Photographer: Kendra Epik, Lighting Designer: Nick Blais, Lighting Assistant: Bharat Vyas.

July 10, 2023. Article by Sherri Murray, MAC’s Communications Manager, Video edited by Anubhav Singh, MAC’s Video Editor

Frog in Hand’s latest production “Noir” brings contemporary dance to an unlikely location at Stonehooker Brewery, but it completely works for this mesmerizing production. “Noir” takes audiences through a dance-theatre experience that combines the elegance of dance with the raw emotions of theatre. Inspired by the Film Noir genre, this show takes inspiration from the dramatic characters’ roles and archetypes of those typically seen in these crime dramas of the post-World War II era. 

Sherri Murray, MAC’s Communications Manager had the opportunity to attend the opening night and sit down with Alice Cavanagh, Noir’s Rehearsal Director to chat more about this exciting production including the reasoning for choosing Film Noir as the inspiration for this latest production, using the space at Stonehooker Brewery, and what is next for Frog in Hand.

The production has a triple cast for this show, making it a different experience each time, so Frog in Hand encourages you to attend more than one showing to experience the show from different perspectives. Don’t miss Noir’s remaining shows on July 13, 14 and 15th at 7 PM & 9 PM. Get tickets and learn more here.

About Frog In Hand

Frog in Hand is a dance-theatre company based in Mississauga, Ontario. They are curious about human nature and the spaces we inhabit. Their mission is to uncover, make, and share stories through dance. They contribute to community by sharing resources, knowledge and experience through creation, performance and education. Learn more about them: