Marie-Line Hurley aka Marilou. I am a visual Artist, Community Leader, Art Director and Social Worker. I came from a family of mixed heritage French, Indian and African which make me a Creole (Haitian descendent). live in Montreal grew up in Ontario. I completed a certificate in Arts and Arts management at Sheridan College in 2004-2005, obtained a Diploma in 2008 in Community Services and Addictions program. Further my study in 2014 from Ryerson University. Completing an Honour Bachelor degree in Social Work. Major English-French Proficiency, Additional languages Creole and Basic Spanish. As a visual Artist I explores colourful themes of mythology, black Art, story telling to the Haitian creole Culture and Folklore, paying "Homage" to my Ancestors. In 1998 I created Genius are made later on became Diversity Folks Art Group. with unique vision to provide Community Entertainment, Social integration, supporting the diversity and the enjoyment for the community. I had believe that genius can be made, it was important to dive in while the community was changing with an extreme diversity of culture and the continuing influx, it was a momentum of the chapter worth to remember specially . The support of the Community , The Mississauga Art council and the Art Gallery of Mississauga.
Marie Ann Longlade School of Dance Inc.
  • Marie Ann Longlade School of Dance Inc.
  • Celebrating 55 years of Dance, family owned and operated. We teach all ages and abilities! We TEACH the LOVE of DANCE We offer classses in: Ballet Tap Jazz Pre School (3-5yrs) Kinderdance (2-3yrs) Pre Ballet (6-7yrs) Acro Hip Hop Special Needs
Marilyn Anne Campbell
  • Marilyn Anne Campbell
  • Marilyn Anne Campbell is a Canadian writer and semi-professional nature nerd who lives with her human and non-human family near the shores of Lake Ontario. Her short stage plays have been performed in Halifax, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Chicago, New York, Aberdeen (South Dakota, not Scotland) and Leeds, England. Her Remembrance Day themed script "Failing Hands" was one of three winners of the inaugural National TYA Playwriting Competition held by Storybook Theatre in Calgary (2016). She has been awarded playwriting grants from the Ontario Arts Council's Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program and from the Toronto Arts Council. Along with writing for the stage, Marilyn writes short fiction, silly poetry, and comics. She wrote "The Goosefighter" for the Toronto Comics anthology 'Osgoode As Gold' and has another story in an anthology in the works (to be announced soon). Two of her poems for children were included in the Emma Press (UK) anthology 'Dragons of the Prime: Poems About Dinosaurs.' Nature and animals often feature prominently in Marilyn's writing and she is currently working towards the Humane Education Practitioner Certificate from the University of Denver's Institute for Human-Animal Connection. Blog: Mastodon: Medium: The New Play Exchange:
Marlon Porter
  • Marlon Porter
  • Marlon Porter is a Mississauga based photographer and writer specializing in capturing the little moments of magic hidden within the poetry of everyday life. Marlon’s work has been featured in multiple exhibits and publications, as well as been awarded in both the 2021 Smithsonian Photo Competition and the 2020 International Photography Awards. His inspiration comes from the elegance of nature, the intricacies of the human experience, and the stunning spectacle of the world around him.
Marta Shpak
  • Marta Shpak
  • Marta Shpak is a Singer, Songwriter and Actress, An Honored Artist of Ukraine with more than 10 years experience of travelling internationally to share her music and culture with the world. She holds a Master's Degree in ART (Theatre and Performance Studies program) from York University and in Choreography from the National Academy of Leading Staff of Culture and Art of Ukraine. Marta recorded 5 CD albums of ancient, folk, electro and original pop songs; released a few official music videos, including "Christmas Day" with Canadian multi-instrumentalist and song-writer Denny DeMarchi. Residing in Mississauga, Marta Shpak is working on her first English Album and upcoming music videos with Canadian musicians and movie directors; continuing her researches based on Culture of Politics and Environmental Activism; preparing to represent the scientistic research-creation project at the 2021 World Children, Youth, and Performance Conference at Young People’s Theatre in Toronto.
Mary Weber
  • Mary Weber
  • Artist in acrylic, mixed media, and screen printing/printmaking located in Mississauga ON. Heavy emphasis in personal work on color, texture, and depth. Figure drawing and gesture is a visible influence even in abstract work. Professional experience in art instruction and mural work.
Mary Miskic
  • Mary Miskic
  • Enthusiastic volunteer, enjoy connecting with like-minded people giving back to their community and supporting like intiatives. I don't just live in Mississauga, I LOVE Mississauga! Mary is a dedicated community volunteer who lends her experience to a multitude of festivals and events. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors of the Art Gallery of Mississauga, I am also a Board member of the Southside Shuffle Blues & Jazz Festival in Port Credit, Board Member of Fashion Circuit Series and Committee member of ItalFest. I work in the film industry, as an HR professional since 2005 and previously as a Financial Analyst with Imperial Oil for 21 years. My administrative, business skills and attention to detail are an asset to any organization I am involved with.
Matt Hunter
  • Matt Hunter
  • Mississauga photographer. Never met a bird I didn't like.
  • Lyones
  • Born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Mississauga and Brampton, Lyones' interest in music first started at the age of 2 years old when he received a Fisher Price Xylophone for Christmas. During grade school, he continued his new found passion by playing the recorder, bass guitar, and trumpet while also taking drum lessons for a year. Furthermore, he became a self-taught guitarist at the age of 13. By the time he was in high school, he was able to play a range of instruments: percussion, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, marimba, timpani, trumpet, flute, tenor saxophone, bass guitar, piano and baritone in both the junior and senior bands. He has done various other extracurricular music activities during this time such as jazz band, guitar club and choir. Taking a leadership role, he created bands with colleagues that partook in various competitions at school. All this made him interested in pursuing music at the University of Waterloo for a year. He has now translated his music into an experimental nature where he has released four singles and his EP ("50 50") in 2019. His full length alternative album ("Identity Crisis") & his newest singles ("Mind Over Matter") and ("Formigas Decor Lullabies") are out now on all streaming services.
  • If you ask singer-songwriter Mauve what she feels about creating music, she says it has the ability to take you to an altered reality. Mauve is Mississauga's pop songstress who has an eclectic and playful sound that comes straight from her soul. Mauve transcends genres to bring you moving Electro-Pop tracks through RnB and EDM production. Her songs have gained over 1.4 million streams on Spotify and 2 million plays on Youtube. She has gratefully received support from popular outlets such as Stingray Music TV channels, Virgin Radio, CBC Music, over 2,300 Spotify playlists, and many campus radio stations across Canada. Mauve was thrilled to be selected to play at the 2022 Canadian Music Week Festival. Some of her live appearances include a performance on CHCH-TV Morning Live, a headlined performance at the Toronto Music Expo, and as a featured panelist at the Canadian Music Expo. She has been nominated for Best New Solo Artist and Fan Choice at the 2021 Mississauga Music Awards. She was also nominated for Emerging Solo Vocalist at the 2021 MARTY Awards. Mauve won the InterContinental Music Award for Best of North America-Pop for her song, Come Around. In addition, Mauve was nominated for Best New Artist at the Niagara Music Awards. She is the recipient of the 2021 and 2022 Fusion MicroGrant from the Mississauga Arts Council. She was recently selected for the “Love Local Music” program led by the City of Mississauga and Canada’s Music Incubator to organize a series of concerts at Celebration Square Amphitheatre in September 2022. A rich voice in a small frame, Mauve was constantly inspired by theatrical performances growing up, and she turned to the keys of her piano to bring forth that passion into her everyday life. She recently released her debut album “Dream State”, which she partnered with #1 charting industry powerhouses. Production credits include Kyle Shearer (producer for Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez, Becky G), Jason Couse (Juno & Polaris prize nominated musician from The Darcys), LYRE (top Billboard charting female duo) and more. Songs from her album have been added to official Apple Music playlists and Youtube Music playlists.
Demetrius Nath
  • Demetrius Nath
  • MAYBE MAY might have a name that suggests neither here nor there, but rest assured, this Mississauga trio are very much affirmed in their sound and style no matter the season. Fronted by Demetrius (vocals/guitar), Rian (bass) and Vitaly (drums), their sound draws listeners in by seamlessly blending heavy instrumentation with graceful melodies which provide a rich tapestry for delivering messages of love, loss and betrayal. MAYBE MAY’s debut ‘Eden Project’ EP (Oct '14) saw the band play for the first time ever at Canadian Music Week and Indie Week while picking up a nod from Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMA) for Best Alternative/Indie in 2015. Following the release of two digital singles in 2017, the triad headed towards a definitive direction with their sophomore ‘C R I M E S’ EP (Jan ’18). Nominated for Best Rock at Mississauga Music Awards in 2018, their live set matured as they shared stages with the likes of Deadset Society, POLARITY, Red Handed Denial and The Creepshow across Ontario and Quebec. Furthering their foothold in the region, they placed in the Top 8 at 97.7 HTZ FM’s Rocksearch contest. Teaming up for the third time with Jason ‘Metal’ Donkersgoed in the producer’s seat at Toronto’s famed Orange Lounge studios, MAYBE MAY showcased a certain vulnerability with the release of ‘The Orange Sessions’ EP (May ’19). Featuring 5 stripped down acoustic tracks, each song highlights a collaboration with a friend of the group, pushing them into a sonic space most rock bands are too afraid to enter. Lead single “Still Mine” was heard on Toronto’s 94.9 The Rock as they secured a slot at ‘Best of Open Mic LIVE’ at the Living Arts Centre. With most bands’ resolve tested during the 2020 pandemic, MAYBE MAY released “Through Your Eyes” – a fundraiser for their home town food bank, featuring 8 local artists. JUNO winning Kevin Dietz helped produce/engineer the song at world renowned Metalworks Studios, which went on to raise thousands in donations. No stranger to humanitarian efforts, the band previously raised money for Compassion Canada back in 2015. Since their inception, MAYBE MAY has independently garnered thousands of views and streams online while playing countless shows connecting with fans. Whether you have discovered the band at a gig and fell in love with their dry humor and penchant for having a laugh or encountered their music online and allowed it to envelope you into a journey of dark tailspin, one thing remains certain - they have only begun…no ifs, buts or maybes.
Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble Boniface
MCS Chorus
  • MCS Chorus
  • Led by Artistic Director, Mervin William Fick, Mississauga Chamber Singers perform classical choral repertoire, from a wide range of A Capella works to timeless works for choir and orchestra. MCS Chorus offers a diversified season of extensive community engagement events and ticketed concerts performed with chamber orchestras, instrumental ensembles and soloists. MCS Chorus gratefully acknowledges financial support received from the City of Mississauga, the Ontario Arts Council, and through its membership in the Mississauga Charitable Gaming Association.
Mississauga Chamber Singers
  • Mississauga Chamber Singers
  • A New Sound in the City The Mississauga Chamber Singers bring clarity and intimacy to great choral masterpieces from a wide range of A Capella works to timeless works for choir and orchestra. Led by Artistic Director, Mervin William Fick, the choir presents dynamic within a widening scope of the classical choral repertoire. The Mississauga Chamber Singers performs a diverse season of extensive community engagement events, multi-generational musical education programming and ticketed concerts in a variety of performance spaces within the city. Come and hear the difference!
mdsohel rana
Meena Chopra
  • Meena Chopra
  • Meena Chopra is a Mississauga based visual artist, digital artist & a published poet with an unbridled passion for words, space, colours and forms. She has been practising her poetry and visual art for over three decades. She has exhibited her art in many countries and has had over 75 solo and group shows. Her paintings are with many Corporations, Government Bodies, Embassies, Hotels and Private Collections in India, Canada, Australia, England, Switzerland, Dubai and Kuwait (Princesses Aisha al Sabah of the royal family of Kuwait). A painter, sculptor, a designer, producer, curator and a poet, Meena has been a recent recipient of many awards. To name a few, she has been recipient of first prize by Visual Arts Mississauga celebrating 150 years of Canada in 2017. She has also been awarded by the National Ethnic Press Council of Canada (NEPCC) for her distinguished work in poetry and art and for her contribution in these fields to the ever growing Canadian fabric in 2018. She has also been awarded for ‘Outstanding Service and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness’ from Peel Community Connections, Canada in recognition of her contribution to the 'Unity in Diversity'. She has been the finalist for MARTYs Awards for her artin2021, 2019 and 2010. While practicing visual arts & writing poetry, she simultaneously entrepreneured in advertising, media and broadcasting. Website:
Megan Gilbey
  • Megan Gilbey
  • I am a self taught singer who can't read music. I started teaching myself to sing during the first quarantine of Covid and created my YouTube channel: TheMeganGilbey where I sing mainly musical theatre based songs. I released my first single "One by One" on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms last May. I started performing live this past summer and one of my first ever performances was Amphitheatre Unplugged. Teaching myself about music has allowed me to branch outside of my comfort zone and explore endless possibilities in myself. I would love to be apart of MAC to connect with others who have the same shared interest as well as to learn from everyone!
Megan Cruz
  • Megan Cruz
  • Megan Cruz is a storyteller at heart. Ever since she saw a gnome throw up rainbows on TV she knew she wanted to be apart of that TV magic. Cruz studied film studies at wilfrid laurier university and screenwriting at Vancouver film school. She is now a screenwriter and producer with in film industry.
Melanie Cabral
  • Melanie Cabral
  • Melanie Cabral is a Portuguese-Canadian singer/songwriter, and her pop-country tunes allow for a catchy song with emotion-filled lyrics. Melanie uses her music to express who she is and her experiences throughout her life.
 At 15-years-old, she released her first single “Broken Lights”, a vulnerable song, with lyrics pertaining to a difficult time in her life. She continued to write lyrics based on her personal experience, like “Unspoken”, a song she released in 2021. “Unspoken” goes on to describe the feelings Melanie felt after losing her grandfather, and how she felt lost and didn’t know how to process her grief. Her latest single, “Searching”, is a song about the anxiety and overthinking that she experienced in the beginning of her relationship. This song goes through the invasive thoughts happening in her mind and how those thought didn’t allow herself to fully open up in her relationship and how she was scared to be vulnerable.
Melina Cossío
  • Melina Cossío
  • Mexican artist based in Canada. Her art passion started in Mexico, where she worked on murals and abstract art. Later she moved to Finland, where she studied fine arts and gained a specialization in abstract and contemporary stained glass sculptures. During this time, she worked on mosaic mural installations using ceramic and Murano glass and participated in an environmental art project. Then she moved to Chile to continue her studies she learned how to weld metals to refine her stained glass sculptures and refined her oil painting and carbon drawing skills. Currently live in Mississauga, Canada, where she have participated in several juried exhibitions. she have mostly commissioned landscapes and oil portrait paintings
Merrily Married Photography and Filmmaking Company
  • Merrily Married Photography and Filmmaking Company
  • At Merrily Married, your story is everything. Based in Toronto, Canada and Orlando, Florida our team is specialized in cinematic wedding films and photography that can be intimate or epic, bright or dramatic; always striving to fit our client's needs, styles and budget. We've been featured in numerous publications like Today's Bride, Wedluxe, Elegant Wedding, MunaLuchi and we're currently looking to expand our Disney Weddings portfolio; offering special rates for couples booking weddings in 2021 and 2022 Weddings are always changing and evolving, and looking back over the past 10 years, we can definitely say that the wedding landscape has come a long way. We're in this business because we believe in showcasing love that reflects the rich diversity of all kinds of couples. And we know that today's brides and grooms put a lot of value not just into putting together that beautiful day - but in ensuring that the memories will be one of the few things that they'll be able to preserve long after the wedding - making your media investment something we see becoming more and more important to couples every year.
  • Mezziah
  • Mezziah is what the saturated rap scene has been praying for! His style can completely revolutionize the face of Canadian hip-hop. Knowing the importance of BRANDING, Ziah has taken his hustle to a whole new level. He is also the founding member and CEO of ‘HCAP (Hustle.Coalition.Against.Poverty) Music Group’ which was created to help other aspiring musicians like himself build their careers. Not only does he have the mind of a true artist, but the heart of one as well. From his first solo mixtape in 2004 ‘The Pen & The Pad 1.0’ to his latest project, Ziah’s rap skills has stayed on point, consistent, but most importantly... REAL. His lyrics tell the story of a boy who taught himself how to be a man. The struggles of growing up without a father, watching his mom survive on her own, losing those closest to him, while simultaneously pursuing his music career are all pieces that helped build his strong character. His career has expanded beyond his local Toronto borders. When he’s not in the studio creating, he’s on the road performing in hometown, Montreal, or a number of other Canadian cities. You can guarantee it will be a packed house. Not only do his fans recognize his talents, but other fellow artists acknowledge as well. Mezziah has shared the stage with some of the greats like Mobb Deep, M.O.P, Boot Camp Click, Obie Trice, Drake, Tory Lanez, Kardinal Offishal and Choclair to name a few. Without a doubt, he is headed straight for the top! Not just the city, but the country has high hopes for this upcoming hip-hop icon.
Marco Gallad
Victoria Daley
  • Victoria Daley
  • My name is Victoria Daley, born and raised in Canada residing in Mississauga. I play many roles; Community Outreach Worker, Avid Collaborator and Educator. However, the most important role I play is being a Mother to my 7 year old daughter Paige-Mia where I am living out my own co-parenting experiences and who has inspired the Mia’s World Book Series. They’re two books in the series,first book is titled “Mommy Lives Here & Daddy Lives There” -officially launched on January 26, 2020 and the second “Birthday Party at Daddy’s House”. Both colourful picture books share a truthful and positive message while celebrating the dreams, and love parents have for their children despite their circumstances.
Mike Parker
  • Mike Parker
  • My full name is Robert Michael Parker, but people know me as Mike Parker. I am a singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist from Mississauga, Ontario. I have worked in bands and solo projects including my latest album, titled; Road Maps & Recipes which is available online at Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp. The album was produced by Anthony Panacci at his recording studio in Mississauga, with special guests, Heidi Richards on vocals and Andrew McVeigh on drums. The album was released online on February 3th, 2021. I have performed solo at many open stages in Mississauga, including Roc and Doc's, The Port Credit Legion and the Failte Irish. Here's the link; MIKEPARKER2.BANDCAMP.COM
Mikey Bloom
Minesh Punia
  • Minesh Punia
  • Giving stories a vibrant heartbeat on the screen. A film school alum deeply enamored with my creative spirit, I wear multiple hats as a writer, director, and editor. In my most recent role as the 'Head of Media' at Camp B'nai Brith of Ottawa, I took on the task of producing two weekly videos, which I accomplished through unwavering dedication and hard work. Portfolio:
Mingxian Xiao
  • Mingxian Xiao
  • In my creations, criticism, irony, and hope could be found . The original intention of my creation is to simply express the relationship and feelings of people. Including what contemporary society has given us. The direction of my works is mostly based on the characters. During the creation process, the composition, including the content, as well as the appearance and momentum of the characters, I have no references or materials. They are all expressions of the feelings I want to express in my mind. A kind of painting expression between abstraction and abstraction. My expression of the content is straightforward, sharp and sincere. If self-defining, I feel like I'm more of a storyteller.
Serena Sutherland
  • Serena Sutherland
  • I am an Eccentric Eclectic Expressionist. My form of art is different from many, I tell stories through my set designs and modelling.I create photographic and mixed media projects that demonstrate emotions and point in time we should keep in mind. I love to do many different things that ultimately allow me to express all of my being. As an entrepreneur my businesses Safe Haven Magazine and Renaziy Productions, allows me to remain in my creative spirit and teaches people through the art of mindfulness and intuition.
Mississauga Players Theatre Group
  • Mississauga Players Theatre Group
  • Our mission is to bring diverse talent and audiences together to create theatre that reflect on the deep social and emotional fabric of human beings informing, inspiring, and motivating all participants to seek change and contribute to peace, respect, and acceptance. We are committed to giving opportunities with value-based theatrical art without limitations of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, orientation, or sexual identification and provide to groups, individuals and organizations, an artistic space so that they can exhibit their theatrical art projects. MPT value statement is “We trust in the power of Theatre”. The Mississauga Players Theatre is a charity and non-profit organization, dedicated to the present and development of performing arts and theatre. Our objectives are to produce high-quality performance theatre, attract new talent and audiences, promote important humanistic themes, mental health, diversity and encourage audiences and talent to embrace a set of values consistent with social harmony and to connect them. The Mississauga Players Theatre is one of the oldest live theatre organizations in Mississauga presenting a balance of well-known actresses and actors along with a healthy representation of community theatre. The Mississauga Players Theatre, or unofficially, The Mississauga Players, or simply The Players was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1981 and registered as a charity in 1983. In 2019, The Mississauga Player Theatre amalgamated with CLET Canadian Latino Experimental Theatre organization to accommodate an ever-growing melting pot of cultures and place inclusivity at the forefront of theatre work.
Jill Morris
  • Jill Morris
  • Mississauga Pops Concert Band's versatility delights audiences with a diverse repertoire of popular music of various musical genres including classical, swing/big band, jazz, marches, contemporary, rock, movie, gaming, and Broadway tunes.
Mississauga Ballet Association
  • Mississauga Ballet Association
  • Classes held at the Living Arts Centre. A not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1980. Run by a volunteer Board of Directors – members are welcome to attend meetings. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in October Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to attend. Classes are held in the Dance Movement Studio at the Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga (beside Square One). Studio features sprung wood floors, ballet barres, mirrors and an acoustic piano. Experienced and consistent teachers. All classes accompanied by a Pianist. Dance classes available for girls ages 3 and up (K-Dance, Pre-Ballet & Classical Ballet). Pointe and Contemporary classes available for older students. Unique opportunities available to be involved in leadership training by assisting with younger classes. Yearly Winter Open House. Dancers level Pre-Ballet I and up participate in the Spring Production at Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga. Parent volunteers allow for a “professional” production and safety for all. A costume wardrobe maintained by MBA is used for the Spring Production and Winter Open House. Philosophy of the School . . . Dance is Fun! No competitions or exams. The K-Dance, Pre-Ballet and Classical Ballet programs exist to provide students with a healthy, beneficial and enjoyable extra-curricular activity rather than to necessarily produce professional dancers. Each child will be encouraged to develop thier talent to its fullest potential while benefiting from being a member of a group sharing a common love – dance.
Mississauga Potters' Guild
  • Mississauga Potters' Guild
  • The Mississauga Potters’ Guild, founded in 1978, is a non-profit, community-based volunteer organization. Our passion is the art and craft of pottery. We run a well-equipped studio with 20 wheels, three distinct working spaces for members and students, four kilns, a glaze kitchen and dedicated studio spaces for our resident artists. Potters of all skill levels--hobby, amateur, emerging and professional--work together to develop our craft. We encourage skill development for all those interested.
  • The Mississauga Watercolour Society was established in the early 1970's. Members of MWS meet weekly at Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood to paint together and draw inspiration and share their expertise. Plein air painting in southern Ontario locations is a key activity for members during the summer months. MWS has collaborated with the Toronto Watercolour Society (TWS) and the International Watercolour Society (IWS) for plein air painting and other events. We have roughly three exhibitions every year (two per year at VAM). Subject matter includes landscapes, florals, still life, portraits, figurative and abstract. Members of MWS have either received formal art education at university or college while others have honed their skills by taking numerous art classes and workshops. Some members come from commercial art backgrounds having worked in Art Departments in Corporations. A few members of MWS have served on the Board of Directors for VAM, the Art Gallery Mississauga and the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. We currently have a membership of 18 with a waiting list to join. We are a member of the Mississauga Arts Council. The Mississauga Watercolour Society has been an active and prominent group of dedicated professional artists in the City of Mississauga for more than half a century. From the beginning, our mandate has been to highlight the many talented artists in Mississauga and promote an appreciation for fine art within the community. MWS have several artists in our group who have successfully achieved the honour of Elected Membership status in Canada’s oldest premier art organizations, namely: The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Ontario Society of Artists, Society of Canadian Artists, The National Watercolor Society in the USA, Toronto Watercolour Society and the Colour and Form Society. Some of our members have gone on to teach and are much sought after as jurors and many of our members have been recognized with national and international acclaim and awards for their paintings. We are proud to say that one of our members is the recipient of the Mississauga Marty Award for Established Artist and has paintings in the Provincial Archives in Toronto while another member is the current Vice President of the International Watercolour Society.
Mississauga Writers Group
  • Mississauga Writers Group
  • The Mississauga Writers Group has been in existence since January 2013 and we have grown to over 100 members. This is our seventh yearly Word Fest anthology along with our other anthologies We are a group of writers who have established this forum to share our experiences and pursue our dreams through creativity, knowledge and mutual respect. We want to learn from our strengths and talents and have enjoyable and stimulating conversations that only writers can relate to! We offer quarterly ezines and anthologies to our members to have their works published. We are part of Mississauga Arts and Culture community and are part of several local events. We would love to have writers from our local community join us. All aspiring and established writers are most welcome. We believe we all have something special inside us. Come explore your talent with the Mississauga Writers Group!
Elizabeth Idowu
  • Elizabeth Idowu
  • Lizzy is a Canadian-Nigerian self-taught multi-media artist, creative visionary, and filmmaker. Majoring in CCIT - Communication Culture Information Technology and double minoring in Film Studies & Sociology at the University of Toronto. She also received a diploma in digital communications at Sheridan College. Her works explore a variety of motifs, such as expressions of Afro-futurism, nostalgia and body positivity. These motifs are presented in different ways across different mediums.
Mokshada Sharma
  • Mokshada Sharma
  • I am a University student majoring in Art and Art History. I have been doing art my whole life, and I consider this my passion turned career. I love reading fantasy books and listening to music, and many of my works draw inspiration from activities outside of my art so I can express a part of myself in every piece I create. I would love to contribute to the community with my art.
Moushumi Chakrabarty
  • Moushumi Chakrabarty
  • Beautiful stationery, cards, art prints 💃 Indian Canadian woman owned business
Mridvika Malebennur
  • Mridvika Malebennur
  • An accomplished Indian Classical Music vocalist with 18 years of extensive training, I was recognized for performances before musical giants such as Shankar Mahadevan, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Zakir Hussain, Shreya Ghoshal, and Jayant Kaikini. Over the last year, I’ve garnered international accolades including a Gold Award at the Canadian International Music Competition (2024), 1st Runner Up at Mere Sung Gaa (2023), a Platinum Award at the Beethoven International Music Competition (2023) and more. Being featured on the Saregama Openstage YT Channel, and distributed on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, marks my significant achievements in the realm of Indian Classical Music.
Mike Smith
  • Mike Smith
  • My name is Mike Smith. I am a trombone player in a very unique band called Irie Bibes. We play an eclectic mix of ska, reggae, Calypso, jazz, rock and pop- fusion. Our band is comprised of drums, bass, guitar, keys, sax and trombone.
Rhea P
  • Rhea P
  • Rhea is a visual artist and designer from Toronto, who loves art that infuses spaces with bold colour palettes, transforming ideas into experiences. She enjoys experimenting with techniques and technologies. Mixing sights with symbolism is a way to convey human values, and reshape energy into visible forms. She finds inspiration in advanced civilizations, the cosmos, and cartoons. The design process often includes illustrating, painting, listening to music and digital integrations. Rhea finds meditation to be a power source for the imagination.
Muniyat Haque
  • Muniyat Haque
  • Muniyat Haque is a writer/director who was raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She gained interest in filmmaking while attending high school and watching films in class. After taking a hiatus from filmmaking, Muniyat decided to go back to her passion and went to film school to learn how to become a screenwriter and film director. Upon finishing her studies she wrote and directed her first short film about a teenage girl with depression, The Picture of Parveen. She also completed her first full length screenplay Himalaya Heights and is writing her second full length screenplay which she plans to shoot in 2024. Muniyat currently resides in Mississauga with her money plant Coco and her roommates Mr. and Mrs Haque.
li dan
  • li dan
  • I have been engaged in stage design / space design for more than ten years. My scope of work involves drama, opera, dance drama, musical, column, space design, etc. I now work and live in Beijing.
Musika Children's Chorus
  • Musika Children's Chorus
  • MUSIKA CHILDREN’S CHORUS is a registered charitable organization primarily dedicated to providing children and youth from Mississauga and surroundings with exceptional music and performing arts instruction including performance opportunities while stimulating and fostering pride in their cultural heritage.
Nigel Peart
  • Nigel Peart
  • I am the studio manager and producer at Lotus Recording Studios located in Mississauga, ON. I started music production with my team in 2016 and slowly started to work with more artists in the GTA while also helping grow artists through our available resources. Currently our studio is used to grow artists brands by providing them with recording, photo and video resources to complete their projects and aspirations.
Nada Khatib
  • Nada Khatib
  • I am palette knife painter born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I began painting in 2006 shortly before I went to university as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. At the time, I hadn't had any meaningful opportunities to explore painting, as there was very little focus on the value and importance of visual art as I was growing up. My paintings reflect an imaginary fantasy world where the reality of creations merges with dramatic and surrealist colour. I paint to explore colour, spark hope and reflect on the ways in which various forms of life are interconnected. I often experiment with contrast and thick textures to make my paintings pop and specialize in magical combinational, drawing the viewer’s eye to the subject and makes the painting feel alive.
Natalie Chiovitti
  • Natalie Chiovitti
  • Natalie R. Chiovitti is a visual artist and graphic designer. Within her interdisciplinary practice, Natalie engages in a combination of material and digital approaches through drawing, design, illustration, projection, photography, and installation. Natalie is interested in the intersection of art, design, and technology; and, explores notions associated with pop-culture, identity, consumerism, sustainability, community, nature; and, their interactions within human experiences. Natalie is pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), double majoring in Communication, Culture, Information and Technology & Art and Art History. Concurrently, she is an artist-in-residence for the 2022/2023 Visual Arts Mississauga Creative Residency. In her artistic practice, Natalie integrates her work as a graphic designer and illustrator in marketing/advertising, publishing, and education fields. Natalie is the 2022 recipient of the Women’s Art Association of Canada Helga Scott Scholarship, and the Excellence in Design 3 Art and Art History Faculty Award. Natalie has shown her work in the solo exhibition Metamorphic Moments (March 2021) with T.A.G Gallery; and in group exhibitions such as Project Project with Sheridan College (April 2021), SPSAE 2021 and 2022 with the Art Museum at the University of Toronto (May 2021/2022), and Middle Child with the Women's Art Association of Canada (July 2022). Her work appeared in Buff (2020, 2021 & 2022), an annual publication documenting student work of the art and art history joint program between UTM and Sheridan College.
Natalie Gergis
  • Natalie Gergis
  • Musician (Flautist, Guitarist, English and French Singer), Performer at community events, festivals, banquet halls etc, Member of the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra and Canadian Arabic Orchestra, Worship Coordinator at Clarkson Community Church, Music Council Co-President at school.
Neil Huab
  • Neil Huab
  • NEIL HUAB is a veteran musician/entertainer/songwriter who can play a wide variety of folk, jazz, pop & light rock classics. He contributes to his community by leading a choir at St. Josephine Bakhita Parish for the 12:30pm Mass every Sunday and facilitating Musical Munchkins classes for little kids at Erin Meadows and River Grove Community Centres. For several years, before the pandemic struck, he volunteered an hour of live piano music weekly at the Credit Valley Hospital lobby and sang for seniors at Sunrise Living Centre. He can be hired to provide live music/hosting for parties & functions. He also accepts private tutees for pop guitar, keyboard & ukelele. Email him at
Neilson Park Creative Centre
  • Neilson Park Creative Centre
  • Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) is a charitable organization that serves the diverse landscape of Toronto through partnerships, outreach initiatives and community engagement. As an arts hub in Western Toronto, NPCC serves the community by offering arts based classes, workshop, drop-ins, open studios, events and exhibitions within and outside its facilities.
Netta Ussyshkin
  • Netta Ussyshkin
  • 🌸 thrilled to join this beautiful community as I explore the fascinating intersections between art, the mind, and our spirit. 🌸 I find the arts to be incredibly therapeutic and I want to share this magic with others. 🌸 I facilitate arts-based community programs that inspire social connection and self-expression. 🌸 I am a certified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner, and always looking to connect with local and global artists- to amplify our impact and inspire the community.
Nicole Decsey
  • Nicole Decsey
  • Nicole Decsey is a 2019 graduate from the dance program at Toronto Metropolitan University with a BFA in performance dance and is the artistic director of Nicole Decsey Dance Projects. With her company she has hosted master classes and her own digital film festival The Gallery. Passionate about using movement to tell personal and real stories, Nicole strives to make her art accessible to everyone. Her work addresses issues she has experienced with her IBD over the last four years since her diagnosis and the isolation she has felt amongst her peers. Nicole is committed to supporting projects that break the stereotypes of the traditional and accepted dancer body. She has performed in digital shows, festivals, immersive site-specific creations, and multiple private and public events throughout the GTA. Because of her internship with The Dance Current and her participation in the 2019/2020 Emerging Arts Critics Program Nicole is now a seasoned arts writer and arts critic. She is a regular contributor for smART Magazine and writes for the blog A Dance Way of Life. Nicole has been a dance teacher for eight years and continues her training as a performer and choreographer.
Nissar Kumar
  • Nissar Kumar
  • Nissar Kumar is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Mississauga. He hails from the northern part of India and moved to Canada in June 2014. He has been performing for over two decades and performs in and around the GTA at various festivals, events and private gigs. He is also a Mississauga busker! He draws inspirations from across all genres but at heart he is a die-hard rock 'n' roll fan. He loves bringing east and west together and does hindi-english mashups in his performances. Give him a guitar, a mic and an audience and he can perform for hours
Yve Lu Trinh
  • Yve Lu Trinh
  • Yve Lu Trinh is a multidisciplinary artist, arts worker, and organizer based in Mississauga. During the day, they work as a Marketing & Communications manager for an international non-profit theatre based in Toronto. However, their passion for local community arts – led them to developing a practice in DJing and ambient sound. Under the moniker nnvy, they have performed for a wide range of events and genres, from opening for a fashion show, local concerts, and even retails activations for brands such as Footlocker. nnvy's artistic vision revolves around the powerful connection between community, movement, and sound. Through a diverse range of work, they champion experimentation and play to create captivating and transformative experiences. nnvy loves to engage with the local arts community and explore wellness as a collective beyond the individual. They created Lunar Soundscapes as part of the City of Mississauga’s 2023 Love Local Music program, recruiting the talents of an incredible DJ (999Adj) and Mississauga-based multimedia artist (Jamez). Lunar Soundscapes crafts an immersive full moon journey, offering an opportunity to gather in community for collective healing, meditation, and dance. In visual arts, they received the inaugural Lily Chen Scholarship from Visual Arts Mississauga, and presented original collage pieces at the group exhibit, “Becoming and Being” in the beginning of 2023. They are grateful to have a myriad of opportunities to share their work with the city's thriving arts ecosystem.
Norma Nicholson
  • Norma Nicholson
  • I am a self-published author of four books, a respected healthcare professional, educator, public speaker, and community advocate for at-risk youth and families. My books are non-fiction, and their contents are used to intervene in aspects of today’s troubling world. 
“Young Lives on the Line; You Can Make a Difference” addresses some of the overarching processes about at-risk youth’s behaviours and strategies for working with the youth and family.
 “Walking Miles in Sensible Shoes; A nurse looks back on her vocation” is a riveting reading for the nursing student who wants to enter the career and is uncertain if this is the best career path and can be a gift to a graduating nurse. Get ready to find out what happens behind those drawn drapes and in the hallways of healthcare.
 “Codi’s Adventures, Canada my ‘fur-ever’ home” (series 1& 2) is a warm-hearted story of a Poodle who travelled many miles across the ocean to a new life in Canada. Read about his journey with your kids, ages 6-10 yrs.
 Find Norma's books at:
 Email Norma:
Norm Tendall
  • Norm Tendall
  • Norm emigrated from England in 1952 at age 17. He took several different jobs before going back to school to earn his RPA. He had a successful career in property management. He has made over 5000 wooden pens as well as various bowls, vases, walking sticks and Christmas novelty items. He often uses recycled wood, quite often from renovations such as the Sault Ste. Marie locks, University of Toronto Osgood Hall law library, the heritage log cabin in Mississauga and the Seguin ship in Bracebridge. The Mississauga Arts Council has purchased many of his pens as gifts for guest speakers and Mississauga Economic Development has bought several pens to give to potential overseas clients. He has had several other commercial clients and continues to enjoy displaying his work at craft shows. He has lived in Toronto and Mississauga with his wife Jan for over sixty years.
  • Oleyada
  • Oleyada is a bilingual (English/Spanish) indie-pop artist from Mississauga, Canada. She works alongside producer Mathew Fantini creating a dreamy rock-tinged sound that complements her soft, airy vocals and infectious pop melodies. Her music has been featured on CBC's television series Strays and Workin' Moms. She has most recently performed at the Wavelength Festival, Mississauga Music Week, and the Lemmon Stage Discovery Series.
Omar Hopkinson
  • Omar Hopkinson
  • Looking through the lens of art, “medium” refers to the substance an artist uses to create. Taken literally, you visualize the various forms of lines, colour, and shape as they come to life. Beyond those tropes, an artist, a person, with substance brings value to the world around them, creating something physically that has the power to connect and evoke emotion. Omar “Oms” Hopkinson was born in Toronto, Canada and was inspired to create and share his passion for art at a young age. As he’s matured through the years though, his art has become the medium in which he inspires, draws the best out of his subjects and forms a bond which fosters connection. His authenticity and love for not only what he does, but the people whom he serves, bleeds onto the canvas. Oms was raised by his single mom, Patricia, and recognizing his own love for art pursued higher education as a young adult, formally studying and obtaining degrees from both Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and Toronto School of Art (TSA). Drawing inspiration from Toronto’s urban culture, Oms was an early navigator of Toronto’s hip hop scene as a creative contributor and member of “The Circle”, a Toronto-based collective of artists including names like Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, and Jully Black. He continued this journey and became recognized as a live painter, creating art at various events and music festivals such as Outdoor House Music Festival, House of Paint (Ottawa), Escapade Music Festival, and more. As his scope broadened, Oms has worked across other industries and organizations, whether through his commissioned fashion projects with Footlocker, charitable work with the United Way, or his community work as a Board Member for Arts Milton. Oms reimagines what art means today, painting on all surfaces from canvas to found materials with a clear understanding of colour and its ability to evoke emotion. It’s through his medium he intends to inspire, building on his substance and leaving a positive impact.
Michael Roane
  • Michael Roane
  • ORAEN (“oh ray en”) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who shares his fiery passion for music with every song he creates. With his unique signature style with a conglomerate of punk rock vibes, a driving bass, pounding drums and melodic keys, ORAEN’s songs will grip you from the first to last note. As a kid, ORAEN often rushed home from school to jam out to albums from his favourite bands, including Rise Against, Linkin Park and Our Lady Peace. During the pandemic, the project “ORAEN” was born. Its pronunciation (“oh ray en”) sounds similar to “a ray in the dark.” ORAEN sees music as the opportunity to share stories, create a community, and spark change in a largely broken, fallen world. ORAEN hopes his songs are like a ray in the dark, helping listeners feel seen, heard and understood. ORAEN wrote and recorded his debut EP, “ARC ONE // DISARRAY” alone in his bedroom. The 4-track collection features upbeat guitar, crafty lyrics and an impressive array of explosive sounds. ORAEN has proven to be a clever musician, not only sharing a creative collection of stories with a crystal-clear vocals, but also showcasing his broad talent by designing every instrumental sound in his songs. ORAEN’s music is for fans of upbeat, energetic punk and rock musicians, like Billy Talent, Incubus and A Perfect Circle. If “ARC ONE // DISARRAY” is just a taste of what’s to come, ORAEN is on a fast track to creating unforgettable songs and encouraging social change.
Paige Blossom
  • Paige Blossom
  • Paige is a Mississauga born singer songwriter and performer of English/Scottish and Polish background. She has cross trained over the years in theatre, show choir, contemporary pop and is also an actor. She loves belting out the nation anthems and can be seen on occasion at a Raptors 905 game doing just that. She enjoys performing in and around the city and you’ll also catch her out performing during SaugaBusks along with her keyboard. She released her debut EP Vincent in 2020 and mentors with Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo. She writes vulnerable true to life stories and is on a mission to share her music near and far with a focus on encouraging positive mental health for everyone.
Pamela Di Raimondo
  • Pamela Di Raimondo
  • I started crocheting 7 years ago because I wanted to make a baby blanket for my niece's baby. I enjoyed creating the blanket and noticed it fulfilled me on many levels. Creating gives me comfort and joy. I continue to crochet and receive much acclaim from friends and family on my work. I am planning to start selling my creations at craft shows and markets.
Pam Rose
  • Pam Rose
  • I'm a cartoonist with an animation background and is an alum of Sheridan's animation program[Class of 87] I have taught cartooning to kids in the pass and is up to teaching life drawing to beginners. I also have 2 books of my personal work called Pamtoons 2 and 3. People think they are colouring books and no these are just drawings of people and other drawings I have done from 2019 to 2021. These books were a project I did during the lockdowns..
Lisa Lamothe
  • Lisa Lamothe
  • Trained in NYC at the world renown Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and through a scholarship at the NY School for Film & TV. Trained in Ballroom & Latin dancing. Burlesque / Chair Dancing Director of Theatre & Film Choreographer Photographer (Headshot & Branding - Business Promotion) Zumba (Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold & Zumba Kids)
Pat Bond
  • Pat Bond
  • Pat Bond can still remember her first reclaiming of what she considered to be a beautiful old relic from the wood pile on their small family farm. As an artist, her endeavours have included traditional oil on canvas, acrylic on weathered plywood and ink on tissue. Paper has become her medium of choice, having qualities that appeal to the eye, but also to the senses of touch and sound. Her love of worn and weathered materials resulted in an 1998 exhibition (Out of the Pit) in a Mississauga Salvage yard where her materials were gleaned. The next year, a desire to honour the 20th anniversary of the Mississauga train derailment and evacuation of 1979, became an acrylic on canvas exhibition (Looking Back: the Derailment Show) at the Living Art Centre. In 2005, Bond employed acrylic on canvas for a series featuring the monarch butterfly (Danaus Plexippus). Growing milkweed lead to a fondness for the studying and raising of monarchs. After being accepted into the Colour and Form Society, there were many more opportunities to exhibit through various galleries including the Art Gallery of Mississauga and the Etobicoke Civic Centre. 2007 was the 50th anniversary of the founding of St. Luke’s Church, Dixie South. Bond’s proposal was a small (3” x 5”) commemorative booklet with photos, artwork and scripture passages. Two hundred copies, designed and printed by Bond and assembled by volunteers were given to members of the congregation. Copies were accepted into the Rare Books Collection of the Canadian National Library and Archives. A mentorship program with VJane Gordon at the Dundas Valley School of Art began a new era of discovery, and a shift in materials. Improvisational drawing became the means to experimentation on large sheets of translucent paper capturing not only bugs and butterflies, but everything else that could be seen, smelled or heard! Words became important and text called for pages, beginning another part of the journey: a more intentional approach to books! At the Japanese Paper Place, Bond was introduced to traditional bookbinding and began to accumulate sheets of delicate hand-made papers to paint, cut up, and bind into various sizes and shapes of books. She then could insert artwork, poetry, scripture, feathers and other treasures from the bits and pieces in her collections. These efforts lead to a series of banners each with a book or other auxiliary piece. As Covid-19 became an influence, new projects emerged, seen in the carving of wooden nails from twigs, a Covid-19 fashion collection and a Productivity Planner transformation. Finally, the Skeletal Selfie was accepted into the UNframed exhibition at the Propeller Gallery, February, 2023.
  • I am a multi-gifted artist with gifts in different genres of art. I am an aspiring singer/songwriter/spoken word artist; I create digital visual Art using a collage/mashup of different images ; I digitally design religious and motivational t-shirts and other products, and I create hand-made beaded jewelry for men, women, and children, using different materials such as wood, acrylic, semi-precious stones etc.
Paula Velasquez
  • Paula Velasquez
  • I am a lover of all music as well as meeting and collaborating with people who also have a love of the arts.
Pernia Jamshed
  • Pernia Jamshed
  • I'm a multidisciplinary digital designer with an academic background in Sociology. My fervor for information and design has driven me to collaborate with globally recognized brands such as Gucci, BlackRock, Stanford, iShares, University of Toronto, Refinery29, and CBC Gem, all with the aim of making their content more accessible.
Peta-Gaye Nash
  • Peta-Gaye Nash
  • Peta-Gaye Nash is a multi-genre writer of poetry, short fiction and children's literature. Her latest children's book Bushyhead won a Canada Book Awards 2021. Bushyhead empowers children to embrace their natural hair. Common themes in her writing include anti-bullying, diversity, inclusion, self-acceptance and empowerment.
Peter Toller
  • Peter Toller
  • In 1973, 8 students at Port Credit Secondary School formed a rock ‘n’ roll band. People were feeling nostalgic and looking back to another era. The movie American Graffiti was in theatres, the musical GREASE was on stage and the show Happy Days arrived on TV in 1974. The students called themselves Little Peter and the Elegants and made their debut at the school's Christmas Assembly, performing three songs. Even though the band members have changed over the years, the band’s passion for 50s, 60s and 70s music, especially the vocal harmonies, has remained the same. The current line-up has been together for 10 years and 7 of the band members sing at least one lead which gives great variety to our presentation. Our audience often includes three generations making our music a "generation bridge"! It's great family entertainment with many people singing along with the band as the lyrics are so well known. Certainly, the movie GREASE renewed interest among all ages in the rock 'n' roll era. The band performs across Ontario from Niagara Falls to Owen Sound and between Kincardine and Kingston. The band performs songs from solo artists such as Elvis, Roy Orbison and Fats Domino and covers the harmonies of vocal groups such as Dion and the Belmonts, The Skyliners and The Beach Boys. We will please any dancing or listening crowd! Please check the web site which is full of information.
Andrzej Pietrewicz
  • Andrzej Pietrewicz
  • Andrzej Pietrewicz is an independent musician, composer and producer located in Port Credit, Ontario. He makes modern, mostly-instrumental music for small ensembles.
Pink Leather Jackets
  • Pink Leather Jackets
  • Pink Leather Jackets are a group of honest dudes from Toronto, Canada with great harmonies, singing really well written, catchy, original punk-rock songs at the top of their lungs. They placed runners-up in 97.7HTZ FM 2020 Rocksearch, have been nominated for a Mississauga MARTY award, recently featured on 94.9 The Rock's Generation Next, and are currently set to open for Stereos upcoming southern Ontario tour in March 2022.
Daniela Rocha
  • Daniela Rocha
  • My artistic work is the result of my experiences living and working in various parts of Latin America. The rich and vibrant cultures of the places I’ve visited have been my main inspiration to create and share my artistic vision with others. I enjoy painting colorful pre-Colombian figures to honour my history and plants as I love spending time in nature. As a Colombian artist based in Canada is empowering for me to paint about my Latin-American roots enriching Canadian multiculturalism.
Pratap Reddy
  • Pratap Reddy
  • Winner of 2021 Marty for Literature, Pratap Reddy immigrated to Canada from India in 2002, bringing, like contraband, a dream of becoming a writer. It happened years later, with tips and help from fellow writers and organizations like Diaspora Dialogues and Mississauga Arts Council. An underwriter by day and a writer by night, he writes about the agony and angst (on occasion the ecstasies) of newly arrived immigrants. He is an alumnus of the Humber School of Writers, and has two published book "Weather Permitting & Other Stories" (Guernica, 2016) and a novel "Ramya's Treasure" (Guernica, 2028). He has a collection "Remaindered People & Other Stories" awaiting publication. One of the stories "The Lime Tree" in the upcoming collection was first published, he is proud to add, in the anthology "Changing the Face of Canadian Literature." He lives in Mississauga with his wife and son, and is 'working' (yes, wiping the sweat off his brow) on a second novel tentatively titled "Praful's Errands".
Pujita Verma
  • Pujita Verma
  • Pujita Verma is an Indo-Canadian poet and illustrator. She was Mississauga’s Youth Poet Laureate (2018-2020), a Poetry In Voice National Finalist, and recipient of the Ron Lenyk Award (Literary Arts). Recently, Pujita was longlisted for Palette Poetry’s Love & Eros Prize.
Purawai Vyas
  • Purawai Vyas
  • Purawai Vyas, is an emerging dance artist who began her training in Bharatanatyam at the age of eight and completed her arangetram in 2015, under Guru Lata Pada, at Sampradaya Dance Academy. Based in the GTA, Purawai has been a part of multiple dance works and festivals in the community including the works of Suma Nair, Atri Nundy, Parshwanath Upadhye and Lata Pada. She performed for multiple festivals ,including Citadel + Compagnie's "Night Shift" and DanceOntario DanceWeekend. Purawai has received the Manorama Thakkar Award for Indian Dance and has also received the IMASCO Performing Arts Award at York University. She was a finalist for the 2021 MARTY’s in the Emerging Artist Dance category. Purawai has received training in Limon-based contemporary, ballet, kalarippayattu and hip hop. Currently, She is exploring her practice and training in Bharatanatyam as a basis for creating contemporary works. She premiered her first dance film, “chitra”, as a part of CanAsian Dance’s Grit: Short Dances festival in May 2021 and is working on her first solo choreography as a part of Sampradaya’s Springboard initiative. She is currently a teacher and company dancer at Sampradaya Dance Creations and has also joined Nova Dance as a company dancer this past year. Purawai holds a BFA in Dance along with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from York University.
  • Qian SHEN
  • I am a painting artist and college teacher, good at figurative oil painting, focusing on decorative style. In my opinion, artists are the most sensitive people with innate insight into beautiful things. I believe that all the beautiful things in the world can be perceived and recorded with the brush, turning the fleeting beauty into eternity and sharing it with others. Therefore, I think it is the lofty mission and lifelong pursuit of an artist to constantly discover beauty, record beauty, create beauty and make the human world better and better.
Queti Azurin
  • Queti Azurin
  • I make mixed media artwork with bas-relief composed dominantly of sawdust. Most people have to control their urge to touch and feel the medium. The texture is inviting and tickles curiosity. I make drawings with playful narratives, vibrant colors, asymmetrical forms and textured with interlacing disorderly squiggly strokes. Creating art is how I process and deal with deep emotions and thoughts to get to a level of understanding, acceptance, release and joy. It is my hope that viewers that are able to resonate with the art pieces can be recipients of the healing and joy that art can bring.
Qurat Dar
  • Qurat Dar
  • Qurat Dar was the City of Mississauga’s third Youth Poet Laureate (2021-2023) and the 2020 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam National Champion. Her work has appeared in Canthius, Augur Magazine, and virtual reality, among other places. She is deeply interested in the intersections between the sciences and the arts, especially in the context of the climate crisis.
Radhika Baskar
  • Radhika Baskar
  • I perform on the Veena. Its an acoustic and a chordophone instrument from India. Indian classical music reflects on expressing emotions and creating the aesthetic. In my classical music performances based on ragas, I want my listeners to feel uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, healed , peaceful, meditative and enchanted. when presented with proper understanding, this beautiful music can elevate both the performers and the listeners to touch the soul. I am influenced by arabic music,contemporary music, fusion, pop and jazz and i try to blend different elements in my compositions and improvisations. Rhythm also plays an important role in my performances, I will be supported by a power packed percussion artists. I also perform duet along with my daughter Adhithi on the Piano. We create music together. I also provide veena support for dance music orchestration, Bharatnatyam and other light music genres as well. Have good experience performing in musical ensembles too. Now having settled in Canada, I have collaborated with Alysha Brilla for her original song ' Love'. Its a song of Hope for anyone with a heavy heart. Veena perfectly can bring the emotions you need in a song and also Veena sounds close to the human voice which makes it really appealing and soul stirring.
Rana Hossain
Rashmi Pluscec
  • Rashmi Pluscec
  • Rashmi is the author of poetry books Chaos, Desolate World, in 15 words, Echo, Paper Moon, Maddening Gyres, and Carnival. She is also a contributing poet on Threads, Passages, and Ballads - anthologies by Dagda Publishing. Her poetry is typically dark, and surreal with a hint of the abstract. She was nominated for the 2014 Mississauga Arts Council Award for Literary Arts. Rashmi has an M.A. in English.
Ray Vidal
  • Ray Vidal
  • Ray Vidal is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, illustrator, muralist, musician and educator based in the Greater Toronto Area. He is passionate about bringing people together through public art engagement, mentorships, workshops and community programming. Currently, he focuses on murals, commissioned base work and teaching community programs and workshops for children and youth in the GTA. Ray Vidal has also recorded 2 full-length albums and a small EP with his Marty Award winning band the Five and Tens. He currently continues to work on his music and perform all over the GTA, engage in public art initiatives and teach art programs with the Visual Arts of Mississauga and Queen Elizabeth Parkway Community and Culture Centre.
Rob Scott
  • Rob Scott
  • I am a full-time artist based in Mississauga, focusing on oil painting and pencil drawings of urban/rural landscapes and various still life subjects that interest me. My art business is called Charles Bruce Art; I have an online portfolio as well as regular postings of my work on Instagram and Facebook.
Rebecca Zizek
Reem El Attar
  • Reem El Attar
  • I’m a digital illustrator whos passionate about public art
Renata Janiszewska
  • Renata Janiszewska
  • I have made art from a very young age. I was born in London, England and grew up in my father’s graphic design studio. I studied fine art at the University of Toronto and experimental art at Ontario College of Art and Design University. I have been painting exclusively on electronic canvas since 2010, and joined the artistic movement Techspressionism in 2021 My present work comprises both still and animated artworks in which I aim to strike a balance between beauty and the ineffable. In the blink of an eye, light and color generate spaces that are gigantic or miniscule, while liberated forms create, destroy, then recreate their own visual ecologies. I create biomorphic forms combining AI with hand drawn gestures. I also create original music to accompany my animated works. My still digital 4k images enlarge beautifully to become skins to wrap outdoor objects or printed on aluminium to use on hoardings or billboards.
Serena Salvosa
  • Serena Salvosa
  • For as long as Serena can remember, singing and songwriting have been a huge part of her life. Growing up with a family of singers, she was always encouraged to expand her musical abilities by joining many choirs, taking piano lessons as a child, and voice lessons as a teen. Serena is proud to continue this family legacy by sharing her passion for music with her 2 children. In addition to music, Serena also has a passion for photography and graphic design, having proudly created all visual media for her own single, Both Feet.
Rihaan Patel
  • Rihaan Patel
  • I am independent filmmaker based in Mississauga
Riley Ellery
  • Riley Ellery
  • I am an actor and musician Toronto-born and Mississauga raised. I started playing the drums and producing music when I was 13 and in high school, was a drummer in two bands, one of which would regularly perform throughout Mississauga. The other one won recording time in a competition adjudicated by guitarist Ricky Tillo. I am a 2022 graduate of Humber College’s Acting for Film and TV program. Since 2018, I have been releasing music on major streaming platforms under the name Hypre Holiday. I produce all my music.
Rohan Dhupar
  • Rohan Dhupar
  • Rohan is a queer Indo-Canadian artist working primarily at the intersection of dance and theatre. He maintains practices as a performer, choreographer, director, producer and teacher. Rohan holds a Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance from Sheridan College, a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management from Queen's University, and is currently working towards his Master's at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. Rohan has worked with dance and theatre companies across the country, is an associate artist with Mississauga-based company Frog in Hand, and is a frequent guest artist at Cawthra Park Secondary School. He is the co-founder of his own collective Theatre Oculus, which premiered their inaugural production "Venus & Adonis" at the 2021 Toronto Digital Fringe Festival with support from MAC's Matchmaker MicroGrant program. Rohan's work promotes action-inciting discussions surrounding civic engagement and justice, equitable representation in theatre, eliminating access barriers, decolonizing art-making practices, and decentralizing power in creative, administrative and institutional processes.
Rosemary Broos
  • Rosemary Broos
  • I have always had a passion for the creative side of life. I try to capture on canvas the beauty of flowers and landscapes and try to incorporate realism with impressionism. I have studied at VAM and Spillane Studio of fine arts and belong to the Thursday Artists group. I have been fortunate enough to be in a solo exhibition and have participated in juried shows in Oakville and Mississauga. My influences have been the impressionist painters of a time past.
  • A mind of an Artist By Rekha Pevekar I am a self trained painter, but this talent I have inherited from my family, which has a rich heritage in art. I travel far and distant places with my camera and my shots reveals my true inner self. Spectacular views of real life and beauty of the nature scenes through my camera makes me become more into painting and these translate my heart and soul to my art work. I work on all subjects from Floral to Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Seascape to the Portrait. Each subject is a challenge for me but I enjoy it and try to remain closer to the likeness of it. My paintings are more towards to the realism; however, I use other methods and varied ideas according to the subject matter. Luminous colour excites me, and I am fascinated by light and its interpretations in a transparent medium to create settings and atmosphere. My medium is Oil paint using traditional layers of glazes. Many Galleries and shows display my art exhibits and my participation won many coveted awards. Painting has become my passion and it not only gives me great pleasure but also it makes become more satisfied and complete when my work evokes enjoyment to the viewers. My Art Studio: Mississauga, Ontario Phone (905) 277 - 5111 email: Web:
Robert J. Sawyer
  • Robert J. Sawyer
  • Robert J. Sawyer, dubbed "the dean of Canadian science fiction" by both the CBC and THE TORONTO STAR, is a member of both the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario and he holds honorary doctorates from Laurentian University and the University of Winnipeg. An inductee into Legend's Row: Mississauga's Walk of Fame, winner of the Established Literary Artist Marty Award in 2002 and a Lifetime Achievement Marty Award in 2017, Rob serves as a citizenship officiant for the Mississauga Office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, frequently swearing in new Canadian citizens. He was one of the initial nine inductees into the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Rob has won the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards for Best Novel of the Year as well as the Robert A. Heinlein Award, the Hal Clement Award, and the Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award. His twenty-four bestselling novels include THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE, QUANTUM NIGHT, CALCULATING GOD, and FLASHFORWARD, basis for the ABC TV series of the same name.
The Indestructible RUNXGUN
  • The Indestructible RUNXGUN
  • RUNXGUN (said like "run n' gun") is a rap duo consisting of Gudini and J.O. Mairs, two Mississauga natives and seasoned emcees from an era where bars and lyrical skill were still a main focal point of rap music.
Mary-Lisa Russo
  • Mary-Lisa Russo
  • You have ventured into the writing world of Mary-Lisa Russo, an avid storyteller observing the universe around her and her humble place amongst the stars. She is a university graduate who majored in English Literature and continues to nurture her ongoing writing education at a local college and via writing seminars. She is a passionate reader and enjoys writing reviews she uploads on various platforms such as her own website, as well as on Goodreads, NetGalley, Instagram, Tiktok and Amazon. She is a member of various writers' groups and is currently promoting her debut poetry compilation, "Love Me Breathless... Because True Love Never Dies." In addition, she is writing her second poetry book which she cannot share with her readers. Mary-Lisa is a proud Canadian with a weakness for potato chips, rose-gold fountain pens, and the scent of old, dusty books.
Rusti Kurlawalla
  • Rusti Kurlawalla
  • Rusti Kurlawalla was born in British East Africa, Mombassa. As a child, he was enveloped by nature, where the love for shape and colour was ignited. Plucked from there he was sent to India for education, where he was inspired by his paternal uncle, who was a fantastic artist himself. ​As a young man, he entered the aviation world in the Middle East and served his work well with absolute perfection. After his retirement from the aviation world in 2001, he returned to Canada, where his love for art got ignited.. His paintings convey his individuality, and his spontaneous ideas. He felt extremely blessed to get up each morning and paint at his will. In Canada he had the opportunity to interact with other art organizations and artists. Painting is therapeutic to him Abstract art can be triggered by color, form, or shape. He works with acrylics, heavy mediums and pouring mediums. His biggest addiction is a blank canvas. ​As an artist, it is his aim to liberate the viewer a moment in time, and to transform the viewer to his world of art. When one likes a painting, it is the result of the energy that has touched the viewer and draws the person to watch it from a more personal level, appreciate it, and feel it. One buys a painting when there is a connection, struck between the canvas and the viewer. ​His inspiration has no boundaries. It comes from nature, objects, automobiles, home designs, and dresses. He is taught by inspirations and gut feelings. Uplifting music plays a huge role when he paints, and depicts his results.
Ryan Gallagher
  • Ryan Gallagher
  • An aspiring poet who only started writing poetry after having a mental health crisis. Now I have an emotional support cat named Naya and I enjoy learning about writing and mental health.
Sabrina Narzoles Aly
  • Sabrina Narzoles Aly
  • Female Muslim Filmmaker in Mississauga looking to make films for stories that have yet to be represented on the screen.
Sachin Jadhav
  • Sachin Jadhav
  • A passionate professional with a zest for capturing beauty in everyday life. An artist who sees the world through a lens, creating stunning photos that tell a story. A photographer who has a unique and stylish perspective on the world around them. I have grown up in Mumbai, India; the land of colour, culture, vibrance and emotions. I have travelled across country to capture vibrancy of different cultures and colours. My lens have captured various religions rituals, candid moments, nature, various streets of the land. I have experienced and captured wildlife through my lens from various tiger reserves, national reserves. In India, thrice I have participated in Manikarnika art gallery of online exhibition and competitions of photography. I am based out of Mississauga now and would love to see through my lens. I would like to welcome you to see the world, moments, emotions through my lens.
Sabyasachi Nag
  • Sabyasachi Nag
  • Sabyasachi (Sachi) Nag is the author of Hands Like Trees, a story collection, (Ronsdale Press, 2023) and three collections of poetry, including Uncharted (Mansfield Press, 2021) and Could You Please, Please Stop Singing (Mosaic Press, 2015). His work has appeared in Anomaly, Black Fox Literary, Canadian Literature, Grain, The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review and The Windsor Review, among other places. An alumnus of the Banff Centre Literary Arts Program, Sachi holds creative writing certificates from the Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University and Humber College. He is currently an MFA Candidate at the University of British Columbia. He lives with his wife and son in Mississauga which is part of the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishinaabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. You can also find him at and the where he explores lit craft.
Sahar Golshan
  • Sahar Golshan
  • Sahar Golshan is the author of the debut picture book So Loud! (Annick Press, spring 2024) Illustrations by Shiva Delsooz. She is a writer, language learner, and the director of the short documentary KAR. Her writing has appeared in Room, Taclanese, The Ex-Puritan, Shameless, and Tongues: On Longing and Belonging through Language. She is the 2022 winner of the Marina Nemat Award for Creative Writing in Non-Fiction and a recipient of the 2019 Air Canada Short Film Award. Sahar is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at the University of Guelph. (Photo credit: Dinaly Tran)
Matt Salisbury
  • Matt Salisbury
  • I am an illustrator and arts educator, my style of work is expressive and incorporates a wide array of media including; digital, mixed media, and animation. My main work is narrative and sequential illustration, primarily I work as a comic book artist and graphic novelist and focus on telling stories about individual struggles, familial dilemmas and surreal exploration with elements of folklore and science fiction.
Samuel Liu
  • Samuel Liu
  • Samuel Liu is the Founding Facilitator of DRUMIN.CA and Studio Director of Perfect Harmony Music Studio. Originally from Hong Kong, he moved to Mississauga during his teenage years and has called it home ever since. With a background in Accounting and Finance from his university days, Sam spent over 15 years in the corporate world. However, driven by his deep-rooted passion for music, he made a life-changing decision to transition into his true calling. His passion lies in building community through music and drum circle facilitation. Trained by world-recognized percussionist Arthur Hull, widely known as "The Father of Modern Drum Circle," Sam designs engaging drumming activities for wellness and team building. As a Trained HealthRHYTHMS facilitator, he offers a transformative experience through the power of rhythm. Sam is the 2023 Project MicroGrant Winner (ArtsCare Program Development) awarded by the Mississauga Arts Council (MAC), currently extending the benefits of group drumming to schools, daycare centers, long-term care facilities, corporations, and religious groups across the GTA.
Samuel Burrows
  • Samuel Burrows
  • I've been immersed in the world of professional filmmaking since 2007, delving into unscripted adventure television and corporate video production. My expertise spans Directing, Camera Operation, Photography, Video Editing, Project Management and Storytelling. I hold an advanced Diploma in Film and Television Production from Humber College, fostering my passion for the craft. Throughout my career, I've created compelling corporate video content at SBM and contributed as part of the team at a few production houses. Collaborating with a diverse range of brands such as Earth Rated, Microsoft, Tim Hortons, Sport Chek, Cotopaxi and others has provided me with invaluable experiences in visual storytelling. Currently, I serve as the Director of Production at Heliconia, an Ottawa-based adventure television production company. In this role, I oversee 20+ staff on the production of 7 television series, including Epic Trails, Facing Waves, Great Family Adventure, Adventure Cities, Outdoor Eats, Road Trip Angler, and Hook, Line & History. These programs are aired on esteemed networks such as National Geographic, Bally Sports (formerly FOX), Amazon Prime, Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, PBS, Apple TV+, and more. My journey in the industry has been a thrilling adventure, allowing me to hone my skills while collaborating with different creative teams and contributing to captivating television and corporate video content.
Luis Sanchez
  • Luis Sanchez
  • Luis Sanchez-Blanco is an accomplished director, writer, and creative force with an impressive portfolio in theater and the arts. As a student at the University of Toronto, his work has garnered significant recognition, including directing the acclaimed production of "Grease" at the Hart House Theatre as well as award-winning runs at the Hart House Drama Festival
Sandra Clarke
  • Sandra Clarke
  • Zero-waste textile, fiber, paper artist and craftivist, Sandra Clarke, has been untangling skeins of yarn, repurposing fabric, and making useful shiny things for over 30 years. Born in the colourful, Celtic, Montreal neighbourhood of Griffintown, and educated in Montreal, New York, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto, helped Sandra develop her eclectic style. Her textile, fiber, and paper arts and courses include; eco-printing, natural rust dyeing, quilting, embroidery, weaving, spinning, sewing, felting, crochet, knitting, junk journals, altered books, contemporary scrapbooking, and digital paper art. On the shiny arts side, she creates and teaches; fused glass, beaded trees of life, jewelry, and button making. Her art can be seen regularly in boutiques, galleries, and online. Sandra illustrations are featured in ecology themed coloring books that can be found on Amazon, art galleries, and in her courses. Nature themes are also explored in Sandra's illustrations, both graphic and by hand. Using Adobe Illustrator Sandra creates colourful, multi-patterned designs representing nature, ecological, community, steampunk, gothic, shabby chic, vintage, and journaling themes. Patterns are largely featured in Sandra’s art. She employs the Fibonacci Sequence, non-euclidean mathematics, and fractals in many of her art forms. She teaches art and art business courses online, in galleries and schools. Sandra gives traditional arts a contemporary life while still retaining practicality and function. Fueled by the fast-fashion rebellion, visible mending and craftivism, Sandra's zero-waste philosophy results in ethically made and thoughtfully re-fashioned textile, fibre, and paper art. Sandra's life and art was deeply affected by the death of her daughter, Emily, on January 1st, 2021 due to complications from her May 2019 heart transplant. Sandra lives with her husband and son, dividing her time between her home in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and her off-grid cabin-in-the-woods near Algonquin Park in Highlands East, Ontario. Email:
Sandra Robson
  • Sandra Robson
  • ARTIST STATEMENT “Creating is an extension of my core. Society taught me to colour between the lines, – yet I am drawn to play outside of those lines. Nature captures my attention and loads my palette with the desire to paint. Painting is an expressive indulgence providing the opportunity to explore an intimate conversation with my inner voice. Each brushstroke is celebrated in expressive movement. Through my eyes, I bring a touch of nature indoors.”
Sarah Catharine
  • Sarah Catharine
  • My name is Sarah Catharine and I am an independent singer-songwriter and producer from Canada, who records all my music in my car! Earlier this year I released by very first single, That’s a Lie, which was later followed by my second single, I’d Be Dead Too. While ‘That’s a Lie’ mirrors a dark-pop, Billie Eilish style, ‘I’d Be Dead Too’ is an emotional pop ballad, often compared to Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, that features a powerful bridge that was teased on Tik Tok reaching over 40,000 views. I am so excited to announce that my debut EP ‘Thank You for the Content’ will be out on September 24th, and was fully written and produced by myself. It features five breakup pop songs, with the goal of each song sounding different from the other. The premise of my EP is all about celebrating the heartbreak and taking bad situations and turning them into good songs!
Sarah Mizzi
  • Sarah Mizzi
  • A Mississauga based makeup artist specializing in theatre and film.
Sarena and Sasha Nanua
  • Sarena and Sasha Nanua
  • Sarena Nanua and Sasha Nanua are twin sisters living in Ontario, Canada. Born on Diwali ten minutes apart from each other, they grew up loving stories about twins and magic, and began writing books together when they were nine years old. After graduating from the English and Professional Writing programs at the University of Toronto, they published the RIA & RANI duology with HarperTeen. Their debut book for middle grade readers, Spirit Service, will release in Spring 2025 from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.
Saumya Sharma
  • Saumya Sharma
  • My name is Saumya Sharma, I am a 19 years old pop singer songwriter. I am currently studying at the Metalworks institute in the APE (Audio production and Engineering) program. I had also studied at Seneca Colleges’ IPS program, (Independent Performance and Songwriting) in September 2022. It has been a great journey, producing, writing and performing. I have been writing and performing since the age of 11. I play the guitar and I also sing Indian Classical music, accompanying myself with the harmonium. I am in love with music, and I am taking it forward, by making it my career. I also keep performing at open mics. Since my childhood, I have been taking part in the school choir, and writing poems. I released my new single recently, which is called Remember me. More of my songs are coming up soon, and I am looking forward for you to hear them.
Jasmine Sawant
  • Jasmine Sawant
  • SAWITRI Theatre Group is an award-winning, incorporated not-for-profit organization based in Mississauga since 2003. Under the artistic leadership of Jasmine Sawant and Shruti Shah, SAWITRI presents original, challenging and exciting works featuring established professionals as well as emerging artists and newcomers. SAWITRI’s mandate is to inform, entertain and heal through the arts that are South Asian in character, origin or topic and foreground issues of universal social importance and political relevance. SAWITRI’s projects are women-centric and new gen-focused exploring issues of identity, relationships, self-image, self-esteem, mental health, abuse, ageing and loneliness. Community-building, collaboration, caring and sharing are at the heart of SAWITRI’s works.
Shadow Entertainment
  • Shadow Entertainment
  • Shadow Entertainment is the largest South Asian dance company in Canada. Combining the strengths of top dancers around the GTA, Shadow seeks to dedicate its time and effort towards showcasing upbeat, entertaining and power-packed performances. Our goal is to incorporate several dance styles including: Bollywood, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Hip Hop, Dappan Koothu (Ghana), Dancehall, Folk Dance (Garba, Dandia) and Contemporary in a well-mixed fusion between Western and South Asian culture. Members of this company are dedicated, passionate and goal-driven to entertain you with music and dance that is bound to leave a positive and lasting impression. Shadow Entertainment holds confidence in delivering the best and most well-executed choreography that is yet to be seen.
Susan Hamann
  • Susan Hamann
  • Susan Hamann Actor | Acting Teacher & Audition Coach | Theatre Director Susan is most recognized for her role as Mary-Kate Sinclair on Degrassi: The Next Generation Seasons 8-11. For more Actor & Assistant Director credits visit: Susan’s career in the film and television industry also includes several years of working behind the camera as an assistant director while a member of The Directors’s Guild of Canada (DGC). Susan holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction (Drama Specialist) degree from the University of Toronto. Susan trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and various acting institutions in Toronto including Equity Showcase, Second City, and C.A.S.T. Susan has dual citizenship Swiss & Canadian At her own studio, Page to Camera…and the space between located in Port Credit Susan Hamann offers ongoing actor training, audition coaching and self-tape audition production. Virtual acting classes & coaching sessions with Susan are also available online via ZOOM. Susan’s work as an acting teacher and audition coach has been recognized by agents and actors alike. Susan works holistically in response to the actor's specific needs.  She draws from various schools of acting: Meisner, Stanislavski, Method, Stella Adler etc.  Her aim is to guide the actor to a truthful non-acting performance.  Susan has also taught Stage Acting and Comedy at various performing arts academies in Toronto & North York. She directed numerous stage productions for the Ovation Player’s touring company with performances at local high schools and theatre venues in Richmond Hill, Markham, and Whitchurch-Stouffville. Susan is passionate about helping actors realize their potential as artists whether it be on stage or in front of the camera.
Shazlin Rahman
  • Shazlin Rahman
  • Shazlin Rahman is a Malaysian-born Toronto artist. Her art project Her Sarong is inspired by her late grandmother's collection of batik sarongs. Shazlin's acrylic paintings use lines and minimalist elements to explore notions of "home". Her recycled cardboard art pieces honours her grandmother's tradition of giving discarded materials a second life. Her custom artwork and prints are available at and you can follow her creative work on Instagram at @hersarong.
Shehan Herath
  • Shehan Herath
  • Hello, I'm Shehan, a multifaceted artist excelling in singing, songwriting, and music composition. From my earliest memories, music has captivated my heart, with a special affinity for classical compositions alongside an exploration of diverse genres. My lifelong aspiration has been to give back to the community through my musical endeavors, recognizing the universal importance of music in people's lives. Moving forward, I aim to continue creating heartfelt melodies, sharing my voice, and crafting a plethora of beautiful songs.
Shehzar Abro
  • Shehzar Abro
  • I am an experienced visual artist, mid-level animator, and educator currently residing in Canada and originally from Karachi, Pakistan. I've lent my skills to various projects, including notable works such as TV series "Sausage Party: Foodtopia" (Bardel Entertainment) and "Mia and Codie," (Relish Studios). My enthusiasm for education has led me to roles such as Studio Technician for Animation at Emily Carr University and Lab Instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I've crafted courses like "Drawing for Animators" and "Visual Story and Character Development” at Alberta University of the Arts. I directed an animated/live-action short “Now Showing” with support from the Canada Council of the Arts and in collaboration with Fight With A Stick Performance. I have exhibited and painted live in various shows in Vancouver, Karachi, Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. In 2018, I was commissioned by the High Commission of Pakistan in Australia to paint a mural on its façade. In collaboration with the Karachi Biennale in 2019, I introduced an Australian mental health initiative at the NJV School in Karachi. I also curated and exhibited at Impact I and Impact II, which were shown at Movenpick Hotel Karachi Art Gallery and Gallery ArtOne62. In 2018, I organized a Pakistani photography exhibition for Consulate General of Pakistan in Sydney, and assisted in curating Jimmy Engineer’s exhibition at the Willoughby City Council in North Sydney. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts from University of the Fraser Valley (2022) and diplomas in 3D Animation from Vancouver Film School (2020) and SAE Institute Sydney (2019).
Shelley Foster
  • Shelley Foster
  • After picking up the brush again in my 40s, I found such joy and peace. My style is loose and juicy, a rich exploration of colour and shape. I work a variety of water soluble mediums into my pieces.
Sherry Prenevost
  • Sherry Prenevost
  • I am privileged to have been witness to many wondrous people and places on earth. Through photography, I strive to capture the essence of these experiences in order to share the splendour of landscape and spirit. Challenges of the human condition and natural environment work to educate, expand and strengthen my creativity and capacity for compassion. My greatest inspirations come from raw moments of human experience and the exquisite beauty of nature. Photography allows me to capture environment and culture, independent of bias or censorship, as a means to explore diversity; through which, I hope to bring about an understanding of differences and a sharing of commonalities.
Shirley Wu
Shujuan An
  • Shujuan An
  • Visual Artist AnShuJuan,The happiest thing for me is definitely my love of drawing,especially Chinese ink painting. It is hopped that people of all nationalities in the world can understand and appreciate Chinese ink painting .
Signe Miranda & Richard M. Kiernicki
  • Signe Miranda & Richard M. Kiernicki
  • Signe Miranda and Richard M. Kiernicki are authors, musicians & workshop leaders both in the band, Signe Miranda's Veranda, an alternative-roots-rock five-piece band, also performing solo/duo acoustic-folk-pop, with two band albums & one solo album. The live band includes Signe (vocals, guitar & songwriting), Richard M. Kiernicki (drums), Chris Birkett (lead guitar), Shari Tallon (keys) & Marcus Walker (bass). Signe has toured across Canada multiple times, played in the UK & Norway, charted on college radio across Canada and received the honour of "Musician of the Year" 2020-2021 from the Toronto Musicians' Association. As author of "The Song Creation Formula," (Signe) & multiple award-winning "The Capitalist's Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital" (Richard), Signe & Richard run songwriting workshops & as financial professionals, workshops on "Finding Money You Didn't Know You Had," to help artists protect their financial future so they can focus on their passion & purpose. Music & Songwriting Workshops: Richard's Book Website: Financial Professional Website:
Simran Patel
  • Simran Patel
  • I am a practicing artist. I started learning art in high school and have continued ever since. I specialize in mandala and pattern art. I enjoy working with different art mediums and mixing them to create beautiful pieces but mandalas patterns are a foundation of my art style and are visible in all my digital and print work.
Sima Naseem
  • Sima Naseem
  • Sima is a Pakistani Canadian artist who works with multiple mediums with a focus on animation, painting and illustration. I enjoy making playful creations that come alive and make the viewer feel engaged and foster emotions of pure childhood happiness. I try to bring urgency to my work and have won multiple time-sensitive art competitions. I want to combine my love for all art mediums into mixed media, installations, and films. I am always looking for new and creative ways to share my artistic knowledge and love for creative expression.
Simon Shiirley
  • Simon Shiirley
  • Dedicated to the fostering of a harmonious community and the edification of the vulnerable of our civilization through Photography and Photojournalism. As a former member of the UK based National Union of Journalist, and currently, the curator of The Sim Sim Gallery of Emerging Photographic Talent, I continue to strive to unite people of all walks of life, through the imagery of unbiased photography.
Srinivas Kasturi
  • Srinivas Kasturi
  • I'm a filmmaker, writer, editor, director & producer living in mIssissauga.
Richard Szabo
  • Richard Szabo
  • My greatest inspiration in life, has been life itself. So vast and varied. So here I sit on the fringe, giving my opinion. I began early on in life with a natural ability to draw and paint, the basics. I soon realized that this gift would become my whole life. Everything is art. As a child I loved two things above all else, drawing and Elvis (my Dad was a master carpenter and huge Elvis fan) so naturally I learned to play the guitar by teaching myself when I was 11 years old. This all laid a course that lead to woodworking, carving, guitar building which led to learning to play other instruments and building these instruments, forging, Wing Chun (interesting story) and my current main focus, chainsaw carving. Carving large scale, with a chainsaw draws me in like a moth to a flame. The concept itself is artistic, such a barbaric tool being used to make such beautiful sculptures. I like to combine as many of my skills as I can into one project to make it a true one of a kind that was seemingly pulled from the clients mind itself. When it comes to creating something from my own mind, there are no limits and anything is possible. If it's art, it's interesting, it's inspiring and it's everything I am.
Sahana Murali
  • Sahana Murali
  • Sahana, a Canadian singer-songwriter from Mississauga, began singing and writing at the age of 7. Trained in various genres including pop, classical, jazz, and Broadway, she showcases her versatility and captivating performances. Additionally, Sahana has pursued Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam) and piano since the age of 4. Sahana attended Cawthra Park High School for her high school education and is presently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, where she is majoring in Literature and Digital Media. She has completed her Level-8 Vocals and Level -5 Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Her exceptional talent caught the attention of renowned Hollywood music producers during her audition for 'Vocal Star' in Toronto, leading to a performance in Los Angeles and a 3-song production deal. Since then, Sahana has been making waves with her original music. She released her debut single, "Time of the Year," a delightful Christmas pop song, and has followed it up with six more singles, showcasing her growth as an artist. Her latest release, "Paralyzed," received praise from critics, affirming her talent and potential. Influenced by Demi Lovato, Alessia Cara, and Adele, Sahana aspires to leave her work in the music industry with her powerful vocals, heartfelt songwriting, and unwavering passion.
Seon-Sook Park
  • Seon-Sook Park
  • Artist, art teacher, mentor and sunday school teacher based in Milton, Ontario. A passion for working with children. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and earned a BFA at the University of North Texas, majoring in Painting and Drawing. She has been a Fine Art Society of Milton member since 2010 and actively participates in juried exhibitions and the Celebrate the Season and From Heart to Hand member shows. Outside the studio, she mentors for Next Generation Youth to promote fine art in her local community. She strongly believed that early years of art education can help creative thinking, self-esteem, emotional development, expression, imagination, and breaking down cultural barriers.
Soon Cho
  • Soon Cho
  • Soon Cho, also known as Niña, is an illustrator based in Canada. Originally from South Korea, Soon studied illustration at Sheridan College, and completed her BFA in Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design (2008). Soon has lived and worked in Mississauga since 2001, and has recently relocated to Niagara Falls. Soon's practice ranges from hand drawing and painting to murals, installations, digital art, clothing, and recently books and toys. Soon enjoys simple line drawings with a childlike aesthetic, often depicting elements of nature and the essence of our everyday life. While she was doing her masters program in Design Management in Spain (2017), Soon drew a fictional character in her work who all of her friends called “Niña” - which means “a little girl” in Spanish. Soon quickly found joy in including Niña as part of her work, it almost seemed like Niña was her second soul, always being there as a hidden cheerleader. You will likely find Niña hiding somewhere in Soon's recent works. Through a little encouragement and humour in her work, Soon hopes to slow things down and boost self-value to individuals in our modern society.
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Sarah Srdarev
  • Sarah Srdarev
  • Sarah is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in both cute animated characters and abstract art pieces. In her work, you’ll find a range of art pieces, from frog stickers to mixed-media statement pieces for your home!
Stella Jurgen
  • Stella Jurgen
  • Limitless creator of art in various disciplines. Passionate about creating unique art that attracts attention. Paintings, illustration, digital art, multi-media, mural design, videography, photography, sculpture, graphic design, textile, fashion accessories. Graphic designer for 30 years, business entrepreneur for 20 years. Musician, vocalist for the jazz quartet "Stella Jurgen and Jazz Plazma". TV show producer and host for my own TV show "Stella's Studio" promoting local and international artists since 2019. Music video producer illustrator and animator. Radio host. Cartoonist for a local cultural newspaper. Marketer, visionary, goal oriented. Eccentric.
Stephanie Schirm
  • Stephanie Schirm
  • I began my career as a fashion designer, studying in Berlin, Germany in the 80’s. While designing for a number of fashion houses, in the Toronto fashion district, I also created fashion illustrations for catalogues, storyboards, and advertisements for Canadian Designers. I eventually left the fashion industry to become a graduate of Communication and Design at OCAD in Toronto. Only then to enter the Liturgical world of Design, where I established Labyrinth Studios Inc., designing and manufacturing sanctuary décor for Churches across Canada and the US. Here I engaged in designing and creating large size interior installations dictated by the massive sanctuary spaces. My passion for designing and painting lead me to sharing my knowledge in the arts through workshops, with the Continuing Education Board in Wellington County, Mohawk College, and in various establishments throughout the GTA area, such as Visual Arts Mississauga, Credit Valley Artisan, Clarkson Society, Haliburton School of the Arts to name a few. Due to my expertise and comfort in working at a large scale, I turned my focus on engaging elementary and secondary schools in producing large size murals. My teaching engagements have been growing over the year, as guest workshop instructor, or speaker, and now my schedule includes instructing online. Fascinated with the Human figure whether dressing it or documenting it, I have had the pleasure of painting the odd portrait of a few celebrities, legends; and people in my community. It has been said that I have a way of capturing the inner essence of my subjects through my sense of design and colour. I continue to attempt to participate in Solo and Group gallery showings. My creations can be found in private collections throughout Canada, US and Europe.