February 5, 2024.

Cover art from Jennifer Cortez’ upcoming single, “When We’re Alone” – out Feb 14

Mississauga artist Jennifer Cortez is set to release her latest single, “When We’re Alone” on February 14th in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The singer is also planning to re-release music from her 2010 album “Through the Rain” never before released to streaming platforms.

“Through the Rain,” entirely written by Jennifer Cortez, was released in 2010 and mixed her love of R&B, House and Latin genres. Check out her original Rogers TV interview about the album below.

Learn more about Jennifer here: https://www.jennifercortezmusic.com/
Listen to her music on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3NDJ5aaEkCTcXhENPqb7gd