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“Just a short drive from Toronto and less than a couple hours from the U.S. border, Mississauga has been behind the scenes and on big screens (and TVs) for many years. It has earned its place as a member of “Hollywood North.” Why? It continues to attract entertainment industry professionals for many reasons.

Mississauga offers a dynamic downtown core, large industrial buildings, heritage sites, boutique shopping areas and large shopping malls. The city is also home to several picturesque neighbourhoods, beautiful parks and public spaces that look different throughout the four seasons. This makes Mississauga an ideal location for film crews who are looking for different scenes over a long period.

Curious to know what’s been filmed in Mississauga?

Next time you watch one of these shows or movies, see if you recognize some familiar Mississauga areas or landmarks!

  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Erin Mills Town Centre)
  • Glitter (Living Arts Centre)
  • Titans (Celebration Square)
  • The Pacifier (Rodeo Drive)
  • Handmaid’s Tale (City Hall)
  • Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (Erin Mills Town Centre and Streetsville)
  • Downsizing (Doulton Drive)
  • Enemy (Kaneff Buildings)
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Benares Museum)
  • Slumberland (Living Arts Centre)
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (CBS Studios)
  • Umbrella Academy (Lakeshore)
  • The Boys (Living Arts Centre)

Interested in Filming in Mississauga?
You’ll need a permit to film on City streets, property and parks for commercial or student production filming. To apply for a film permit or to get more information regarding insurance requirements and supporting documents, visit the City’s website.

Filming on Private Property?
Film and TV crews interested in filming entirely on private property (such as retailers, condos or other landmarks) are requested to submit a no-fee online application to the Mississauga Film & Television office. In addition, they must obtain approval from the private property owners to conduct film activity. For film activity occurring on Regional roadways you must contact the Region of Peel.

Mississauga is proud of its diverse and dynamic film and TV history! As of 2023, the city is home to eight established film studios boasting more than one million square feet of stage space across the city. Before the pandemic, the City set an all-time high as the second-busiest film location in Ontario – with almost 1,300 days of filming.

It’s safe to say that Mississauga is not only a great city to live or work in, but also offers some charming and note-worthy locations for film and TV sets! So if you spot a familiar area the next time you’re watching something, don’t be surprised if it was filmed in Mississauga!

Handmaid's Tale being filmed outside
Image of a camera crew at the Living Arts Centre
Film crew at the Living Arts Centre

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