Mississauga News. Tuesday, March 1, 2022

“Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids this March break?

Bridges Festival, a festival of puppetry and animation, is the perfect event for families looking for activities to do with their children during this upcoming March break.

Bridges Festival is an annual international puppetry and animation festival, occurring in Mississauga. This year, we will hold the festival between March 12 and 14, all over the city of Mississauga.

There are more than 15 events happening this year for families and children of all ages including: international award-winning puppetry shows, animated films, workshops, and interactive activities for children of all ages. We carefully curate artists from around the world and across Canada to bring the best events for children to Mississauga.

It is scientifically proven that puppetry is a healthy form of entertainment for young children that not only encourages them to use their imagination and think outside the box, but actually increases their communication skills, their tolerance as well as increases their chance at earning higher income later in life. Puppetry is a great way for children to exercise their creative muscles and explore the way the things move. Multiple scientific studies have discovered many health benefits of puppetry for children. Visit: https://www.theatreartlife.com/lifestyle/theatre-is-good-for-your-brain/ to learn about all the benefits of puppetry.

Activities for children of all ages include:

Live Puppet Shows

“Bois,” by Puzzle Theatre and presented by Maple Magic, is a live 40-minute puppetry show for children ages four and up on March 12 and 13.

“A Brief History of Time,” by Theatre du Renard, is a live puppetry show about astrophysics and the mysteries of space playing March 12. It’s best for audiences 12 and up.

“Interactive Treasure Adventure” is an interactive online Zoom show for families that’s perfect for children three to six years old. It plays March 12 and 13.

“The Lords of Nowhere,” by Theatre Nautilus, is about a monster throwing a birthday party. It’s great for older kids and lovers of the horror genre. It plays March 12.

Recorded Shows

Animated Shorts Series: Watch some of the best Animated Short Films from around the world. This activity is great for all ages. It’s available on demand from March 12 to 14.

“Peperangan Bintang,” by Actiontintoy Studio and presented at Arts Gallery of Mississauga, is a filmed puppet show that reimagines the classic sci-fi film “Star Wars” by George Lucas using traditional Malaysian shadow puppets. It’s on display at the Art Gallery of Mississauga March 12 and 13.

Check out our full program on our website: https://www.cranecreations.ca/bridges-festival-march-break/

Bridges Festival is produced by Crane Creations Theatre Company.”